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We're looking for submissions for next week. Please submit links, not just to interesting new meta, but to newsletters and active meta communities in your fandom, so that we can have even more links next week! Comment here, on the screened post or PM/email.

We're looking for co-mods or link finders. If you're interested get in touch by PM/email.

If you have any suggestions/questions/concerns, comment to the Questions and Things post, or to the screened post if you'd like to comment anonymously, or PM/email.

General Meta

What do we call a female “bromance”?: counteragent -- [female characters] [relationship: friends] [female friendship]

Gender Bending -- The Big Reveal: teresafrohock -- [writing] [gender]

Random Meta/Reflection: hellkitty -- [warning: rape/non-con] [tropes] [writing] [responsibility]

Survey on Responses to Disability in Fiction: chordatesrock -- [disability] [tropes] [representation]

Not Quite Grading Hell Theatre: Broccoli Test Revisited: cereta -- [broccoli test] [characters]

Français? Francophone? Francophile? Franco-whatever? VOUS CONNAISSEZ LES PODFICS?: lavvyan -- [podfic] [language] [ownership/permissions] [translations]

Mini Ace Manifestos: amaresu -- [asexuality]

That Meta Essay about Polyamory in fic: carmarthen -- [polyamory]

Fandoms I have loved: brownbetty -- [competence] [fanon]

Trying to take the religion out of fantasy kingdoms: beccaelizabeth -- [religion] [worldbuilding] [zombies]

Canon -- fanon. What’s the big deal?: slaymesoftly -- [details] [fanon] [canon] [tropes]

Discussion surrounding [fandom] and the [fourth wall]:

When celebrities discover fanfiction... about themselves: Aja Romano -- [fandom: rpf: hockey]

The crumbling of the fourth wall: Why fandom shouldn’t hide anymore: Aja Romano

Re: Aja’s “The crumbling of the fourth wall”: amazonpoodle -- [appropriation]

An open letter to Aja Romano of the daily dot: mithingthepoint

Re: my opinion piece on fandom and the fourth wall: bookshop (Aja Romano)

Meta: Fandom and the fourth wall: ashcheche

One of the first things I ever learned in my first writing class was that what I write does not belong to me.: amazonpoodle -- [ownership/permission]

What is happening in the lbd fandom can you catch me up?: genviehoney

LBD fans and 4th wall breaking: berniesu

LBD gan Response follow up (fans and 4th wall breaking): berniesu -- [fandom: lizzie bennet diaries]

Fandom invisibility:OTW_news

Alternative Library Literature 1992-1993: aethel -- [zines] [archiving] [ownership/permissions]

Fandom Specific Meta

[fandom: BtVS] [fandom: Twilight]
Buffy vs Edward Youtube copyright battle: Kevin Collier
The Rebellious Pixels Chain of Takedowns: OTW_news -- [BtVS: Buffy] [Twilight: Edward] [copyright] [vidding]

[fandom: teen wolf]
Scotts pack vs Derek’s Pack a cagematch: spuzz -- [pack dynamics] [teen wolf: scott] [teen wolf: derek]
I didn’t realize until now how much the line “I’m not a hero” could stand to challenge certain aspects of the show.: majestic_beard -- [teen wolf: stiles] [sidekick] [antihero]
Teen wolf ladies and fandom: cavelupus -- [female characters] [fandom] [teen wolf: kate] [teen wolf: allison] [teen wolf: lydia]
Teen Wolf pack dynamics and the real world: Iamthealphahale -- [pack dynamics]
Thoughts on Erica’s portrayal in Teen Wolf and how this effects culture: anawkwardorange -- [teen wolf: erica] [female sexuality] [female characters]

BBC Sherlock, and a question: starlady -- [sorting hat AU] [fandom: sherlock bbc] [gender] [race] [links]
ACD Canon and Gender/Race -- [fandom: sherlock holmes acd] [fandom: sherlock bbc] [gender] [race] [links] [female characters]

[fandom: doctor who]
Why do we watch Doctor Who?: A fan scholar’s perspective: courtney stoker -- [female characters] [fanon] [identification]
Strong women and identification: beccaelizabeth -- [gender] [identification] [powerless]

[fandom: SG1]
Son of Jack/Daniel, the meta continues: princessofgeeks
Jack/Daniel Meta and Open Discussion: Yes, they were both married.: princessofgeeks -- [SG1: jack] [SG1: daniel] [relationship: slash] [female characters] [love interest]

As requested the graph from my doubling balance theory: strandedallinlove -- [fandom: once upon a time]

Why Clint/Natasha?: Female representation & Captain America 2: takanye -- [fandom: avengers] [avengers: black widow] [female characters] [romance]

Thoughts on Generation Kill: naraht -- [fandom: generation kill] [macho posturing] [male characters] [homophobia]

Tolkein meta is the *best* meta: kaz -- [fandom: the lord of the rings] [fantasy] [tropes]


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