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We are still looking for link-finders. You would only have to commit to reading the metanewsmods flist once or twice a month and keeping note of interesting meta. This would give our current link-finders one or two weeks off per month, which I think they deserve because they're awesome. Comment here or PM/email if you're interested.

We're also always looking for new places to find meta. I think we've got LJ and DW covered, but if you know of any tumblr rebloggers/writers or places in the blogosphere that we can add to rss feed, that'd be great. Comment here, on the screened post or PM/email.

If you have any suggestions/questions/concerns, comment to the Questions and Things post, or to the screened post if you'd like to comment anonymously, or PM/email.

General Fandoms

I don't ship them: professorfangirl (tumblr) - "Not shipping a couple doesn’t make you a homophobe the same as shipping a couple doesn’t mean you’re queer fetishizing. Are there some anti-slashers who are homophobes, who are opposed to slash because it makes them uncomfortable? Of course. Are there some slash fans who just fetishize queers and will love any two men who wander in the same frame? Of course. But don’t kid yourself in thinking those are the majority, in either case."
relationship: slash, topic: fandom, topic: queer, topic: fetishisation

I don't ship them:shutthefuckupstraightpeople (tumblr) - "When straight people go out of their way to “prove" that John and Sherlock (and other fandom characters) are gay, and do so with the cry of “if you don’t ship it, you hate gays!" It is an ironic form of hatred and, in a way, homophobia"
relationship: slash, topic: fandom, topic: queer, topic: homophobia

Let’s not fight. It only helps those that make fun of us.: professorfangirl (tumblr) - " Thing is, culture wants to divide those audiences, set them against each other by saying that one kind of taste is “good taste," one’s not, that one kind of expectation is “sophisticated," one’s crude, that some needs and pleasures are more moral or dignified than others. But as we who love and learn in fandom know: EVERY PLEASURE DESERVES RESPECT."
topic: what is art, topic: actors, topic: fandom

First Principles (or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Acafandom): onoffscreen (blog) - "When I was in the process of working through the question that motivated my research – namely, why Japanese women became interested in Hong Kong stars in such droves – I kept bumping up against assumptions that underpin research of both female fans and transcultural fandom, yet were incompatible, in the main, with what my research was telling me."
topic: fandom, topic: female sexuality,

Paging Doctor Sherlock House: sebastienne (blog) - "He's an archetype, Sherlock, the Doctor. (And yes, it's always a "he".)"
fandom: sherlock, fandom: doctor who, fandom: house, character: male

So you want to write identity porn: snowynight (DW) - " 'Identity Porn' , which is a narrative kink for stories which focus on people with fluid, or multiple, or secret, identities, and how those identities work."
topic: writing, trope: identity porn,

Open Thread Oracle Hotline: mithen (LJ) - "Out of all the characters whose POV you have written, which one do you feel you identify the most with"
topic: point of view, topic: narrative, topic: writing

On fandoms and fannish culture and migratory slash fandom: kaz (DW) - "The discussion started when I mentioned that I felt as if the tropes you get in acefic originate in Sherlock fandom, because Sherlock fandom was the big gamechanger that sort of created acefic as a genre, and that one of the ways I see this is because the post-Sherlock acefics tend to be in a cluster of fandoms that I think a lot of Sherlock fandoms have migrated into - Avengers, for instance."
topic: asexuality, topic: fandom, topic: fanfic

On reccing/reuploading fanart: mashimero (DW) - "It's not even so much about this one instance of re-uploading my fanart. I think this was just the push I needed to write this all out. But I think the lack of proper fanart attribution/crediting is an issue in fandom, one that tumblr's made a thousand times worse."
topic: fanart

Behind "Captive Prince" S.U. Pacat's bestselling work of slave erotica: Aja Romano (blog) - "We spoke to Pacat about publishing online, her fanbase, the difference between writing fanfic and original work, and whether "original slash" even exists."
topic: fanfic, topic: original fic, topic: profic, relationship: slash

