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General Fandom

This is not the response Rob Liefeld would recommend.: fandomwank (Journalfen) - "There's this Tumblr called Escher Girls, which dedicates itself to critiquing flawed female anatomy in comics, often with various re-draws of a more human proportion."

Announcing the Fandom Then/Now Webproject: Katherine Morrissey (blog) - "The Fandom Then/Now project is designed to facilitate fan conversations and collect ideas from fans about fan fiction’s past and future."
topic:fanfic, topic:history

When is A Fridging Not a Fridging?: Tsunderin (blog) - "Anime isn’t usually hailed as a feminist-friendly art form unless speaking about a very specific example."
topic:femalecharacter, fandom:anime, topic:misogyny, warning:violence

Is Being Ambiguously Black A Good Thing or a Bad Thing?: brothadom (blog) - "However, even though there weren’t very many Black characters I could identify with, there were still several racially ambiguous characters that I often thought of as Black."
topic:race, topic:representation

Can Rhetorical Layout Modulate Narrative Momentum? (Groensteen and Page Layout Roundtable 1): Adrielle Mitchell (blog) - "I wonder if, by privileging narrative momentum, that forward-thrusting gesture of story that we are so wired to detect and to favor, we have occluded the equally compelling possibility of nonlinear composition and meaning-making on the comics page."

In Defense of So-Called “Bad" Fanfiction: Emmy Ellis (blog) - "If you consider yourself “in" a particular fandom, regardless of what fandom it is, there’s a good chance you’ve at least dipped your toes into the great and terrible ocean of fanfiction."

Unrealistic Female Anatomy Tumblr “Escher Girls" Currently Facing Harrassment From DMCA-Abusing Comic Artist: Victoria McNally (blog) - "If you’re a comics loving feminist on the Internet, then you probably have a passing familiarity with Escher Girls and the sometimes snarky, oftentimes insightful work they do."

[UPDATED] Randy Queen Pulls Defamation Threats, Apologizes to Escher Girls Blog Admin: Victoria McNally (blog) - "Yesterday we told you about how Escher Girls, a tumblr dedicated to scrutinizing the inaccurate female anatomy that’s become industry standard in comics, was facing legal threats from an artist upset with his work being featured. Today the blog’s admin, Ami Angelwings, has heard from that artist yet again, and it seems like the matter is going to work out in her favor."

The Women Who Dress Like Men: Shoujo Staples of Anime and Manga - Part 1: Caitlin Donovan (blog) - "Welcome to a three part series where Caitlin Donovan gives you an in-depth look at three of the biggest staples in this particular subsection of shoujo manga and anime: stories with female main characters who live their lives in male dress."
fandom:anime, fandom:manga, topic:femalecharacter, topic:gender

Specific Fandoms

A Song of Ice and Fire
Chapter-by-Chapter Analysis: ACOK, Daenerys I: Steven Attewell (blog) - "A Clash of Kings is a weird book for Daenerys – compared to AGOT, where she’s in every other chapter and very much a breakout star, or ASOS where she’s changing the world on a profound level even if she’s not in very many chapters, she’s a rather smaller presence in this book (only 5 chapters, and you’ll note she only enters into the book in the 12th chapter), and her narrative is rather unusual."

Chapter-by-Chapter Analysis: ACOK, Jon II: Steven Attewell (blog) - "I’ll get this out of the way quickly – Jon II is one of those chapters in which nothing really happens."

"The Sun and the Moon: the Sisterhood of Sansa and Arya Stark": radiowesteros (tumblr) - "When thinking of Sansa and Arya Stark readers tend to see them as opposites. Though this opposition of characters is undeniable, it doesn’t mean that opposites have to be always in conflict."

"Why didn’t Theon just kill himself?": gendrie (tumblr) - "this fandom does not appreciate or deserve arya stark’s character arc but i’m gonna debunk some myths for you anyway."

"Why didn’t Theon just kill himself?": unbowedunbroken (tumblr) - "How are people still answering this question with "He didn’t want to piss Ramsay off" and "He’s a coward"?"

