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Apologies for the late post. We were a bit behind this week.

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General Fandom

Where Goeth Epic Fantasy?: kateelliott (LJ) - "The point of this post is to ask questions:
1) Do you read epic fantasy? Never, sometimes, often, depends?
2) What do you think epic fantasy does well? What do you think is missing from epic fantasy today? What would you like to see more of? Less of? What does epic fantasy mean to you, and where is it reaching its potential and where falling short?"

genre: fantasy, topic: reading

Fanfiction, capitalism and why I think they are related: hobbitdragon (tumblr) - "Lots of really amazing writers denigrate their work (or have their work denigrated by others) because they write fanfiction rather than “real stories.” The more I think about this, the more messed up I think this is, and I’d like to talk about why. "
topic: fanfic, topic: homophobia, topic: sex

On rape as a device in pop culture (trigger warning): Gwen Sharp (blog) - "The other day I came upon a post by Margaret Lyons at Vulture pointing out the frequent use of rape jokes in sitcoms this season."
warning: rape/non-con

So you want to create an interactive story: alias_sqbr (DW) - "There are a lot of tools and communities depending on what you're into. I have not tried all of these personally, and am largely summarisingChoice-based Narrative Tools: inklewriter (and there are even more in her sidebar)."
topic: writing

Feedback as fannish currency: alias_sqbr (DW) - "I read Reposting and You – a fandom etiquette discussion and as with other similar posts I largely agreed with the basic premise (nb I don't feel like arguing about it with anyone either way), but was struck by the statement "feedback is the currency of fandom" and the assumption that people primarily create (or at least publicly post) fanworks in order to get feedback, and that a typical reaction to not getting "enough" feedback (where "enough" is of course very personal and depends on context) is to keep creating fanworks but to stop posting them publicly. I'm not arguing that this isn't true for most fans, maybe it is. But it's not true for me, unless I'm misunderstanding the metaphor or something."
topic: fandom, topic: feedback

Bad Romance: Dracula, Twilight and Rape Culture: 100indecisions (AO3) - "My no-kidding master's thesis, the tl;dr version of which can be summarized as "Twilight sucks, but not because teenage girls love it or because it contains sparkling vampires"."
fandom: dracula, fandom: twilight, topic: consent issues, topic: vampires, topic: werewolves, topic: rape culture, warning: rape/non-con

32 fic writers arrested in China in 2011, and we missed it: fanhackers (blog) - "I was struck not just by how extreme reactions to BL can get, but also how little info sometimes gets through to English-speaking media fandom about fandoms in different places that use different languages."
topic: fandom, topic: nations/cultures, topic: language, topic: censorship

Gears of war art director: Everybody likes our female characters, but nobody likes female characters: Susana Polo (blog) - "Perna says some puzzling things about gender presentation in character design, acknowledges that he’s proud of the playable female characters of the Gears of War franchise and that he knows that a lot of women fans of the series find those characters to be empowering, and then turns right around and shores up the self-fullfilling prophecy that games with female lead characters don’t sell."
fandom: gaming, character: female

Crowdfunding Studio films: Amazing or insane?: (blog) - "what’s being set up here as a new model for film financing is borderline crazy."
topic: money, topic: fandom, fandom: veronica mars

The Ada Initiative sounds off on the Adria Richards Backlash: Aja Romano (blog) - "is this really an isolated incident or a sign of something larger going on within the community?"
topic: fan conventions, topic: feminism, topic: geek culture

In defence of Adria RIchards and call out culture: Aja Romano (blog) - "What happened at PyCon is a clash of two different sets of cultures: con culture and call-out culture."
topic: fan conventions, topic: feminism, topic: geek culture

Accidental Discovery: Ursula K Le Guin (blog) - "There’s an aspect to traditional books which is lost in even the best electronic reader, which is Accidental Discovery: i’m reading this or that, and leave it laying about the house, and you visit and see it, or you’re perusing my book-shelves to see what i’m up to, and find something which interests you."
topic: reading, topic: ebooks

Slashreport 305 - The Fourth Wall: slashreport (podcast) - "You thought surveillance by The Machine was bad, this week, we talk about fandom and our best friend slash worst enemy, the fourth wall. We discuss its origins, the ways it's changed with the advent of technology and the proliferation of fan culture, and the topics that plague us today: what constitutes a fourth wall break, and just what the hell we can do about it."
topic: the fourth wall

wankademic!: stultiloquentia (DW) - ""Fauxcademic." Lately seen* used to describe people having a good time analyzing the archetypes, set dressing, symbolism, and narrative structures of Glee. Impressive in its ability to punch in both directions at once, guarding the precious ivory tower of formal academia from interlopers, while sneering at anyone who enjoys that kind of work, or, I don't know, likes big words."
topic: fandom, topic: academia

