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General Fandom

What Women Want… in Women Characters: Lauren Panepinto (blog) - "So my columns this month are going to be dedicated to what women want in art and from artists."
topic:art, topic:femalecharacter, topic:sexism

We are not colonists: Gita Jackson (blog) - "Gatekeeping is not a new trend in games, and much of it revolves around this imagined community of players—what we think a someone who plays video games does or does not look like, and whose pictures belong on the wall."
fandom:gaming, topic:diversity

Progressive Comics Can Leave Me Behind: Kim O’Connor (blog) - "Here is what I know about Chris Sims. Under duress, he confessed to harassing a woman. The woman he harassed, Val D’Orazio, suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder; she has described its effects, including financial strain, suicidal ideation, and professional hardship. It was such a blight on her health that it drove her out of comics blogging. These are indisputable facts."
fandom:comics, topic:harassment, topic:sexism

Ask Chris: Being Part of the Problem: Chris Sims (blog) - "Believe it or not, this is something I care about quite a bit, so this week’s question is one that I’ve had to ask myself: What do you do when you realize you’re part of the problem?"
fandom:comics, topic:harassment, topic:sexism

A Statement Regarding Chris Sims and Val D’Orazio: CA Staff (blog) - "A person can convince themselves that their crusade is righteous, even when their behavior is indefensible."
fandom:comics, topic:harassment, topic:sexism

Chris Sims Goes on "Voluntary" Leave From Comics Alliance as Valerie D’Orazio Leaves Twitter: Teresa Jusino (blog) - "After the shocking events of last week, it seems both Chris Sims and Valerie D’Orazio have decided to cool their internet presences for a while."

How to Offend Everyone and Make Yourself Cry: Writing Diversity in Fanfiction: Jordan West (blog) - "You’d be hard-pressed to find a fannish Tumblr that doesn’t feature reblogs about feminist action, racebending, and queer history, but the themes of those blog posts are just as absent on the AO3 as they are in mainstream media."
topic:fanfic, topic:diversity

Antonioni and Bunuel: The Ground of Being: James Romberger (blog) - "Thematic connections and similarities can be seen between scenes in films by the Spaniard Luis Buñuel and multiple works by the Italian Michelangelo Antonioni."

My Definition of Comics: Roy T. Cook (blog) - "In my last post, Why Is Comics Studies So Predictable, I considered a number of approaches to defining the concept comic, and found them wanting."

"As if the earth under our feet were an execrement of some sky": Brittany Lloyd (blog) - "In their works, Ana Kai Tangata and Zorro, Scott Nicolay and Isabel Allende use subterranean features, specifically caves, as a mirror to their male character’s relationship with females."

Fanon, Canon and the Blurring Lines Between Them: Fangirl (blog) - "A few weeks ago, I had a chance to consult with one of the editors from New York Magazine on the impact of fanfiction on the book world."
topic:fanfic, topic:fandom, topic:canon

One Pill, Two Pill, Red Pill, Blue Pill: stinekey (blog) - "We see this Red Pill/Blue Pill symbolism all over the place in pop culture, especially geek culture. Sometimes pills are involved, other times it’s simple amnesia, or some kind of device to plop the hero back into their pre-story life. Why is it so popular? I think it’s because it speaks to a deep part of the human spirit."

Comic company exec hates that female superheroes are wearing practical costumes: Aja Romano (blog) - "Erik Larsen, cofounder of Image Comics, didn't mince words when he accused Marvel and DC of pandering to a "vocal minority" by revamping female superhero costumes to be less revealing."
fandom:comics, fandom:marvelcomics, fandom:dccomics

Specific Fandoms

The 100
Untitled: the100discussion (tumblr) - "This is my second ask today but I was just wondering what all you guys know/think about Trigedasleng (I think I spelled that right). It's actually a really cool language and it sounds very similar to English sometimes in my opinion.."

Untitled: youreallysoldit (tumblr) - "hello excuse me but have you considered lately how completely different and wrong for each other bellamy and clarke are?? Furthermore have you considered that this fact makes their relationship and their trust in each other, their dependence on each other, so much more meaningful and earned and great???"

Untitled: lotesse (DW) - Parallels between certain characters in The 100

Untitled: (blog) - "And in that moment of Clarke’s cruel solitude came one of the best and most profound moments this show has ever delivered."

