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Posting date has changed from Mondays to Wednesdays. Enjoy your now midweekly meta burst!

General Fandoms

Where are you finding your asexual fandom happiness these days?: melannen (DW) - "Anyway, this is the first time I've been reading in a fandom with a widely-accepted-as-ace character and really liked the vast majority of the fanworks I've seen around his asexuality (yeah, there's lots of fic that ignores it, too, but that's okay). Les Mis fandom is doing it right!"
topic: asexuality, topic: fandom

Medical Considerations
: niko (DW)<Something I've been pondering... How do y'all feel about the role of medical "realism" in your hurt/comfort fic?
trope: hurt/comfort, topic: medicine, topic: fanfic

Alphabet For Annihilation - A Is For Apocalypse: snowynight (DW) - "While the concept of apocalypse has been nothing new since the biblical time, the World Wars II has cemented the true fear in people that humanity now has the capacity to destroy itself, and there seems to be nothing that can stop it. Popular culture has been obsessed with the death of civilization as we know it ever since then, and created a lot of good and not so good work, so this post may be useful when you write your story."
topic: apocalypse, topic: writing,

Specific Fandoms

Elementary 1x16: Details: happydork (DW) - " It is such a good friendship and it's so powerful as a friendship, for reasons which apparently I'm now going to enumerate because this two-line post about how I just watched a lovely episode is getting away from me rather."
fandom: elementary, relationship: friendship

Canon Overview: The Magnificent Seven: niko (DW) - "After initially banding together to protect an Indian village, seven men from varying walks of life are hired to keep the peace in a small town. Threats from power-hungry ranchers, bank robbers, bandits, and other Old West adventures ensue. "
trope: hurt/comfort, fandom: The Magnificent Seven.

Non FF Meta - Strategy Guides: lassarina, (DW) - "I am an enthusiastic user of strategy guides. (I mean, I write them, or at least I used to when I had time. It would be hypocritical at best for me to pretend they are the root of all evil.) I think, apart from the Nintendo days when I was bumbling around idiotically in The Legend of Zelda with my dad to get me unstuck if I got stuck, I really always have; I remember being very upset playing FF4 on the SNES when the mini-guide inside the instruction booklet ran out. My dad found me a walkthrough of FF6 at one point when I got stuck in the game. This was on AOL. I still have that printout in a folder somewhere, along with eight pages of my dad's lovingly handwritten notes as he played through the game. "
topic: gaming, fandom: Final Fantasy.
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