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General Fandom

Untitled: idhren (tumblr) - "As NaNoWriMo approaches, and the month of November itself, I thought it would be a good idea to put together a masterpost of tips, techniques, and preparation exercises."

Fandom as a Social Circle: fandomwanderers (blog) - "Alright, Wanderers, we’ve talked before about fandom functioning as a community in a number of ways, but here’s one I don’t think we’ve mentioned yet; fandom as a social circle."

Everything Old Is New Again: cereta (DW) - "It seems another author is objecting to fanfic on all the usual grounds (which mostly amount to, "MINE! You no touchy")"
topic:discussion, topic:profic

Has Teen Wolf Social Media Lost its Edge?: nightrevelations (tumblr) - "Social media has become an increasingly important - if not the most important - part of marketing for film and television."
fandom:teenwolf, fandom:sleepyhollow, topic:fandom

Superhero Movies Are Getting More Complicated. That’s Great.: Max Gladstone - ThinkProgress (blog) - "An origin story is a logical way to bring new actors and directors into a franchise. But the coming slate of comic book movies excites me because it seems production companies finally trust the audience to speak superhero."
topic:movies, topic:superheroes

To Understand Fantasy, Study Its Dragons: Max Gladstone - ThinkProgress (blog) - "Dragons are the blood splatter of fantasy. By which I mean: dragons are a key, and visible, clue to the nature of the fantasy that’s been committed. Dragons show what an author thinks vital about the fantasy world she’s built. "

Specific Fandoms

A Song of Ice and Fire
A Song of Femslash Potential: notsosilentsister (tumblr) - "Here’s my speculation about impending team-ups that might well generate some subtextual heat,"
fandom:asoiaf, warning:spoilers

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
Has ‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’ Written Itself Into A Corner?: Scott Meslow - ThinkProgress (blog) - "At the end of the episode, Coulson was scolded by a fellow agent for failing to sacrifice one of his team members despite director orders — but S.H.I.E.L.D. apparently has no problem with Skye, confessed traitor whose actions led to the death of at least one agent, remain on the team."

Avatar: The Last Airbender
Avatar: The Last Airbender – The Search ties up a loose end and raises an interesting question: Marissa Lee - Racebending (blog) - "Azula is a very compelling character and most interesting when she exists in a moral grey. One thing that frustrated me about The Search is the characters’ (and perhaps also the creators’) tendency to not see Azula as a morally complex character."
fandom:atla, topic:motherhood, topic:gender

The Black Company
All Hail the Black Company!: Jemmy - Nerds of a Feather (blog) - "From this point on, the reader finds himself/herself cheering for a group that is on the wrong side, and decrying acts of depravity from those who are supposedly on the side of "good." "

Doctor Who
How Doctor Who Can Fix Your Love Life: Harris O'Malley - ThinkProgress (blog) - "The face may change, but it’s the core of his personality — especially in the Davis/Moffat era — that remains the same. The modern Doctor’s appeal is rooted in his character rather than his cheekbones or floppy hair, his scarf or flair for New Romantic dandyism that Adam Ant would’ve killed for. "
fandom:doctorwho, topic:relationships

Elementary, Sleepy Hollow
Why ‘Elementary’ Is Falling Apart — And Why ‘Sleepy Hollow’ Isn’t: Betsy Phillips - ThinkProgress (blog) - "Bricken identifies two specific things that Sleepy Hollow is doing right that I think Elementary did right last season, but has departed from this season. "
fandom:elementary, fandom:sleepyhollow

Ender's Game
Can We Balance The Genius Of ‘Ender’s Game’ Against Orson Scott Card’s Hate?: Harris O'Malley - ThinkProgress (blog) - " It’s one thing to talk about other flawed yet beloved artists of the past — Walt Disney happily contributed to the Hollywood blacklist of suspected Communists, T.S. Eliot was a notorious anti-Semite, H. P. Lovecraft was virulently racist — but quite another when the person in question was a board member of an organization dedicated to fighting equal rights for gay and trans individuals up until this year. "
topic:orsonscottcard, fandom:endersgame

Harry Potter
A Hex on Your Sacred Cows: deslea(LJ) - "In the First War, Aurors were authorised by the Ministry to use Unforgivables in the pursuit of Death Eaters. The effect was not what they had in mind."
fandom:harrypotter, topic:worldbuilding

Merope’s Legacy : deslea(LJ) - "Merope's use of the Imperius left a legacy that would last for generations."

James Bond
It’s Time To Bring Blofeld Back Into The James Bond Franchise: Scott Meslow - ThinkProgress (blog) - "In many ways, Blofeld has become a more poignant villain than ever. In a modern political context that has shifted from enemy states to scattered, elusive enemies, the idea of a villain with the intelligence and resources to reinvent himself is a frightening one."
fandom:jamesbond, topic:villains

Julius Caesar: But Brutus Says He Was Ambitious: Letters From Titan (blog) - "But nothing mattered so much as the performance of one of Mark Antony’s critical speeches, which continues to haunt me some four weeks later. "
fandom:shakespeare, topic:gender

Low Level Framing in the Reichenbach Fall: (tumblr) - "We’re meant to feel knocked to the ground, to absorb the most painful of blows, to be psychologically concussed. "

Sons of Anarchy
‘Sons of Anarchy’ Reveals Masculinity To Be A Trap: Harris O'Malley - ThinkProgress (blog) - "It’s a romantic idea, deliberately setting onself outside of the rigid confines of social order even if that meant giving up safety and comfort. But at the same time, the bikers find themselves trapped by the social expectations of “manhood”."
fandom:sonsofanarchy, topic:gender

The nonnies made them do it! (Fannish history, SPN, A/B/O: netweight (AO3) - "The beginnings of Alpha/Beta/Omega fic in SPN fandom."
fandom:supernatural, topic:alphabetaomega, topic:fandom, topic:tropes

Character and Universality in fic and in SPN canon: citrusjava(LJ) - "And in one way, most research in existence is about men, canonical everything is written mostly bu men and so forth, but in another way, there's not a lot of research about masculinity itself."
fandom:supernatural, topic:gender

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
Myth and Deconstruction in Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles: chaila (DW) - "What I want to focus on in this post are these deconstructive elements, the way TSCC explicitly and implicitly challenges the themes and tropes common in similar stories about "one chosen hero destined to save the world.""

Boromir’s Death & The Restoration of Gondor: boromirs (tumblr) - "I’d argue that despite his death, Boromir is the catalyst that brings renewed hope and life to a crumbling Gondor. "

Walking Dead
Where Are All the Zombies of Colour?: Jenn - Racialicious (blog) - "I’m relatively pleased by the racial diversity of The Walking Dead, One-Black-Man-At-a-Time rule notwithstanding. But, here’s my gripe: where the heck are all the zombies of colour?"
fandom:thewalkingdead, topic:race
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