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General Fandom

I believe in stories: kiki-eng (DW) - "I believe in stories and I believe in fandom. I believe in the way that they can transmit ideas that can change the world. I believe in learning, and I think that the stories that we tell each other matter."
topic: fanfic

The Language of Tumblr: An approximation to the blogger’s dialect: cas get into my ass (tumblr) - "An independent speech community has developed in Tumblr, in the form of people who have adopted a variety of English as their online language. It is growing and changing every day, and, even though it’s heavily written-based, there’s a possibility it will start to influence the speech of people outside of the community soon."
topic: fandom, topic: language

Untitled: ladysaviours(tumblr) - "I would like to start an official movement to replace the prevalence of manpain in fiction with granpain."
topic: manpain

Feelings Potpourri: fandomspotting (podcast) - "Because only teenagers have emotions and thus are capable of saving the world, join our panelists as they discuss mecha anime, sci-fi shows, and protagonist demographics by using their enhanced optical targeting systems to zero in on everything from Gundam Wing to Pacific Rim to New Trek back to Gundam Wing! "
topic: emotions

Warm Bodies: Zombies in Media and Culture: Dr Rebecca Williams (blog) - "Whilst the vampire was, for a time, the most popular horror archetype in popular media and culture (see Twilight, True Blood, The Vampire Diaries and more), it is the figure of the zombie who has undergone the most recent transformation from a figure often at the periphery of contemporary horror to one of the key tropes seen across a range of texts. "
topic: zombies

On the Use of Names in Pairings : icarus chained (LJ) - "Have an unscheduled and slightly random meta on the character names we use when denoting pairings and whether they have any deeper meaning, springing from me having tried to reconcile 'Vimes/Vetinari' and 'Sam/Sybil' into a threesome tag, and 'Holmes/Watson' into a threesome tag with 'John/Mary'."
topic: shipping


Vid Choreography - panel notes: obsessive24 (LJ) - "Choreography is the art of designing sequences of movements in which motion, form, or both are specified. The word choreography literally means "dance-writing" (from the Greek). Choreography can be applied to vidding. It is the art of applying dynamism, movement, flow and pace to music. ("Choreography" could also apply to narrative but that will be out of scope for this panel. Here we're focusing on the how to choreograph visually, rather than choreographing a story.)"
topic: vidding,

Vidding Toolbox: nemo_r (DW) - ""Open to all vidders, from novice to ninja. We've got short video tutorials to tackle basic concepts, software-agnostic hints and tips, as well as in-vid examples of more advanced techniques and why you might want to use them. This panel aims to provide a forum for discussion and information-sharing at any level.""
topic: vidding

OTW Fanvidding series (1-6): Franceska (video) - Videos covering a number of vidding topics.
topic: vidding

Yahoo buying Tumblr
topic: fandom, topic: social platforms

Yahoo buys Tumblr: Should users of the meme machine be worried?: Hillary Busis (blog) - "both Mayer and Tumblr founder David Karp have largely refrained from trumpeting what the future may hold. Instead, they’ve spent most of the day asking Tumblr users not to panic — and reassuring them that the site will retain its idiosyncratic identity."
topic: fandom, topic: social platforms

5 Reasons Tumblr is doomed is Yahoo buys it: Fernando Alfosno III + Aja Romano (blog) - "If the sad state of Flickr, the rotting carcass of Delicious, and the ghostof GeoCities are any indication, having Yahoo add Tumblr to its smelly domain locker would be its demise."

10 Things Tumblr can teach Yahoo about the internet: Aja Romano (blog) - "however unwilling Tumblrites might be, they still have much to teach Yahoo about the ways and means of Internet culture. If Yahoo is paying attention—and to be fair, the press release does state, "we promise not to screw it up”—it could carry these lessons far into the future."

Specific Fandoms

Ender's Game / Doctor Horrible's Sing Along Blog
Hypothesis: Doctor Horrible and Ender's Game have directly opposing messages: Something Else (blog) - I think both stories are about white, straight male nerds [...] And I think they send very opposite messages about the meaning of bullying and social structures."
topic: fandom, topic: identification, topic: bullying, fandom: ender's game, fandom: Dr Horrible

Iron Man

Is Pepper Potts No Longer the "Damsel in Distress" in 'Iron Man 3'?: Megan Kearns (blog) - "Superhero films often exhibit assertive, outspoken female characters. Yet they often simultaneously objectify women’s bodies, reduce them to ancillary love interests or perpetuate gender stereotypes. So when I heard that Pepper Potts would have a more active role in Iron Man 3, I was excited yet remained cautiously skeptical."
warning: spoilers, fandom: iron man

Doctor Who

Audioarchitectonalmetrasynchosity (The Long Game)
: Phillip Sandifer (blog) - "a fairly good week for The Long Game to air during, given that it is, in the end, a story about the way power functions in the background."
fandom: doctor who

