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General Fandom

FREE-FOR-ALL META COMMENT-A-THON: upopa_epops (LJ) - "Old news: lj is dead. Everyone is crazy busy, or they have other reasons not to be here. No one has time to read those huge meta posts we used to write once upon a time. But maybe we can all find ten minutes to do this:"

Pyrrhic Victories: Mass Casualties And Rah-Rah Endings: Linda Holmes (blog) - "Interestingly, for me, efforts to raise the stakes by cranking the body count among the innocent have the effect of lowering the stakes."
topic: character death

Comment Meta
: amaresu (DW) or subjects and threads here: havocthecat - "Femslash Mini Meta fest was an utter fail this year. And I'm still not in a place where I could do it, so I purpose Comment Meta. And let's have it cover all things female and fannish. However you define those."
relationship: femslash

Pushback on Kindle Worlds: OTW fannews(LJ) - "The first wave of Kindle Worlds press coverage mostly quoted from Amazon's press release with a few reaction links. Follow-up articles proved to be more critical and more aware of fannish perspective. "
topic: writing, topic: fanfiction

Amazon and the buyout of fandom culture: Aja Romano (blog) - "What an earth-shattering week this has been for fandom. In the space of a few days, we suddenly have two incredibly huge corporate entities, Amazon and Yahoo, actively courting major chunks of fandom culture—for better or for worse.
Maybe instead of "suddenly," I should say "inevitably.""

topic: fandom, topic: fanfiction

Anita Sarkesian and the Trouble With Magic Bullets Maddy Myers, Paste: (blog) - "The trouble with Anita Sarkeesian is that somewhere along the line, I think some of us forgot that she doesn’t have to speak for all of us—least of all for every woman in the games industry, press, development or otherwise."
topic: feminism, topic: gaming

Wait…What Did He Say?: Ana Visneski, Digital Noms (blog) - "This is when I had it explained to me that I just didn’t understand that it is a matter of marketing, that the reason we are depicted the way we are is because it is what sells. B made it very clear that I couldn’t possibly understand because I don’t work in the industry. He also then told me that I needed to understand that I was focusing on one detail and that women in the military don’t make up enough of the market to matter, that it alienates people to even talk about it."
topic: feminism, topic: gaming

Guild Wars 2: The Friendliest MMORPG Ever (?): Becky Chambers, The Mary Sue (blog) - "As I’ve said before, any multiplayer game is potential grounds for meeting cool people. Seriously. You can find helpful, friendly players anywhere. But it is true that finding good folks is, for the most part, hit or miss. I’ve developed a thick skin for people mouthing off in general chat. I often turn it off all together, choosing instead to speak only with my team, or just with a private group of friends. Not having to steel myself against the background noise feels alien."
topic: gaming

Writing a woman who eats what she wants without being shamed: kate elliott (blog) - "Why did you choose to elaborate on Cat’s love of food? I thought it was interesting that we have a heroine who actually appreciates food. Was this in response to societies view on female bodies or did you just write it as part of her character?"
topic: feminism, topic: food

Writing meta: Event-Based Plotting:sailorptah (DW) - "Plots come from action. One event happens, the characters react, the consequences lead to another event, the characters react tothat, the reactions lead to another event...and so on. Everything else you might find in a story -- themes, emotional arcs, specific dialogue, whatever -- can't be forced, but will work if you let them develop naturally out of the event(s)."
topic: writing

‘Tis the Season: Convention Tips
: Z McAspurren (blog) - "conventions can be tricky things, especially if it’s your first time going to one, or you haven’t been to one in a while"
topic: conventions, topic: fandom

Jumping on the Bandwagon: Red Hamilton(blog) - "sometimes it can be equally difficult when a relatively cosy and settled fandom has to cope with suddenly becoming hot property. "
topic: fandom

Fandom As Comfort: Eleanor Musgrove (blog) - "Well, we’ve already looked at how we can use fandom as an escape, but sometimes we don’t want to get away from our feelings. Sometimes, we want to curl up under our duvets, cue up a soundtrack of rainfall and fireplace noises, and feel sorry for ourselves for a little while. I’m sure if you were planning a duvet day, you’d know exactly which film or book would be the one to make you feel better."
topic: fandom

Specific Fandoms

A Song of Ice and Fire (book series)

The Riverrun Decision: Stefan (blog) - "I have repeatedly made the point that when Robb Stark and Brynden Tully gang up on Edmure Tully [...] they are both in the wrong. "
fandom: asoiaf

Angel: The Series

A touch of evil: a cinematic analysis of “Conviction” Angel, Season 5: lynnenne(LJ) - "One scene I have always loved is the long, establishing shot of the new Wolfram & Hart offices during "Conviction," the first episode of Angel Season 5. This one shot sets the tone and theme for the entire season."
fandom: angel