Specific Fandoms


Elementary: Holmes, Watson, feelings, etc.: raanve (DW) - "These posts also got me thinking about the points of difference between various Holmes/Watson depictions"
fandom: elementary, fandom: sherlock, topic: characters, warning: spoilers

Elementary, kink, romance, gen: toft (DW) - "HOW GREAT is Elementary turning out to be? I have been quietly really enjoying this show, mostly thinking it might just as well not be Holmes and Watson but that it's a nice, unusual buddy-cop procedural, but also enjoying the fact that they've remade it with Watson as a woman and they're not going down the now-they-can-have-sex! route."
fandom: elementary, fandom: elementary: joan watson, relationship: friendship, relationship: het, warning: spoilers

I wanna talk about this scene for a second.: nursecafe (tumblr) - "Until that moment I never realized that I needed to see this on television; a man asking a women that she seek out opinions other than his."
fandom: elementary, character: female, character: male, warning: spoilers

Dr. Reed on 'Elementary' (originally untitled) crossedwires (tumblr) - From Reed’s POV, Joan is overstepping her bounds in a companion-client relationship and setting up an uneven relationship; Joan is giving up her own time, money and safety to look after him.
fandom: elementary, topic: race, topic: therapy

Sherlock Holmes

My imaginings about Brett!Sherlock and Hardwicke!Watson's sex life: belmanoir (DW) - "I would also totally buy a characterization of Brett!Holmes as asexual, I think that's another awesome interpretation of the text, in fact this post came about because I was actually having kind of a hard time imagining them having sex. So I thought about it for like five hours at work and now I can imagine it easily."
fandom: sherlock holmes, fandom: sherlock holmes: holmes, fandom: sherlock holmes: watson, topic: sex, relationship: slash


Irene Adler is not a loser Part 1: wellingtongoose (tumblr) - "This meta is dedicated to discussing the intrigues and deceptions that are only hinted at on screen and play out behind the scenes. I aim to show everyone why Irene is not a loser but an incredibly intelligent and ambitious woman."
fandom: sherlock, fandom: sherlock: irene, character: study

John, Himself, and his PTSD wellingtongoose (LJ) "Does John have post traumatic stress disorder? Can crime solving cure psychiatric illnesses? Why is John limping after being shot in the shoulder?"
fandom: sherlock, fandom: sherlock: john, character: study, topic: mental health, topic: ptsd

Star Trek

Thoughts on Promiscuity, Gender and Fanfic ageofalejandro (LJ) “One of the things that strikes me in fic is the portrayal of promiscuous men (Jim, Tony Stark, etc.). Very often, they are condemned and I sort of suspect it has something to do with the fact that most fan fic writers are ladies, or socialized as such, and promiscuity is a frowned upon trait in a gal.
How much do you think our own society's misogyny reflects in fan fiction?"

fandom: star trek, topic: sexuality, topic: promiscuity


Dean’s View of Sam as a Child cherry916 (LJ) "So this gif set got me thinking about Sam and Dean’s relationship and how in some context Dean still views Sam as a child rather than adult."
fandom: supernatural

The Hour

Womenswear and The Hour hellotailor (public blog) - If we're going to get over-analytical here, I'd say that in the offices of The Hour, Lix, Bel and Sissy represent three different generations of women in the workplace.
fandom: the hour, topic: costumes, topic: feminism

The Vampire Diaries

Chess in TVD; or I have too much free time.: kirkwoodisinoregon (tumblr) - "Chess personifications as to TVD characters. This largely hinges on how the chess pieces function and how they behave in direct correlation to how the characters on the show behave and represent themselves.""
fandom: the vampire diaries

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman's Violent, Man-Pandering Second Act: Noah Berlatsky (blog) - "Marston claimed that comics were too blood-curdlingly masculine; Azzarello, in contrast, seems to be saying that comics—or at least Marston's comics—are not blood-curdling enough."
fandom: comics, fandom: comics: wonder woman, topic: violence


A Quick Armor Moment with Agron: antiquecompass (tumblr) - "Roman phalerae were military decorations, such as the meals used in modern military."
fandom: spartacus, fandom: spartacus: agron, topic: costumes

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