The Name of the Doctor: fozmeadows (tumblr) - "You know what? Fuck it. I keep trying to write this as a proper review-slash-blogrant, something structured and informative with little asides about my take on the rest of the season, but I just can’t muster the effort it would take to give a shit. I feel like I’m in a dysfunctional relationship with this goddamn show - one where I periodically threaten to leave forever and then storm out in a huff, only to be suckered back in by the seductive promise that maybe, just maybe, things will get better."
warning: spoilers, fandom: doctor who

The Empire Never Ended : lonewytch (LJ) - "In which there is dualism, Zoroastrianism and the Goddess Isis; the Doctor is a Magician, Emperor and the Monster in the mirror; the theme park is the cauldron of rebirth; Philip K Dick's Empire never ended; and there is form out of nothingness. "
fandom: doctor who

UNCLEAREDWhy is the Earth under the Doctor’s Protection?: souldreamer(LJ) - "Sorry for the silly question, but I've been thinking about this. I haven't seen any of the older Doctor Who shows (it's on my to-do list), but it seems like in the new series, we just take for granted that the Doctor finds humans fascinating and inspirational. My question is - why? What caused that? Is there a story that goes along with why the Doctor is always surrounding himself with humans for companions? We know there are a million other species he could associate with instead. Is there a specific episode somewhere that discusses why humans are unique?"
fandom: doctor who

DOCTOR WHO’S GIRL PROBLEM: tealeavesdogears (blog) - "while the “Impossible Girl” plotline was a little infuriating, I was at least pleased with the character herself — even if I knew the unveiling of the mystery would be a disappointment."
warning: spoilers, fandom: doctor who

Season Finale Thoughts: abadplanwellexecuted (tumblr) - "The thing is, if you’re going to stretch your grubby little authorial hands back through the whole of the Doctor’s timeline, you’d better be able to do it really freaking well. "
warning: spoilers, fandom: doctor who

the thing is though: marthajonesed (tumblr) - "he pretty much undermined the entire show and every writer it’s ever had, just to make his own characters look like the biggest and most important of all."
warning: spoilers, fandom: doctor who

Fruits Basket
Coping With Abuse : vmuzic(LJ) - "This is a piece I wrote detailing what I see in Fruits Basket. The first is a meta for the whole series, and then I wrote a piece for each character. I know the rules state that this needs to be new, but I finished the set in May. In my experience people don't recognize abuse victims because they don't know what to look for, so I'm happy to have found a place to post these."
fandom: fruits basket


Hannibal, Will, Hobbs, Franklyn, and Performance: borgevino (tumblr) - "a hastily-written post discussing performativity and lack thereof with relation to hannibal, franklyn, garrett jacob hobbs, and will—tied in somewhat to an idea i’m calling ~theatricality of class~ for now. also, a little more discussion about boundaries."
fandom: hannibal

Of Gods and Men: epistolic (AO3) - "Which is the truth of Hannibal Lecter - the man who plays games with Will Graham's life, or the man glad to discover that Will Graham is alive? Meta on Hannibal Lecter and the meaning of friendship in Episode 8: Fromage."
warning: spoilers, fandom: hannibal, relationship: freindship


untitled Glee essay
: The Consulting English Major (xIrelandx)
(AO3) - "There are many other instances on the show in which the male characters are cast in a sympathetic light. The main issue is not so much that the male characters lack a fault as it is that the male characters are rarely if ever called out on their inappropriate behavior. The question that remains, the question on which I still linger, is this: Does the characterization of the women on Glee perpetuate stereotypes that might break down otherwise, or do they reflect the sad truth of the place of women in society?"
fandom: glee


Untitled: hellotailor (tumblr) - "there are many different ways in which a woman can be seen semi-naked onscreen, and not all of them are gratuitous or intended to be titillating in any way. "
character: female, topic: costumes, fandom: alien

Game of Thrones

Arya & Catelyn: More Alike Than You Might Think: catelyn_tully (tumblr) - "what if I were to flip the script? What if I were to say that no, Sansa isn’t just like her mother? What if I were to say, however, that Arya is strikingly similar to Catelyn and that no, that’s not a bad thing at all?"
fandom: game of thrones

Meta Monday: Marriage Customs: justadram (tumblr) - "On the heels of last night’s marriage between Tyrion and Sansa on Game of Thrones and on the eve of Edmure’s festive wedding at the Twins, today’s topic is marriage customs in Westeros and medieval Europe."
fandom: game of thrones, topic: marriage

Filling the gaps, a defense of Littlefinger: Stefan (blog) - "Besides Jon Snow (and Ros, but she's invented and technically doesn't count), no character receives as much hatred for a supposedly bungled transition to the screen like Aidan Gillen's interpretation of Littlefinger. "
fandom: game of thrones

In defense of Ros, revisited: stefan (blog) - "HBO made many additions and changes for its adaption of George R. R. Martin's great novels. The most disputed, the most despised and loathed, however, is the introduction of the red-headed whore, Ros, as a recurring character. "
fandom: game of thrones