Arrested Development

Quick Thoughts and Gut Reactions (or: tl;dr) Tom McAllister , TNB : (blog) - "Arrested Development, a show more intricately plotted than most dramas and featuring several layers of gags in nearly every shot, has long been renowned for its unprecedented levels of complexity. One reason it’s developed such a rabid cult following is that it rewards multiple viewings and intense focus. How, then, are we supposed to believe that any of these reviews, churned out under pressure of an artificial deadline, offers anything like meaning or perspective? "
topic: reviewing, fandom: Arrested Development

Basketball RPF

5 reasons Tim Duncan is fandom's MVP: Aja Romano, Daily Dot (blog) - "But there's one side of fandom that has yet to fall for Duncan—online, fanwork-based fandom, which is usually far more interested in writing, reading, and drawing than in which teams are duking it out on the basketball court. "
fandom: sports RPF: basketball

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Buffy Rewatch: Relationships Foz Meadows: (blog) - "Buffy and Spike is my crackship. Not because they’re impossible together, but because they should be – and because, like crack, they’re unhealthily addictive. Their relationship is every possible flavour of fucked up. From the moment Spike first shows up in S2, they’re enemies – but when Angelus tries to end the world, it’s Spike who helps Buffy defeat him."
fandom: buffy the vampire slayer

The Narrativ Function of Sex in BTVS: local-max(LJ) - "Violence is separation, sex is connection, though these two become increasingly complex as the series go on. The series is built on fear primarily, and the flip side of fear is desire -- running from and running to. If the goal of BtVS the series is to find a way out of the Hellmouth (though it's not known to the characters at the beginning of the series), to conquer the very concept of fear and the *separation* that that implies (the separation between oneself and others, between oneself and the truth, between oneself and one's authentic self), then part of that means determining, eventually as close to fearlessly as possible, what one actually desires."
fandom: btvs


Random Discworld Meta: icarus_chained (LJ) - "The portrayal of Death in Discworld is very odd because it doesn't ... it doesn't present answers, it doesn't come from a place of religious faith or even supernatural faith. The faith provided by Discworld's Death is ... a faith in humanity? A faith in an intrinsic sense of caring in the universe."
fandom: discworld, topic: religion, topic: death

Game of Thrones

‘Game of Thrones’ Red Wedding And Why Television Makes Pregnancy And Childbirth So Violent Alyssa Rosenberg, ThinkProgress: (blog) - "And Rachel Larris asked an important question: why is it that we still draw a line around killing children, or subjecting them to physical trauma (psychological trauma is fair game) in popular entertainment, but we're fine with killing pregnant women, or making childbirth a means of inflicting extreme violence on women?"
fandom: game of thrones

Game of Thrones Season 3 Finale: lierdumoa (tumblr) - "the entire episode has an overarching theme of murder+meal sharing+inhospitablility. "
fandom: game of thrones


Untitled: radiokunlun (tumblr) - "So there is this thing called a “trigger,” I guess, and OH WAIT I UNDERSTAND NOW. “Buffet Froid” was super uncomfortable for me to watch, not because of the gore or the scares, but because of basically everything that was not the gore or the scares. That includes what I’m going to talk about here— the show’s intense examination and (I argue) problematization of mental illness— which I guess just goes to show that you can find something very uncomfortable and yet positive and interesting."
fandom: hannibal, topic: mental health

Untitled: radiokunlun (tumblr) - "what I’ve written here instead is a very long meta about boundaries, seeing, & the self in “Roti.” "
fandom: hannibal

The Hour

An Unplayed Piano: A Film Analysis of Lix and Randall in Episode 2.04: d_generate_girl (DW) - "What do you say about these two that hasn't already been said? You won't find two more perfectly cast actors around - except for everyone else on this show - nor will you find other actors who could have brought the depth of performance that Anna Chancellor and Peter Capaldi did."
fandom: the hour

Mad Men, Game of Thrones

‘Mad Men,’ ‘Game of Thrones,’ And What Happens When Men Lose The Advantages Of PatriarchyAlyssa Rosenberg, ThinkProgress: (blog) - " Like an inverse vampire, Betty was fresh, rejuvenated, and flirtatious at breakfast in the morning sun with Henry, while Don, stuck against the wall and in the shadows, seemed drained. The sexual power that had once been exclusive to Don in their relationship was now Betty’s, too. And without that advantage, Don was at a loss, experiencing, for the second time in the season after Sylvia broke it off with him, what it meant to be cast off as he’d disappointed so many women before."
topic: gender roles, fandom: mad men, fandom: game of thrones

Much Ado About Nothing

"Were She an Ethiope": tablesaw (DW) - "STEPHEN GREENBLATT: When I was writing the glosses for the Norton Shakespeare, I remember doing the glosses for Much Ado About Nothing and I came to the line in which Claudio says, I would marry her "were she an Ethiope." So I had to explain what "were she an Ethiope" meant, and I said in the marginal gloss, "Ethiope, i.e., black and therefore, according to the racist Elizabethan stereotype, ugly.""
fandom: shakespeare, topic: race, topic: adaptations