Ace Mini Meta Fest - Ace Stereotypes In fic: aceofannwn (DW) - "Prompt: Ace stereotypes -- are we starting to see fanon stereotypes in fic akin to those tropes that have been generated in slash fic (plot, phrases, characterization)? "
topic: asexuality

Meta Fest: My Ace Playlist: melannen (DW) - "Prompt: your ace playlist -- write about one song, write out the whole playlist as-is, write about the concept behind it but don't share specific songs, lament the lack of ace songs, celebrate the plenty of ace songs, write about 'willfull misinterpretation'..."
topic: music, topic: asexuality

Useful things DW and AO3: arduinna (DW) - "These are Greasemonkey scripts, which will work in Firefox and I think Chrome (and Chrome clones) and Opera. If you don't have Greasemonkey, it's definitely worth installing. You can get it in add-ons/extensions. Once you have the add-on, you can install all kinds of scripts to customize your browser to do what you want."
topic:AO3, topic: dreamwidth

Concrit: Not Dead:princessofgeeks (DW) - "You know, I have been around and around with the various discussions and debates about feedback versus concrit, and how hard it is to give and to accept concrit."
topic: writing, topic: constructive criticism

Specific Fandom

Wheel of Time

Is the Wheel of Time a Feminist Text? Pat 4: Katherine Keller (blog) - "Critics of the series observe that through much of the series, Rand a'Thor has a well intentioned, but ultimately patronizing attitude towards women,"
fandom: wheel of time, fandom: wheel of time: rand, topic: feminism, character: female

Harry Potter

Lucius Malfoy a Character Study: hpdarkarts-mod (LJ) - "In 2006, Rowling stated that all of her characters (with the exception of Voldemort) would be capable of redemption. Describe your view of the post-war Lucius Malfoy – do you think he will ever be redeemed?"
fandom: harry potter, fandom: harry potter: lucius, character: study

Headcanon: Horace Slughorn: pretend_mulling (LJ) - "Anything you'd like to post about Horace Slughorn."
fandom: harry potter, fandom: harry potter: slughorn


How do you feel about your country being shipped in Hetalia?: anonymous in fail_fandomanon (LJ) - "[America] is [Canada's] version of the dude who texts "sup" at four in the morning cause he struck out at the bar and only calls us when he wants something, at which point there are even odds he has forgotten our name."
fandom: hetalia, topic: shipping

Comics: Marvel

Another literary ancestor for MCU!Loki: rexluscus (LJ) - "Many aspects of Marvel!Loki's character that are foreign to Norse myth can be found in that Christianized Loki, Satan"
fandom: comics: loki, topic: religion,

Captain America

Captain America Treats Time and Space as a Suggestion and When does Captain America actually take place?: zeta_tauri (LJ) - "I've been trying to work out when the Captain America movie takes place, and I think the best answer I can get from anything is that it happened on a planet that definitely is not this one, or any planet known to this one."
fandom: Captain America, topic: continuity

Person of Interest

In response to a thread about the show's inevitable unhappy ending: neery (LJ) - "I always feel like the most optimistic sap in this fandom, because I don’t think an unhappy ending is inevitable at all. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t put it past the showrunners at all, and I won’t be surprised if at the end of the show, rocks fall and everyone dies."
fandom: person of interest

fandom: person of interest, warning: suicide

Untitled: cassandrexx (tumblr) - "I cling to this kind of meta because it gives me hope that Reese’s metaphorical deaths/rebirths are enough to fulfill the requirements of their suicide mission"
fandom: person of interest, warning: suicide


Jack and Ianto in 7 + 1 Steps: solitary_summer(AO3) - "An analysis of Jack and Ianto's relationship, S1 through CoE"
fandom: torchwood, fandom: torchwood: jack, fandom: torchwood: ianto,

The world is always ending: Time in Torchwood's Jack/Ianto arc: solitary_summer (AO3) - "Time is Jack's main problem, and now, carelessly catching the stopwatch that Jack tosses to him at the beginning of the episode, it becomes Ianto's problem too, even if he doesn't realise it yet."
fandom: torchwood, fandom: torchwood: jack, fandom: torchwood: ianto, topic: time

Teen Wolf

So I was watching through Teen Wolf and came to the intro with Stiles in Morell’s office.: chasingshadowsinthesun (tumblr) - "Now let’s think about that. Morell is a school counselor and she’s presented with a kid who of his own volition just revealed this positive and wistful view of death."
fandom: teen wolf, fandom: teen wolf: stiles, fandom: teen wolf: morell, warning: suicide

