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General Fandom

Damsel in Distress (Part 2) Tropes vs Women: Anita Sarkeesian (video) - "This is the second in a series of three videos exploring the Damsel in Distress trope in video games. In this installment we look at “dark and edgy” side of the trope in more modern games and how the plot device is often used in conjunction with graphic depictions of violence against women. Over the past decade we’ve seen developers try to spice up the old Damsel in Distress cliche by combining it with other tropes involving victimized women including the disposable woman, the mercy killing and the woman in the refrigerator."

fandom: gaming, character: female, topic: feminism, trope, warning: violence

Reminder: Love Triangles Not Necessarily Feminist: Shana Mlawski (blog) - "Since Twilight and The Hunger Games, love triangles have been all the rage in young adult literature, and readers are sick of them. Except for the readers who love them, and the readers who don’t care either way."

topic: relationships, topic: feminism

Are fictional people not real?: jae (DW) - "Once in a while, I'll be talking to a friend about fictional people (as I am wont to do), and that friend will say something like: "um, Jae, you do know that they're not real, right?" My response to this, for a long time, has been to roll my eyes and say: "Of course they're real!"

topic: fiction

One Lazy White Artist's Guide to Drawing Dark Skinned and POC Characters: sqbr (DW) - "A few years ago I realised that not only did I pretty much only draw white people, but that I wasn't sure how to draw anything else. [...] I made a post poking at the problem, what have I learned since then? Mainly I've learned that it's really not that hard to make dark skinned people look dark and POC to look like their ethnicity. It is a bit harder to do so in an aesthetically pleasing way when all you've practiced on before were pale white people, but the only way to fix that is more practice. "

topic: fanart, topic: diversity

The difference between dub con and non con: nemo_r (DW) - "The argument for separating dub con and non con is not because I'm trying to argue it's not really rape. Of course it's rape. I am able to separate what happens in fic from what happens in the real world. The reason is because they are actually separate kinks."

warning: rape/non-con, topic: consent issues

What Fans Should Know About Amazon's Kindle Worlds Program: Organization for Transofrmative Works (LJ) - "So should fan writers put their works on Kindle Worlds? That is, of course, up to you. We believe that every author should make up their own mind about whether they want to publish their work on a particular platform. However, we also believe that every person should have a full understanding of the terms they are agreeing to by doing so. We've reviewed the information Amazon has made available to date, and have tried to explain the practical implications in this post."

topic: fanfiction

WHAT FRESH HELL IS THIS AMAZON: Sunny Moraine (blog) - "Amazon is counting on fic writers not knowing that they should SPRINT TO THE OTHER SIDE OF THE CONTINENT when they see something like “Amazon Publishing will acquire all rights to your new stories, including global publication rights, for the term of copyright.”

topic: fanfiction, topic: copyright

In defense of character resurrections: thebrunettesblog (blog) - "A common view among genre fic fans is that resurrection of a character ruins the impact of the character’s prior death, cheapening the emotional moment. I used to hold this view pretty rigorously myself. As my philosophy of life develops, though, I’m starting to see it differently."

topic: character death

Some thoughts on Fandom: suziehunt (blog) - "On the one hand, [fandom] seems a distinctly modern phenomenon. The internet connected up isolated fans and gave them a community, that in turn exploded into fanfiction, fanart, tumblrs dedicated to gifs, joint twitter watchings, and enabled thousands of conventions to spring up that catered to almost every different obsession. On the other hand, fanfiction has existed at least since Dante wrote his Divine Comedy and wrote a story about himself hanging out with a whole bunch of famous people. "

topic: fandom, topic: fanfiction

Romantic Relationships Between Men for Women: Slash: paceus (DW) - "Slash has a long history spanning for decades and it's difficult to generalise....Some of it is political, some erotic, some well written and so on.

topic: slash, topic: femslash

Just What is Gen Fic and Romance?: jelezakazone (DW) - "What I’d really like to do here is talk about what “gen” fic is and what “romance” is. I think most of us can agree on kink, but it feels like things get very complicated when we talk about gen fic."