Doctor Who
Oh, My Pop Culture Religion: Authenticity and Doctor Who’s Papal Mainframe: Lady Saika (blog) - "We’ve lamented the downward spiral of Doctor Who’s general quality here before, but one thing that’s annoyed me throughout Moffat’s run is his treatment of religious institutions."
fandom:doctorwho, topic:religion

Game of Thrones
George R.R. Martin Discusses Racial Diversity in Game of Thrones with Fans: Victoria McNally (blog) - "One of the biggest criticisms lobbied at the hit HBO show Game of Thrones —you know, other than the fact that the show keeps downplaying and brutalizing its female characters—is that the world of Westeros is not a particularly well-integrated place."
fandom:gameofthrones, topic:race

Gravity Falls
5 Feminist Lessons Little Girls Can Learn from Gravity Falls and Mabel Pines: Katie Schenkel (blog) - "But what I might love the most is Mabel herself and the attention the show gives her."
fandom:disney, topic:femalecharacter, topic:feminism

Guardians Of The Galaxy

Guardians Of The Galaxy: likeadeuce (DW) - "
I do have some frustrations with it, and -- I don't want to say I'm squee-harshing, because I suspect the stuff I liked was stuff most people liked."
fandom:guardiansofthegalaxy, warning:spoilers, topic:adaptations, topic:canon

High School Musical
Theatre Thursdays: My Heart Loves the Veiw, But My Head Doesn’t; or, Girls in the High School Musical Franchise: porluciernagas (blog) - "Unfortunately, one of these clichés is its terrible development of its female characters."
fandom:disney, topic:femalecharacter

Harry Potter
Untitled: dreamylupin (tumblr) - "i just saw a really great post [...] and i think the gist of it was that sirius never quite understood remus’ lycanthropy.
one of my favorite things to do is draw lines between characters in harry potter, to people in the fandom, (or the creator herself — jk and dumbledore, anyone?) so i’m going to do that."


Women fans want less sexism, more equality: hockeybroad (blog) - "Just because fans line up to throw money at your business doesn't mean that there aren't things that can be improved about what you do."

The Hunger Games
UNCLEOn Annie Cresta: Liffis (AO3) - "¨The poor mad girl back home¨ - a widely used description of Annie Cresta. Three words that encompass her character. - Threewords that are problematic and damn her character at the same time."

Inheritance Cycle
Magical Mondays: The Ancient Language in The Inheritance Cycle: MadameAce (blog) - "One thing that always bothered me about The Cycle was its use of magic. In the series, magic is an unstable force that can have various unpredictable consequences."
fandom:inheritancecycle, topic:magic

Iron Man
Tony Stark in the Integrated Circuit: The Iron Man films and Cyborg Feminism: Sam Keeper (blog) - "In Iron Man 2, Tony Stark describes his suit, the Iron Man suit, as a prosthesis."

Marvel Cinematic Universe
Tony/Steve Fanfic: An Introduction: vommarlowe (blog) - "A couple of months ago, I was nattering on about various amazing Tony/Steve stories, as you do, and Noah asked me to write about it a bit, as he does. I demurred, being busy with something-or-other, but, in the fullness of time, he asked me again, and this time, I caved."
fandom:mcu, topic:fanfic

Untitled: blueandorange (tumblr) - "walk up into the ask box like what up i hear you don't like steve's speech so i would like to know ur thoughts on it if it doesn't bother u pls and thank "
fandom:mcu, fandom:captainamerica

Why Marvel Isn’t Doing A Female-Led Movie (Yet): ladysparklefists (tumblr) - "Spoiler alert: the answer is sexism. But let’s look at the alternatives. "
fandom:mcu, topic:sexism

A History Lesson From the Captain America Fandom: Sulagna Misra (blog) - "one of my friends asked, “How would he not be incredibly racist if he was from the 1940s?""

Untitled: ink-phoenix (tumblr) - "I see a lot of gifsets and comments about Steve’s iconic line in CA: TWS “This isn’t freedom. This is fear," but What about the shit that Fury throws in his face before that?"

