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Mar. 18th, 2015 04:21 pm
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Due to mod team changes, there was a delay in getting last week's post up. We're going to be doing an extra long post this week instead.
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There have been some changes to the mod team over the past few months and there will be more to come in the future, which is why we're putting out a call for volunteer link-finders, either to gather links weekly, or to be ready as emergency cover. Link finding is straight forward and doesn't have to take more than an hour per week. You can have some input into where you get your links from, if you really don't like blogs, for example we won't give you that list, or if you're missing the good old LJ days, you can take the LJ list. We're not going to just drop you in the middle of the internet and leave you to it!

Link finding doesn't mean searching out your own links each week. We have established lists of comms and blogs and journals to cover each week.*

You also don't need to know anything about a specific fandom - you just need to cover the list you're given and we offer help with how to find the posts.

So if any of you have a little free time each week, please get in touch, our email is: or submit an ask/comment to the post. (We're especially looking for people who have some familiarity with tumblr/are willing to learn.) We'd also be interested in restarting cover for livejournal if anyone would be interested in that.

The mods


*Don't forget, if you come across a great new place for meta, send us a link so we can subscribe to them!


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