“Scandal,” Olivia Pope and the privilege of being an anti-hero
: Keidra Chaney (blog) - "But maybe, just maybe we aren’t looking for positive. Maybe we are looking for over-the-top, morally gray, complicated, nutty. The kind of things we enjoy in shows like Mad Men or The Sopranos. Maybe some viewers enjoy having that room to be the anti-hero, the privilege granted to characters like Don Draper or Tony Soprano or Walter White. "
fandom: scandal, topic: race, character: female, topic: representation

Teen Wolf

Lydia promo and Teen Wolf: p1013 (tumblr) - "This is where her agency is missing. Lydia doesn’t do anything: she only reacts. "
character: female, topic: agency, fandom: teen wolf

The Argent theory: raelet (tumblr) - "The Argents aren’t a family, but a secret society."
fandom: teen wolf

Why I need bisexual!Stiles: (tumblr) - "After posting a TW fic dealing a lot with bisexual issues, I have suddenly had so many bisexual!stiles feelings.
I’ve come to realize that I absolutely could care less whether Sterek becomes canon (I’d actually lean towards not), but I need bisexual!Stiles to be canon so, so badly.

topic: sexuality, topic: representation

A note on Scott McCall: athenadark (tumblr) - "You can dislike a character’s actions and actually like them. This is no different from considering your friend a dick but the difference is you can call your friend out for their behavior. This doesn’t mean that they’re not your friend any more, or you’re planning their elaborate murder."
fandom: teen wolf,

On Scott McCall (and why I wish TW would stop making me hate him): moirariordan (tumblr) - "Okay, see, here’s the inherent flaw with pretty much all modern (and some classic even) heroic narratives: the hero only becomes the hero at the expense of other people."
fandom: teen wolf


“I don’t think she was female.”: nerdinessboundaries (tumblr) - "I’ve been mulling on this since Sacrifice aired. The beauty of how Social Expectation is continually challenged and just knocked away through the episode. There are throwbacks to earlier plot points in the show and it also tosses back to points that are just happening, like two mirrors reflecting themselves."
warning: spoilers, fandom: supernatural

“You came from nowhere, you appear to be going nowhere” - Sam Winchester in season 8 and depression problem: fatpinkmoose (tumblr) - "After Supernatural season finale and reveal of Sam’s true feelings and insecurities, I started wondering that maybe his behavior this season wasn’t as inexplicable as I thought after all. That maybe all those little things we’ve been noticing, like his withdrawn attitude, his lack of interactions with side characters etc. make sense if we assume that Sam Winchester has clinic depression."
warning: spoilers, topic: mental health, fandom: supernatural

Untitled: comtessedebussy (tumblr) - "I think I’ve figured out what it is that just doesn’t sit well with me about the Sam and Dean scene in Sacrifice. "
warning: spoilers, fandom: supernatural

more thoughts on dean in the finale
: amonitrate (tumblr) - "specifically on his comment about Sam needing a chaperone."
warning: spoilers, fandom: supernatural

making this up as I go: (tumblr) - "Some thoughts on Dean in 8.23."
warning: spoilers, fandom: supernatural

Avatar: The Last Airbender

The Library Meta: avatarzuki (tumblr) - "The Library must be my all-time favourite A:TLA episode, maybe even more than the Blue Spirit and the Western Air Temple, because it poses the hardest moral dilemma I’ve ever stumbled upon."
fandom: atla


All posts contain spoilers for the finale.
warning: spoilers, fandom: elementary,

I am not lucky, I am good: liviapenn (DW) - "Probably the first of several posts about Sherlock and Irene in the Elementary finale, episodes 1x23 and 1x24..."
fandom: elementary

Elementameta: (DW) - "I am still in love with the Elementary finale, and so is almost everyone else. Below the cut I have assembled a bunch of posts that all make excellent points about some aspect/s of the finale. However, not all posts are squeeful or happy about key elements, so mind your step."
fandom: elementary

Elementary Season 1 Finale: The Woman/Heroine : fandomsandfeminism (tumblr) - "How Irene Adler subverts her own fridging and challenges male intellectual dominance in the Holmes Mythos. "
fandom: elementary

Elementary Demonstrates the Right Way to Update a Classic Hero: Genevieve Valentine (blog) - "Elementary has gotten some flak for being the "lesser" modern-day Sherlock Holmes. But now that its first season is over, we're realizing this show understands the Arthur Conan Doyle canon — it's just not afraid to ask questions. Here's why Elementary is the Sherlock Holmes we never knew we always needed."

but really though: glamaphonic (tumblr) - "looking at the characters from the ACD canon that are in the show (if I’m missing any, please let me know) [...] do you not see why we want a man or woman of color as moriarty?"
fandom: elementary

Untitled: (tumblr) - "In the sequence of the Rube Goldberg machine in the credits intro, the final event, which releases the cage that falls on the little tin man, is a hammer smashing into the bust of a woman..."
fandom: elementary

Date: 2013-05-23 03:33 am (UTC)
crossedwires: joan watson drinking tea (joan watson/tea)
From: [personal profile] crossedwires
Hi! I have Elementary meta, spoilers through to the finale (the first part of it is my reaction/disagreement with the Genevieve Valentine article). It's untitled, but if it were to have a title, it'd be: Elementary: I like you, but not that much.


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