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General Fandom

The evolution of fandom mixtape culture: Gavia Baker-Whitelaw (blog) - "Fanmixes can be created as the soundtrack to a fanfic, but they’re just as likely to be like a normal mixtape: capturing a particular moment or mood. It’s just than being “breakup songs of 2007,” the mood in question is more likely to be “music on the theme of defeating Voldemort.” "
topic: fanmix

Help! I Need Somebody: Eleanor Musgrove (blog) - "no matter how long you’ve been involved in fandom or at what level, the chances are you’ve needed help or advice at some point. No, this isn’t just a lengthly plug for our very own FW Tips – sometimes, after all, the one-to-one approach is the only way to go. So where do you find that support?"
topic: fandom

Fandom As a Ravenous Beast: Eleanor Musgrove (blog) - "When fandom becomes a chore, when creating things for it becomes a duty, stop. Stop and have a good think about why you’re doing what you’re doing. "
topic: fandom

Monophobia and the Two-Step Theory Samantha_kathy: (blog) - "In the end, it all boils down to the two-step theory of alternate universes. It’s a simple principle which says that if you start out with canon, as all fanfiction does, you can only take two steps away from it before readers start having trouble suspending their disbelief."
topic: kink

A Timeline of the 2013 SFWA Controversies slhuang: (blog) - "I have great respect for a large number of people in SFWA and for the organization itself. I’m doing this not to drag SFWA through the mud, as it were, but to provide a reference for people who are trying to figure out what’s going on—I’ve been involved in the discussion from the beginning, and I’m having trouble keeping track of the sequence of events."
topic: sfwa

Specific Fandoms

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

BTVS and Consent Issues: Buffy and Spike post “Seeing Red”. : Theresa Basile(blog) - "“BtVS and Consent Issues” is a series I began writing over a year ago with the goal to examine episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer where rape, sexual assault, sexual coercion, and/or violation of consent were major plot points. I wanted to examine the way rape and consent issues were portrayed in one of my all-time favorite television series – a series that had an explicit feminist vision."
fandom: btvs, topic: sexuality, topic: consent issues


WHY, EVEN AS BBC SHERLOCK FANS, ELEMENTARY HAS BECOME OUR FAVORITE: Kristie Haruta (blog) - "With the Elementary’s first season completed and BBC Sherlock’s third season still in the works, I’d like to take the time to write a potentially dangerous post: a side-by-side comparison of both of these modern reimaginings of Sherlock Holmes. "
fandom: sherlock, fandom: elementary


Tumblr rejects Disney's billionth white princess Gavia Baker-Whitelaw - Daily Dot: (blog) - "Tumblr artists have produced everything from a Mongolian Snow Queen to a World War II-era retelling of the fairy tale, starring two indigenous Greenlandic teenagers. Compared to the uniformity of the Disney princesses so far, a tough, fur-wearing princess does sound pretty cool. Too bad it’s vanishingly unlikely to happen."
fandom: frozen, topic: race

Game of Thrones

Meta Monday: Shaving: justadram (tumblr) - "In Westeros girls don’t shave. Women don’t either, unless you’re unlucky enough to fall into the hands of the Faith and have a dubious moral record they’re seeking to exploit. Men shave their beards, but nothing else. While Westerosi men and women wear smallclothes, a much more modern development than one would find in medieval Europe, are they decidedly medieval in their hairiness?"
fandom: game of thrones


META: HANNIBAL & ABIGAIL: elucipher (tumblr) - "You’ve said before how Hannibal is manipulating those around him but I’m curious as to where you stand with Abigail. "
fandom: hannibal

Marvel Comics

Breaking Down Uncanny Avengers’ Continued Racefail Arturo - Racialicious: (blog) - "And Wanda’s response, in turn, overlooks Mutants whose X-genes have not exclusively manifested as powers, per se. Like, say, Beak, whose “abilities” amounted to looking like a chicken. And though Nightcrawler and Beast both became known as heroes, their mutations also left them unable to “fit in” without the benefit of the Witch’s and Havok’s “I’m just a person” rhetoric. For that matter,Cyclops’ visors aren’t a fashion choice; they’re the only way he can open his eyes without blasting anything he sees. "
fandom: marvel comics, topic: race

Star Trek: Voyager

Star Trek: Voyager‘s “Feminist Messages” chiusse: (blog) - "The small number of female roles in The Next Generation and Deep Space Nine meant that an arbitrary episode even passing the Bechdel Test was rare; the two female characters in TNG are a doctor and a therapist. It’s not unreasonable to conclude that Captain Janeway’s presence alone is enough to propel Voyager light-years ahead of its contemporaries with respect to gender politics. Or is it?"
fandom: star trek voyager, topic: feminism

Star Wars

Seven Reasons why the Phantom Menace Matters : Jedi News(blog) - "When I posted my May the 4th review of The Phantom Menace, I was shocked – SHOCKED – to discover a comment saying that the film was unnecessary! That it didn’t serve the overarching story enough to justify its existence! That the events that mattered could fit easily into a ten-minute prologue! And this is from someone who claims to enjoy the movie!"
fandom: star wars,