The Arkham Sessions, Ep. 52: "The Man Who Killed Batman": Andrea (podcast) - "What would Gotham City really be like without the Batman? We’ve all thought about it at some point, but in this classic episode from Batman: The Animated Series, the city gets a taste of life without the Caped Crusader."

Why You Should Make Netflix’s Bloodline Your Next Binge-Watch: Lesley Coffin (blog) - "Now, they’ve made their venture into family drama with Bloodline, an interesting idea not just because it’s from the creators of Damages, but also because it might have the best ensemble cast working today."

Captain America
Untitled: airagorncharda (tumblr) - "tell me again about how peggy carter never taught steve rogers how to fight?"

Why Disney’s New Cinderella Is the Anti-Frozen: Jaclyn Friedman (journal) - "Don't be fooled by Ella's new look, this fairy tale is full of disappointing stereotypes."

It’s time to just let ‘Community’ die already: Feliks Garcia (blog) - "However, it’s hard to say whether or not Harmon’s series is here to stay. Despite being picked up by the undying dinosaur of the Internet Age, maybe it’s time for Community to call it a day."

Review: Insurgent Continues the Bland And Nonsensical Divergent Series: Is "Apathy" on of their personality types?: Lesley Coffin (blog) - "That apathy exists throughout Insurgent, even more noticeably than the last time we set foot in the poorly-constructed world of the Divergent series."

Dragon Age

On Anders And Tumblr: imadra_blue (DW) - "I think Anders is a fascinating character, but I don’t think I especially like him as a person"

Harry Potter
Epic analysis of Harry Potter will change what you know about the good guys: Aja Romano (blog) - "Redditor MrLegilimens has done a statistical analysis on aggressive actions as performed by some of the best and worst characters in Harry Potter."

Ironclad: Battle for Blood
Ironclad: Battle for Blood: Pretty Much What You’d Expect from a Sequel: aelarsen (blog) - "So Ironclad, the 2011 independent film about the Siege of Rochester castle in 1215 was popular enough that in 2014 they released a follow-up, Ironclad: Battle for Blood."
fandom:ironclad, topic:history

Jupiter Ascending
The Ethics od Jupiter Ascending; or Why I Am Not a Vegetarian: Fiona Barnett (blog) - "Beneath the gloriously melodramatic aesthetic, the central ethical dilemma in Jupiter Ascending is surprisingly familiar."



Legend of Korra
you’re gonna make your mark this time: aberration (DW) - "As I'll argue, I think the primary theme of the series concerns duality: how various elements can conflict with and complement one another, and the cost of taking any one such element too far. To illustrate this, I'm using what I call the four "Villainous Virtues" of LoK: Equality, Harmony, Freedom, and Order."

Legend of Zelda
Gossip Stone: How Involved Should the Monarchy be in a Zelda Game?: Alexis Anderson (blog) - "What if the monarchy had more of a hand in the direction of the games? What if laws were in place, orders were being given by the King, or the main conflict was a result of warring governments? More of a focus on the monarchy may be a nice change, a way to make Link’s plight less of a secret and more of a harrowing public ordeal."

ZELDA Timeline According to Quantum Mechanics: Kyle Hill (video) - "Kyle Hill, host of the scientific YouTube show "Because Science" and member of the Nerdist channel took the time to explain the Zelda timeline split using some real-life scientific theories and concepts."

Why Can’t Link Be a Girl in Legend of Zelda Games? Spoiler: There’s No Reason: Dan Van Winkle (blog) - "Personally, I’m all about Link as a stand in for the player and getting a gender option in forthcoming Zelda titles, but with each Link (outisde of direct sequels like Majora’s Mask) being a different person anyway, a female Link wouldn’t bother me in the least."

Lighten Up
Ronald Wimberly’s Must-Read Commentary on Race in Comics: Janelle Asselin (blog) - "White privilege is absolutely a real thing, and the wide-ranging implications of this editor’s request probably never occurred to her."
fandom:comics, topic:race, topic:superheroes

HBO Should Renew ‘Looking’: Rachel A (blog) - "Last night HBO concluded the second season of its ratings-anemic but critical darling Looking. The show follows the lives of a group of gay men living in San Francisco and although it is not "must-see TV," except for a small group of loyal devotees (myself included), critical insistence that it needs renewing is entirely warranted and ought to be heeded."