We Are Groot: ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’ Celebrates Heroes With Authentic Psychological Deficits: Dr. Andrea Letamendi (blog) - "The Guardians themselves refer to themselves as “losers" and the “biggest idiots" in the galaxy. They underperform or fall below normative expectations. "

Sherlock Holmes
[Fandom stats] Sherlockian fandom stats (Bay Area Sherlock Con 2014): strangelock, toastystats (destinationtoast) (AO3) - "Slides and notes from a talk on Sherlock Holmes in fandom. Presented at Bay Area Sherlock Con in August 2014."
fandom:acdsherlock, fandom:bbcsherlock, fandom:elementary, topic:statistics, topic:fandom

BBC Sherlock

Meta on Sherlock, Sally and Otherness: pennypaperbrain (AO3) - "A lot of us would like a world where it's just as likely that we'd have Vinette Robinson playing a character like Sherlock Holmes,and Benedict Cumberbatch playing a character like Sgt Donovan, as the other way around. "

Sexualized Saturdays: Then I Saw Her Face, Still Not a Believer: porluciernagas (blog) - "But in fact, Fiona is not as subversive or as effective a character as you might think."
fandom:shrek, topic:femalecharacter

Spider-Kant: Noah Berlatsky (blog) - "And yet, looking at that sequence, I realized that Spidey’s humore has never exactly made sense to me. Peter Parker is not, as he’s generally written, witty or even particularly cheerful."

Teen Wolf
Is Talia Dead?: thehalfdrunkwerewolf (tumblr) - "I don’t have a lot on Talia yet, but I’ve never really wanted to accept the fact that she’s dead. Mostly it came from 3A when we learned her name was Talia and I went looking for a meaning for it."

Teen Wolf has three hero arcs: doctorscienceknowsfandom (tumblr) - "A lot of people have talked about how Jeff Davis likes things that come in threes. I think the most important three-fold element in TW is the hero. We’ve argued about who’s the hero, the protagonist, the anti-hero, the POV in TW, but I think we’ve been looking at it the wrong way. TW has *three* heroes, and that means there are three hero arcs."

Untitled: thirty-seven-universe(tumblr) - "A lot of series’ start out with a character or a group of character’s being placed in a new, dangerous situation. A Zombie Apocalypse (Walking Dead), a starship that they have no idea how to control on the other side of the universe (SGU), or in the case of Teen Wolf, getting bitten by a werewolf."

Who Killed Laura Hale?: thehalfdrunkwerewolf (tumblr) - "Because if Peter killed her, he’s keeping some pretty big secrets, and if he didn’t, who did?"

True Detective
The literary allusions of ‘True Detective’ are not plagiarism: Aja Romano (blog) - "Earlier this week, fansite editors Jon Padgett and Mike Davis got together to present a case that Nic Pizzolatto, the creator and Emmy-nominated writer of True Detective, is a plagiarist."
fandom:truedetective, topic:plagiarism

The X-Files
An Open Letter to Vince Gilligan, or, Get The Hell Away From Me With Your Scully Torture Porn: X-Files, "Roadrunners": PlaidAdder (AO3) - "Jesus, Vince. Pregnancy scares you guys, doesn’t it? I mean, that’s what I assume from the fact that once Scully is pregnant the first thing that occurs to you to do with her is write a nice little episode in which she’s forcibly impregnated with a slug that’s supposed to be the Second Coming of Christ.


This Is Where I Came In: X-Files Season 8, "Patience": PlaidAdder (AO3) - "In other words, Batboy and Mulder really share some kind of cosmic affinity, and an episode about a half-human half-bat creature with Mulder in it, written by either Darin Morgan or Vince Gilligan, would have been awesome. "

From "Humbug" to "Hollywood A. D.": Comedy and The X-Files: PlaidAdder (AO3) - "Comedy played an important role in establishing The X-Files as a zeitgeisty hit in its first few seasons. "

That Crap May Have Just Saved Your Life: X-Files, "All Things": PlaidAdder (AO3) - "What’s fascinating to me is how much of this episode is about Gillian using other women to rescue Scully from an existence which is structured and pretty much captured by patriarchal institutions. "

Date: 2014-08-17 08:47 am (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
The "Sherlockian fandom stats" piece is not just BBC Sherlock; it even says at the beginning that "SHERLOCK ≠ Sherlock Holmes," and further along it has data on Elementary, ACD, RDJ and Granada fandom stats.

Date: 2014-08-17 08:49 am (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
(I am not one of the authors nor do I know them at all; I'm just big on emphasizing--as the authors have done in that piece!--that BBC is not the only Sherlock Holmes fandom that is alive and well and active.)


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