Supernatural University: Calling All Angels: bardicvoice(LJ) - "his is the first of two articles exploring angels in the Supernatural universe. In this one, I'll be looking at the role angels have played and how that developed through the history of the series, including how angels relate to monsters and humans, and how I think their role has both meshed with and changed the show's “bible” over time. In the next article, shifting from the general concept of angels to the specific, I'm going to explore in detail the unique role of Castiel and put forward my own theories on his nature and purpose. Welcome to a multidisciplinary Supernatural University session in myth, theology, philosophy, psychology, and the nature of television production!"
fandom: supernatural, topic: worldbuilding

Teen Wolf

TW 305 and 306 - Family, Friendship and Fear of Fridghes: cupidsbow (DW) - "Hey, what do you know, we've found out a few new things about Scott, werewolves, Stiles and Lydia, sex in the TW 'verse, and even a little about Boyd. Yay."
topic: relationships, fandom: Teen Wolf, character: female, warning: spoilers

The Problem Of Scott, Once More With Feeling: cupidsbow (DW) - "A spoilery rant about one of Scott's S3 scenes."
fandom: Teen Wolf, topic: relationships, warning: spoilers

Teen Wolf and The Big Lie: cupidsbow (DW) - "Since my post about Scott yesterday, I have been thinking about the way lies have been used in Teen Wolf over the seasons. Trigger warning: discussion of coded racism, with allusions to fascist ideology; mention of a non-consensual relationship. I presume you are aware of the origin of the phrase "the big lie"? If not, you can find the Wikipedia entry here (warning for the racist philosophy of Hitler)."
fandom: Teen Wolf, warning: spoilers, topic: writing

Teen Wolf - Time to ramp it up: cupidsbow (DW) - "In which I opine on various Teen Wolfish topics... Here be S3 spoilers, eps 1-4."
fandom: Teen Wolf, warning: spoilers, topic: writing, topic: relationships

How Isaac is the most important person this season and why I think he’s probably going to (try to) murder everyone ….: ohmycumberlord (tumblr) - "Let’s be honest here, Teen Wolf isn’t so much about werewolves any more than it is about Isaac. We all love him, he’s beautiful, snarky and damn that scarf. He has us fankids wrapped around one perfect little finger, and that is precisely why he’s in a prime position to rip out all of our hearts."
fandom: teen wolf, warning: spoilers

Stiles Stilinski, various psyches, the effects of honing in, and Stiles’ relative moral compass: lydiasbones(tumblr) - "Whatever it is, I get it. You love him, you hate him, you’ve placed him under the pack mom trope, you’ve labeled him as an asshole, you’ve decided that his hands are beyond sexy or you think the hands thing is just plain weird. You feel strongly about Stiles’ character. I know this because everyone feels strongly about Stiles’ character, whether that’s in a positive or a negative way. And guess what? It’s not just because Dylan O’Brien is cute."
fandom: teen wolf

Let’s talk about Jennifer Blake: corageoushale (tumblr) - "I’m not telling you NOT to like Jennifer Blake, but don’t be so quick to trust her."
fandom: teen wolf, warning: spoilers

Why slashtivism is hurting Teen Wolf fans: Aja Romano (blog) - "Okay, slash shippers. It’s time for an intervention.
It’s okay if a ship doesn’t become canon. The slashtivism needs to stop."

fandom: teen wolf, relationship: slash

The Hobbit

Kingship and Kinship in The Hobbit: mildred_of_midgard (DW) - "In The Hobbit, Thorin and Company set out in a company of fourteen, intending to divide the treasure they obtain equally. After the Battle of the Five Armies, Thorin is dead, and Fili and Kili with him. Dain inherits, and it is said, "There was, of course, no longer any question of dividing the hoard into such shares as had been planned, to Balin and Dwalin, and Dori and Nori and Ori, and Oin and Gloin, and Bifur and Bofur and Bombur--or to Bilbo""
topic: relationships, fandom: tolkien

The Lone Ranger

I saw The Lone Ranger so you don’t have to: Adrienne K (blog) - " I think we need to start off with this: The Lone Ranger is just a bad movie. It’s 2.5 hours of a film with an identity crisis, not knowing if it’s supposed to be funny, campy, dramatic, “authentic,” or what. At points it was very hard to separate the stereotypical and hurtful from the bad script, bad editing, and bad character development of the movie itself."
topic: race, topic: stereotypes, topic: representation, fandom: the lone ranger

Date: 2013-07-11 01:48 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] jae
You might find my post about feminist or non-feminist characters interesting for next time:


Date: 2013-07-11 01:55 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] holli
Not sure if this falls under your remit, but: I have produced a set of mini-fanzines, all of which contain some meta, and they're available for download here.

Date: 2013-07-12 02:55 am (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
Have you thought about mirroring this blog on Tumblr? I think it would help increase the exposure and possibly submissions.


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