The Nightly Show
An Empty Panel: On The Nightly Show’s Diversity In Comics Discussion: Arturo (blog) - "While he rightly describes the crux of the discussion — race, gender and pop culture — he refuses to do so without regurgitating the most played-out stereotypes about people with geeky interests, with lines like, "Hey basement dwellers, tell mom she can tuck you in later" and a banner reading Dork Diversity behind him."
fandom:thenightlyshow, fandom:comics, topic:diversity, topic:superheroes

Restoration: Love in the Time of Bubonic Plague: aelarsen (blog) - "So begins Restoration (1995, dir. Michael Hoffman, based on Rose Tremain’s 1989 novel of the same name), a modest little film about a young doctor, Robert Merivel (Robert Downey, Jr.), who earns the attention of the new king Charles II (Sam Neill) by curing Charles’ sick spaniel."
fandom:restoration, topic:history


All Those Stars That Shine Upon You:dirty_diana (DW) - "Leonard Nimoy passed away last month which is so sad, and also a reminder for me to talk about something: the timelessness of actor rpf fandoms."

Salem: Where to Start?: AELARSEN (blog) - "In 2014, WGN debuted a new television show, Salem, based, predictably enough, on the Salem Witch Trials of 1692. When I say "based on", I mean "faintly suggested by", because the series bares hardly any relationship to the actual events, people, or places."
fandom:salem, topic:history

Sky High
Throwback Thursdays: Sky High: MadameAce (blog) - "Sky High is a Disney television movie that came out all the way back in 2005, and it’s one of the few live-action direct to DVD movies by Disney that I actually like."

A Song of Ice and Fire
Chapter-by-Chapter Analysis: Arya VII: Steven Attewell (blog) - "There’s a lot going on in this chapter – everything from the ongoing story of Harrenhal to high strategy in the War of Five Kings, to Arya’s personal journey – so you’ll need to bear with me because there’s a lot to cover here and this is going to be a long one."

Top Chracters #22 Maester Aemon: pharout (blog) - "As I undertook my research for this profile I was stunned to note that we hear of Maester Aemon within the first few pages of the Prologue to A Game of Thrones."

Top Characters #21 Robb Stark: Lady Rhaneae (blog) - "We are gathered here today to honor the memory and mourn the loss of Robb Stark."

Top Characters #20 Bronn: First In Battle (blog) - "Bronn does not love you, he loves your coin. He is emotionless, calculating, opportunistic, and damn can he swing a sword."

Ruminations About the World Part II: Stefan (blog) - "Stefan continues his examination of The World of Ice & Fire, specifically looking at how the book fills in some blanks left by George R. R. Martin's previous work, and how The World vindicates-- or falsifies-- several existing theories."

Star Wars
Aftermath of Losing the Star Wars Expanded Universe: Priya Chhaya (blog) - "When the announcement came that the Expanded Universe would be fading away shifting into an alternate universe mythology, I understood."
fandom:starwars, topic:canon

Untitled: 1000-alshain (tumblr) - "People often talk about how Han influenced Luke, but we should also look at how Leia influenced Luke."

Supernatural Needs to Pull the Trigger on Destiel or Castiel: Rachel A (blog) - "Supernatural has a problem, a problem that’s been brewing for a number of years now."

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
Let’s Talk About Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt & Its Dealings With Race: Alanna Bennett (blog) - "One of the biggest post-binge discussions around the new Tina Fey-produced, Ellie Kemper-starring Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt has been the one about the show’s relationship with race."
fandom:unbreakablekimmyschmidt, topic:race

What it’s like to watch Netflix’s ‘Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt’ as a Native American: Jacqueline Keeler (blog) - "Like the Native American character in Tina Fey’s new Netflix series The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, I once tried to hide my identity while living in New York."
fandom:unbreakablekimmyschmidt, topic:race

White Collar
Like I’ve Been Saying All Along, Part 2, Part 3: aqwt101 (DW) - A psychologist’s views on White Collar.

The Horrible Perfection of A Wes Anderson X-Men: Kailyn Kent (blog) - "On the other hand, they make an amazing case for Anderson rebooting the X-Men in particular. Anderson’s quirky, nostalgic style would celebrate the goofy excitement and teenage longing of the original, while removing the toxic ‘epic-ness’ of recent reboots. In turn, the X-Men would give Anderson license to make the uncomplicated boys adventure story he clearly wants to make, free from intellectual expectations and his colonial pretenses. It’s a match made in heaven. Almost."


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