Orphan Black

Untitled: (tumblr) - " In addition to excellent queer representation, and amazing, well rounded, complex female characters, Orphan Black is in essence a metaphor for the fight against patriarchy [...] But this is also the reason Orphan Black needs to handle race better. "
fandom: orphan black, warning: spoilers, topic: race, topic: feminism, topic: agency


Oh, nothing, just thinking about Sherlock's sex life...: calvinahobbes (DW) - "So I got to thinking about Joan's idle comment in my fic that Sherlock didn't mind the baby drool, and it occurred to me that I really believe that. Sherlock doesn't care about minor stuff like drool! If you want some of his he's quite happy to provide a sample! "
fandom: elementary, topic: sex

Star Trek: Into Darkness

On Female Villains, or the Lack ThereofDan Wohl, The Mary Sue: (blog) - "I feel like filmmakers are thinking, “why does it matter if there are female antagonists – it’s not like a villainous character makes women look good.” And while this might be true in the simplest sense, it misses the bigger point. Having female characters in films shouldn’t be about getting in a few nice, positive moments for women and then calling it a day. It should be about naturally having an equal distribution of genders in film roles."
fandom: star trek, topic: villains, topic: gender


Supernaturla: University: The Rainbow Connection, or can you see what I see?: bardicvoice(LJ) - "Addressing the emotional fan reaction on the internet to catastrophic events in The Rains Of Castamere episode of HBO's adaptation of George R.R. Martin's Game Of Thrones, Smithsonian Magazine tweeted an excellent article on how and why we bond so strongly with fictional characters. The neatest thing – to me, anyway – about the theory put forth in that article is that it would also explain very simply why we Supernatural fans can all watch the same show and yet have such vastly differing, strongly held interpretations of the characters of Sam and Dean, not to mention other characters in the show. Here's a little Supernatural University psychology and physics discussion about why fandom fights about characters will always be fruitless and never resolve into sense."
fandom: supernatural

Teen Wolf

Derek’s change in demeanor and emotional health from 2x12 to 3x01: ravewulf (tumblr) - "So Derek essentially got raped (again) and his trust destroyed by someone he tried to get close to (again). Derek’s emotional health takes a serious blow here and it shows in 3x01. "
fandom: teen wolf, warning: rape/non-con

Allison’s and Lydia’s Characterization in Tattoo: uniwolfwerecorn (tumblr) - "I am actually not too fond of the way Lydia and Allison are shown to us at the beginning of season three."
fandom: teen wolf, character: female

Sinking The Ship: Your Argument is Invalid: curlsabroad (tumblr) - "Seeing a pairing and finding it to be illogical or not to your taste is perfectly reasonable. Having personal preferences or your own feelings about a character is perfectly reasonable. These are excellent reasons to dislike a pairing and I will happily discuss the merits of your points.
Canon is canon, and shipping is shipping. You can point out when a ship conflates with canon or when a shipper is being totally delusional, but don’t be a dick to all the reasonable fans. Any group of people should never be maligned by the actions of a few.
Basically, if you don’t like a pairing, fine. I get it. Present a better argument and don’t be a dicklouse about it."

fandom: teen wolf, topic: shipping


On Fairy-Stories and Source Studies: mildred_of_midgard (DW) - "There are two kinds of Tolkien works. Those I read at the ages of 10-12 and understood, and those I read at the ages of 10-12 and did not understand. "On Fairy-stories" is one of the latter."
fandom: Tolkien, topic: canon
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Thank you :)

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I should comment on this roundups more often - I look forward to reading through them so much every week.

Date: 2013-06-12 10:03 am (UTC)
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Hello again! You're missing a "Discworld" heading for the Discworld meta and have a post about Elementary categorised as Sherlock.

Date: 2013-06-12 11:27 am (UTC)
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Tiny error: My post "Oh, nothing..." has ben categorized as Sherlock fandom, but it's actually about Elementary.

(ETA: Sorry, didn't see sqbr had already pointed it out.)
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Yay for meta and yay for listing the fandoms in alphabetical order. I really appreciate that! <3

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The [community profile] fem_thoughts comment meta post has about 20 different threads at the moment, all with different subjects, metas, and ongoing conversations. You may want to individually link each one for more detail about the kinds of meta we're talking about. If you'd like, I'll provide links. I've already done so on [community profile] girlgay for most of the threads anyway.

Date: 2013-06-12 09:19 pm (UTC)
havocthecat: the lady of shalott (Default)
From: [personal profile] havocthecat

Absolutely! I was planning an update tonight anyway. :)

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Wrote a thing on AO3 tags:

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