Irredeemable characters: lezzerlee (tumblr) - "I want to know why Kate isn’t listed there. Like I want to know what Jeff thinks about her, and how she could be redeemable somehow."
fandom: teen wolf, fandom: teen wolf: kate

Absolute power corrupts absolutely: wishonastarkid (tumblr) - Could it be possible that the master is influenced by the kanima’s need to enact vengeance The kanima sought out Matt and presented him with a kill. Was Matt always a sociopath, wanting to kill but with no means to do so? Or was he just an easy target, corrupted by the lure of power, the fear he has always carried (“I close my eyes and I’m drowning”) turning to rage, being concentrated into a desire for revenge?"
fandom: teen wolf, fandom: teen wolf: matt

Disney: Sleeping Beauty

Untitled: saathi1013(tumblr) - "In medieval culture, an event like a royal christening is not a private party; it’s the public social event of the year. To not invite any person of rank to such an event is a deadly insult."
fandom: disney

Olympus has Fallen

"Olympus Has Fallen" and racial nativism: Marissa Lee (blog) - "Today is the release date of Olympus Has Fallen, an action movie that unfortunately reflects the Hollywood (and American) stereotype of white nativism: the assumption that American automatically means white."
fandom: olympus has fallen, topic: race

Doctor Who

Female Writers discussion...again: hammard (LJ) - "Both the Guardian and IO9 have articles out today about the lack of female writers in Doctor Who and British Genre TV in general "
fandom: doctor who, topic: writing, topic: feminism,

The girl who fell out of the world: or, the importance of being Tegan: nightsky (blog) - "I think it’s time to take another look at Our Tegan, the Classic Who companion who most clearly anticipates the New Who companion, and this time see the seeds she planted."
fandom: doctor who, doctor who: companion, character: study

Domesticating the Doctor part VI: Souffles in the TARDIS: Tansy Rayner Roberts (blog) - "As it turned out, the new companion of 2012 provided me with a brilliant coda to my Domesticating the Doctor series – a girl with an egg-whisk in her belt who moonlights as a Victorian governess!"
fandom: doctor who, doctor who: companion, character: female

Preview for "The Bells of St. John": (DW) - "I was on board when it was announced that Moffat was taking over from RTD as show runner. I'd like much of his other work and his episodes for DW. Now, though, I'm feeling less than enthusiastic because he's telling the same tropes over and over again."
fandom: doctor who, topic: narrative, topic: writing, trope

Tess of the D'Urbervilles

Maiden no more: Rape Culture in Tess of the D'Urbervilles: 100indecisions (AO3) - "Issues of coercion and sexual consent are at the forefront of Thomas Hardy’s Tess of the D’urbervilles: A Pure Woman Faithfully Presented, and the novel itself does not seem to present a solid conclusion on what exactly happened between Tess and Alec on the night that started her supposedly inevitable decline. Approaching the text from the viewpoint of modern feminist criticism and ideas about rape culture allows insights into Tess’s story that might not have been available to Hardy or his readers."
fandom: tess of the d'urvervilles, topic: rape culture, warning: rape/non-con

Star Trek

Star Trek the Motion Picture: A costume design nightmare: Hello Tailor (blog) - "The many faults of this movie will surely be evident to anyone who watches it. It goes on for far too long. It's humourless. It lacks the emotional depth that made the original Star Trek series so compelling. The camera spends way too much time panning over William Shatner's increasingly luxuriant middle-aged arm hair. And then there's that whole situation going on with the costumes."
fandom: star trek, topic: costumes

Supernatural/Legend of the Seeker

Free will, prophecy and mind control: vorquellyn (LJ) - "In many ways, LOTS and SPN are telling the same story. It’s a story about families of blood and choice. It’s a story about choosing free will over the plans of Gods. It’s a story about choice and what it means to choose and deal with the consequences. The problem I have with both shows is that they repeatedly undercut their theme by using scenarios that explicitly deny free will."
fandom: supernatural, fandom: lots, topic: mind control, topic: prophecy


What is it about Supernatural that Attracts Freaky Fans?": anonymous in fail_fandomanon (LJ) -"the SPN fandom seems to have a much larger than average portion of fans who are truly and utterly terrifying and open in their freakiness..."
fandom: supernatural


Different for girls: Joan Watson's extra shift: shaggydogstail (LJ) - "Sure, it wasn't terribly surprising that Liu would play a competent, no-nonsense Watson with an impressive range of bitch-faces. What was a surprise was to see quite how much Joan Watson, without ever being presented as particularly "masculine" or tomboyish got so many traditionally male character tropes."
fandom: elementary, fandom: elementary: joan, character: female

