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We got a great response from the crisis post and will be able to continue the meta without any interruption. Thanks guys!

For the sake of transparency, we thought it might be useful to explain exactly how and where we get our meta.

We're subscribed as metanewsmods to a number of journals on DW and LJ. We read through these and add anything that looks like meta to the weekly post. Unfortunately LJ has been neglected in recent weeks due to lack of mods, but it should be back again soon.

If you give us blanket permission we do not automatically follow you. We will be going through the blanket lists in the next week or so and adding people to the flists from there, but blanket permission only means we won't ask before linking your meta. It doesn't mean we're reading your journal. if you want us to read your journal, please let us know either in comments to a post or an email, or in the submissions post.

We also track a number of LJ and DW journals, usually by tag, this way we can avoid the general random posts people make, and only read the meta.

A high meta:noise ratio is the second most likely reason we don't follow you. We have a lot of posts to read through each week, and reading through post after post trying to find meta needle in the haystack of fandom can be pretty exhausting!

The first most likely reason we don't follow you is because we don't know you exist! We can't be everywhere. Submissions are our lifeblood!

We also follow a number of Tumblr blogs on our dash. This too needs and will be expanded in coming weeks, probably through the use of tag searches as well as general google searches etc. If you know of good Tumblr meta comms, please submit them to us!

We have a list of blogs who we follow through RSS and we also check anything tagged meta or essays* on the AO3. There are a couple of places we check manually - a blog or two that doesn't have RSS, or that is subscribed by email instead, but that's about it.

We did start off reading failfandomanon for meta, but the noise:meta ratio there is pretty high, so it ended up being dropped.

Hope this makes things clearer and hopefully will make it simpler to get meta to us.

*ETA: we were only tracking 'essays' but are now tracking 'meta' as well. Apologies for any confusion.

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This is the new submissions post. The screened post is still up, but that's now for any questions or comments you want to make about the way the comm is run, admin type stuff. This is the place for meta submissions.

We try to keep the meta fresh, (i.e. a week old, but the occasional two weeks is okay). If you have meta to submit, that you either wrote or read, please do submit it here.

All comments are screened and IP logging is off. (Finally worked out how to do that!)

Calling for more DW/LJ/Tumblr meta )


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