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General Fandom

Janelle Monae: Sci Fi Queen Yet Uncrowned: Sam Keeper (blog) - "I'm surprised at the lack of attention Monae's gotten in geek circles."
topic:race, topic:sci-fi

The truth behind that six-figure deal for Harry Styles fan fiction: Elizabeth Minkel (blog) - "It all feels a little familiar: a work of fan fiction with a massive online following; a six-figure book deal; a slew of media coverage riddled with misconceptions about the nature of fanworks."

Democratization of Storytelling: Fangirl (blog) - "People told stories before they could be written down. They were communicated around campfires and scratched into cavern walls."

How Becoming a Parent Changed Me As a Fangirl: Corrin Bennett (blog) - "So, the last thing in the world I expected when I became pregnant with my first child was any change in my media consumption."
topic:fandom, topic:parenting

The Case of The Ten Cases: The Seventh Circuit Rules on Sherlock Holmes Copyright": Raizel Liebler (blog) - "But the decision also is concerned about the possibility of unending copyright, as proposed by the estate — the idea of adding little bitty bits of character development that could extend copyright long beyond its present U.S. timeframe of the life of the author, plus seventy years."

Sexualized Saturdays: A Genderqueer Take on Slash Fanfiction: pantydragon (blog) - "Knowing now that there are a surprising number of people for whom the gender binary doesn’t hold true, I like to think that for some small portion of the fan community fanfiction has been an important tool for self-discovery, as it was for me."
topic:slash, topic:sexuality, topic:fanfic

In Brightest Day: Mental Hospitals and Abuse in Pop Culture: MadamAce (blog) - "Unfortunately, when we see mental institutions represented in pop culture today, those problems are highlighted to an unusual degree, normally to turn mental hospitals into a thing of horror."
topic:mental illness, topic:abuse, topic:disability

In Brightest Day: When It’s Not Even About People: MadamAce (blog) - "A couple days ago I posted an In Brightest Day about how pop culture likes to present mental hospitals as horrible, abusive institutions. Very rarely do I ever see them represented in a positive light, and I think there’s a reason for that."
topic:mental illness, topic:disability, topic:ablism

A Scandal in Chinatown: Elementary, Sherlock, and Modern-Day Yellow Fever: porluciernagas (blog) - "But fortunately, Elementary’s “You Do It To Yourself" did not encroach on Sherlock’s absolute monopoly on poor representation—rather, the episode did a far better job of handling the trope of the Chinese mafia than did its more famous cousin."
fandom:sherlock, fandom:elementary, topic:racism

Specific Fandoms

A Song of Ice and Fire
GETTIN’ REAL TIRED OF D&D APOLOGISM.: how-much-farther-to-go (tumblr) - "Well, I’ll allow that tv production and writing is not an easy job. I guess that’s why we hire people with the talent for it and pay them shit loads of money. But let’s take stock of what D&D apparently find “easy" or “possible" to do within the limits of putting a fantasy novel series on screen:"

Untitled: frankensteins (tumblr) - "I know I’m definitely giving far too much credit to d&d when I ruthlessly analyze and tear apart some scenes, but accidental or not, the messages one could get from the scene between Oberyn Martell and Varys is remarkably interesting."

On Prince Daemon’s Political Savy: thestonedragon (tumblr) - "The Rogue Prince complicates our understanding of Prince Daemon, who was portrayed a bit more steadily in The Princess and the Queen. "

On Reading The Hallowed Hunt by Lois McMaster Bujold: mightyisobel (tumblr) - "I’ve been writing about justice in Westeros, or the lack of it, and I ran into a good contrasting example from the third book in Bujold’s Chalion series, which has a medieval-ish Europe-ish fictional feudal setting."

Homicide by Fire: The Mystery of the Death of Ser Harwin Strong: colonel-green (tumblr) - "One of the little mysteries featured in George R. R. Martin’s new short story “The Rogue Prince" surrounds the death of Rhaenyra Targaryen’s alleged paramour, Ser Harwin Strong,"

Jaime and Lancel parallels: maidenofthevale (tumblr) - " Lancel is quite a pitiful character but his aspirations of wanting to be like his idol – Jaime, also parallels Jaime himself, who desired to be like Ser Arthur Dayne:"

Untitled: asprettyasyourown (tumblr) - "What do you think are the main differences between book!Arya and show!Arya?"

Untitled: nobodysuspectsthebutterfly (tumblr) - "how do we know Bran is a stronger greenseer than Bloodraven?"

Game of Thrones
Legacy of the Children, Part I: msunyata (blog) - ""The Children" can easily go down as one of the most controversial episodes of Game of Thrones throughout its entire run, thanks to its many alterations - and, of course, its omissions, which may, for the first real time in the show's history, be even more important."
fandom:got, fandom:asoiaf

Harry Potter
GOF, ch 13 (Harry Potter canon challenge): amorette (LJ) - Analysis of character personality as revealed in small canon details
fandom:harrypotter, topic:characterization

Marvel Comics

Hawkeye, blue ear, why we need a deaf superhero and why i’m still waiting
: Clinton Nowicke(blog) - " he is also the first deaf Marvel character."
fandom:marvelcomics, topic:disability

Oh My Pop Culture Buddha: The Path Toward Enlightenment in Naruto, Part 1: syngraphea (blog) - "Let’s get one thing out of the way: I know my current favorite anime/manga series Naruto has tons of issues. I know its storytelling has been feeble for years now, it’s a total trainwreck from a feminist perspective, and it throws around religious references frivolously, like they’re sprinkles on a sundae."
fandom:naruto, topic:religion

Once Upon a Time
Once Upon a Time Season 3 Was Less Than Magical: Lady Saika (blog) - "I have been putting this review off for as long as possible because I just have so few positive opinions about this season and I don’t want to have to recap the weird and awkward mess that was the plot."

Star Trek
Energy, surplus, and labor: the Economics of Star Trek: beatrice-otter (DW) - "First, let's start with the Federation. The Federation, we are told, has no money. "
fandom:startrek, topic:economics

The X-Files
Scully's Cancer Arc and "Never Again": PlaidAdder (AO3) - "In which I talk about how having been through cancer gives me a brand new POV on Scully's cancer arc, with special reference to "Never Again.""
fandom:x-files, topic:health

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From: [personal profile] the_rck
I don't know what happened, but all of the links I provided are broken. I must have miscoded them somehow. At any rate, they need fixing.

Date: 2014-07-03 06:29 pm (UTC)
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a bunch of the links have " being curly quotes and making it not work right

%E2%80%9D is what " is being turned into

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From: [personal profile] franzeska
Somebody's doing a survey on fic writer demographics. He (?) could use some sources of fans other than and Reddit. The survey is here:


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