Game of Thrones

Roose change: the Lannister Honeypot: InItForTheTank (video) - Theory on who the Lannister spy in Robb's camp might be.
fandom: asoiaf, warning: spoilers

The Thing about Brienne is...: gingerhaze (tumblr) - "I’m certainly in favor of beauty ideals being expanded, but I’m getting a lot of people arguing that she’s not REALLY ugly (in the book) and it’s just like, that’s it, that’s exactly what I was talking about."
fandom: asoiaf, fandom: asoiaf: brienne

Lizzie Bennet Diaries

Blah Blah Moar LBD meta: glamaphonic (tumblr) - "I would have been perfectly fine with a Pride & Prejudice retelling that’s even MORE about Lizzie and her arc and her relationships with her sisters/family than the book ... and deliberately downsized Darcy for the majority of the text thus shifting its genre from romance to (family) drama … But LBD was not that."
fandom: lizzie bennet diaries, topic: adaptations


Stop calling Sherlock a sociopath!: wellingtongoose (LJ) - "Why Sherlock Holmes cannot be a "high function sociopath". It's not Anderson who hasn't done his research. "
fandom: sherlock, fandom: sherlock: sherlock, topic: psychology

Diagnosing Sherlock: wellingtongoose (LJ) - "If I had to give Sherlock a psychiatric diagnosis – I’d say he has traits of schizoid personality disorder. "
fandom: sherlock

What drug did Irene use on Sherlock?: wellingtongoose (LJ) - "A more suitable drug Kate221B suggested is ketamine."
fandom: sherlock, fandom: sherlock: irene

Guns and BBC Sherlock: (LJ) - "I explore gun legislation in the UK, how John managed to keep his service weapon and why he chose to do so. I also discuss police use of firearms, and why Lestrade would not be armed – ever."
fandom: sherlock, topic: firearms, topic: law


Firefly: Season One And Serenity Were Just The Prelude: William Gillis (blog) - "What surprised me the most though were those who felt the story was finished and that any continuation would have to resort to the dark magic of prequeling, retconning or rebooting."
fandom: firefly

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Dawn Summers: FIghting for an alternative feminist narrative (Part 1) and (Part 2): kwritten (LJ) - "Dawn is no one. She is special in that she is fragile and breakable. She cries in the bathroom and her bedroom and the school hallway. She is ignored and underfoot and shoved aside. She has no special abilities. She is awkward and makes people feel uncomfortable. She is just a girl."
fandom: btvs, fandom: btvs: dawn, character: study, character: female

Fanfiction & Capitalism article

Date: 2013-03-30 03:42 pm (UTC)
aquila_black: Harry Potter is unconscious. His outstretched hand holds the Philosopher's Stone. Caption: Immortality. (Default)
From: [personal profile] aquila_black
Excellent article, concise and to-the-point. I agree that capitalist systems systematically trivialize and devalue things that people aren't making a profit on, presenting it as a foregone conclusion that these things have inferior worth. But I think it's also very important to consider the implications from a consumer side. In just about any fandom, our population of readers is much larger than our population of writers, and fanfiction is entertainment that no one pays for the privilege of consuming. I think most of the devaluation aimed by the culture at large at fanfic is meant to reach and shame the people who are reading it. What would happen if it became widely known that this is a source of stories that are comparable to published work, often do a better job offerering stories people want to read, are uncensored, and despite all the turmoil surrounding "write more minorities," already represent them more than the mainstream does? I don't think mainstream culture wants to find out. I think it's presenting fanfic as necessarily inferior out of ignorance, prejudice, and most of all, self-interest.

It's a complex equation, because while the variety of paid entertainment a fan consumes is presumably less than a person who comes out of a theater and doesn't give that movie a second thought, there's plenty of research attesting that fan involvement increases the value and longevity of commercial entertainment. And there's an even closer symbiosis where fans are involved with canons that aren't imported via standard distribution channels - companies lag behind in the importation of foreign media and let fandom be an indicator of what would be lucrative to buy the rights to. But a capitalist economy will always prefer interactions that put money in its pockets *right now* to ones that don't. Even when you're creating other kinds of value, "a hundred people who otherwise would have never read X or watched Y, if they hadn't read this fanfic" don't map neatly onto economists' graphs.

Date: 2013-04-01 03:24 am (UTC)
pebblerocker: A worried orange dragon, holding an umbrella, gazes at the sky. (Default)
From: [personal profile] pebblerocker
Thanks for another great round-up :)

The "Concrit: Not dead" link points to the writer's journal, not the specific post - easy to find for now but less so in the future.


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