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General Fandom

The Reason Escapist Time Travel Doesn’t Star Women Is That We Haven’t Written It Yet SL Huang: (blog) - "But if we accept the possible entertainment value of historical romanticization, it makes utterly no sense to me why this means the genre must be sexist! That would be like saying cheesy action movies are violence for entertainment and therefore must have poor female representation—the existence of violence in action films is an entirely separate criticism from the propensity of the genre to have male leads, and should not be conflated in criticism. "
topic:timetravel, topic:sexism

Fandomspotting: episode 36 back to school: Fandomspotting (podcast) - "Fandomspotting comes back from its own mini-summer vacation with an episode devoted to school fandoms!"

Fandom As an Alternative Timeline: Eleanor Musgrove (blog) - "It seems that we can use fandom in yet another way; we can use it as an alternative way of breaking up our own past."

The New Frontier: The Alternate Universes: Roxanne Williams (blog) - "The question I always find myself asking is “At what point does ‘fanon’ become ‘AU’?”"

So You’re Getting Into a New Fandom…: Z McAspurren blog) - "Moving on, this is hopefully going to be a little read that will help you know what to do when you enter a new-to-you fandom."

Communities: You Got Your Industry in my Fanwork: Renay (blog) - "And of all the fandoms I've been in, SF book blogging fandom is running out of fannish fourth wall—fast."
topic:fandom, topic:fourthwall

A few disjointed thoughts on cultures and diversity in SFF: aliettedb (LJ) - "This is a collection of stuff I’ve already said elsewhere or on this blog, but for what it’s worth… "

Redefining Events: Body Concept and Bodily Relationships for Cyborgs, Werewolves, Super-soldiers, and Other Altered Bodies: Instigator (AO3) - "A moderately in-depth analysis of the psychological effects of events which would be expected to drastically alter a person or characters relationship to their body"
topic:robots, topic:werewolves, topic:bodyimage

HOW TO INCORPORATE PODFIC INTO YOUR CHALLENGE: A GUIDE FOR INTERESTED MODS: eosrose (DW) - "There has been a concerted effort in recent years to branch out and interact more with writers, artists, and other fannish creators. [...] I've had a fair few mods express confusion over just how to work podfic into their plans, so I have put together this guide as a resource."

Gratuitous Post Of The Day: cupidsbow (DW) - "It's just occurred to me that I have another reason for gleefully hoping Dean/Castiel goes canon."
topic:death, fandom:supernatural, fandom:torchwood, topic:fridging

Slash Vs Women: beccaelizabeth (DW) - "I used to be in fandoms where there were mostly Babes of the Week. They existed solely to have UST with one of the guys, and then at the end of the episode the women went away and the guys went home together."
topic:characterdevelopment, topic:feminism, topic:marriage

Hurt/Comfort And Personal Experience:elspethdixon (DW) - "How comfortable are you (or aren't you) reading or writing hurt/comfort where the 'hurt' is something you've personally experienced?"
topic: hurt/comfort, topic: disability

Meta On How I Turn The Author’s Words Into A Performance:anna_unfolding (DW) - "I created a bit of meta about what my thought process is as an artist when I am turning the author's words and character headspace into a performance."
topic:podfic, fandom:rpf

Specific Fandoms

A Song of Ice and Fire
Untitled: theongreyjoy (tumblr) - "So I want to talk about Theon/Asha, which is one of the most under rated “big” sibling dynamics in the series"

Breaking Bad
So Bad It’s Breaking chiusse: (blog) - "Yet for all its cinematic flair (however much of it there is), or perhaps because of it, it very clearly takes place in a comic book city, where characters are larger than life, capable of orchestrating fantastically-complex Batman Gambits, and preposterously lucky enough to implement them successfully."

Game of Thrones
Meta Monday: Clothing: justadram (tumblr) - "Today’s topic is clothing. GRRM’s descriptions of clothing are nearly as detailed as his descriptions of food. Is Westerosi style reminiscent of any Western medieval era?"

Harry Potter
Five Parts Of ‘Harry Potter’ J.K. Rowling Should Explore Now That She’s Writing A Spinoff Movie Alyssa Rosenberg - ThinkProgress: (blog) - "Rowling appears to have more than enough ideas about the Harry Potter universe to keep going for a long time. If she’s going to keep going (rather than writing detective novels under pseudonyms), here are five parts of the world I’d love to see her explore."

Can people refrain from saying that Newt Scamander is canonically white?: timholtorf (tumblr) - "Newt Scamander is a clean slate. They could cast anyone for him."
fandom:harrypotter, topic:race, topic:diversity

Pacific Rim
"Pacific Rim" is a proof of concept.: 7ns (tumblr) - "The more I think about Pacific Rim, the more I realize that half the stuff in there is stuff that’s never done because people say it’ll keep a movie from being successful. There’s so many tropes inverted, and it’s all done so right."
fandom:pacificrim, topic:tropes

Sherlock Holmes
Is Sherlock Holmes a Character? Or an Archetype? : thinkprogress(blog) - "At The Hollywood Reporter, Eriq Gardner reports on a fascinating copyright case. The estate of Sherlock Holmes, which initially failed to respond to a lawsuit by the lawyer and Sherlock Holmes expert Leslie Klinger (he’s responsible for the new annotated Sherlock Holmes collections) aiming to prove that Arthur Conan Doyle’s creation is out of copyright, is now trying to argue that all the works in the Sherlock Holmes canon–not just the ones written before the end of the copyright deadline–need to stay copyrighted because they’re a part of a contiguous creation of a character."

Stargate: Watch it. Love it. Learn educational info about real "Egyptian" "archaeology".: hellotailor (blog) - "The most surprising (and vaguely depressing) thing about Stargate is how well it holds up when compared to most family-friendly action blockbusters from the past ten years or so. "

Star Trek TOS
Mistakes to Avoid When Writing TOS: WeirdLittleStories(AO3) - "To keep your story within TOS boundaries, here are a few things to keep in mind."

let’s play the which spn character does this sound like game: amonitrate (tumblr) - "one of my favorite games is finding text from books on dysfunctional families and child abuse that read as straight up SPN character meta. Also it saves me the work of writing it myself!"
fandom:supernatural, warning:abuse

Oropher and Thranduil meta: elurins (tumblr) - "When it comes down to it, we really don’t know that much about Oropher or Thranduil. "

The Breaking Of The Fellowship: mildred_of_midgard(DW) - "So here's my rant about how Aragorn's distance vision is better than his near vision, and someday there will be an essay on Boromir."
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