topic: gen, topic: romance

When "fanwork of" becomes "influenced by": chordatesrock (DW) - "Why is it that we pretend that reworking fanfics into original fics is something new and unusual?

topic: fandom, topic: fanfic, topic: writing, topic: original fic

314 Friendship: Slash Report (podcast) - "We get a lot of questions about making friends on the internet, so instead of answering them, we got four of our best friends in the world together in one city, had a few drinks, and then made fun of each other and recorded it."

topic: fandom

In Defence of Romance: lokifan (LJ) - "This is difficult to discuss, because there are different axes in the conversation and classification; there’s personal taste (for love stories or not, for different varieties of love stories) and questions of classification and genre. But there’s also just the way the traditionally feminine gets slammed and dismissed and reviled, by both men and women."

topic: writing, topic: romance

Specific Fandoms

Marvel Comics

Let’s talk about Kate: Hazel (blog) - "I love-love Kate Bishop. I love Kate Bishop to such a terrifying degree that the idea of attempting to cosplay her makes my palms go sweaty."

fandom: comics, character: female

Bringing Back Wonder Woman: Crunkista (blog) - "As I write this, I understand the sad truth that many people (ie too many of our young) today do not know Wonder Woman: her power, strength, ideals or her significance to women’s empowerment and history. So, strap up. I’m about to blow you away with some knowledge."

fandom: comics

Race + Film: A Black Johnny Storm: What Happened to Color Blind?

: Kendra James (blog) - "There was a rumor that actor Michael B. Jordan was in the running for the role of Human Torch Johnny Storm in the up-and-coming reboot of the Fantastic Four. The response was deafening."

topic: casting, topic: diversity,


Untitled: mintparates (blog) - "I’m really quite fond of watching Will become more and more relaxed around Hannibal (however bad of an idea that may be is). I mean, you can tell by dialogue of course, but just Will’s body language and actions are great as well. I’ve been wanting to get my thoughts about that out, so if you’re interested, follow me under the cut."

fandom: hannibal

Hockey RPF

My Sports Nutrition Feels: lightgets in (DW) - "These guys think about food: All the time. All of it. They wake up thinking about breakfast. Many of them probably set alarms to remind them to eat every 2-3 hours. They eat when they are hungry and they eat when they are not hungry. And if they don't eat enough, they suffer for it."

fandom: hockey, topic: health, topic: body image

Les Miserables

In Defense of the Necessity of Enjolras' [Ending]: stripysockette in les_miserables (DW) - "I don't think I can agree with the positioning of Enjolras within a Hugolian narrative of redemption...for several reasons."

fandom: les miserables, warning: post title contains spoilers

Star Trek

A More Thinky Thing About Star Trek": devilc (DW) - "[W]ith only a few exceptions, my TNG buddies and I used to end TNG episodes by saying "Wheel of Morality, turn turn turn, tell us the lesson that we should learn." Frankly, I could say the same about most TOS episodes."

fandom: star trek

“Please, stop talking”: A Masterpost: finnemores (tumblr) - "A collection of quotes from men in the reboot Star Trek creative team, that will most likely make you cringe. Involves massive spoilers. Covers the “I didn’t even like Star Trek” mentality, sexism, lying to the media and casting. Add more as you see fit."

fandom: star trek, warning: spoilers

Star Trek, Iron Man 3, Avengers, Die Hard, Fast & the Furious

Phyrric Victories: Mass Casualties and Rah-Rah Endings: Linda Holmes in NPR's monkeysee (blog) - "Is there a moment, I wonder, where your movie has flattened so many people that the hero is sort of a selfish jerk for being consumed with whether he's saving his friends/girlfriend/family/team?"

fandom: star trek, fandom: iron man, fandom: die hard, fandom: warning: spoilers

Iron Man, Star Trek

Summer Blockbuster Feminism: Iron Man 3 vs. Star Trek Into Darkness: Rebecca Deatsman (blog) - "I walked out of Iron Man 3 feeling pleasantly surprised about its strong women, but a genre move that depicts women as professional, capable adults should not be a surprise. It should be the norm. "

character: female, topic: feminism

The Vampire Diaries

Bangel/Stelena comparisons: hookchosetheswangirl (tumblr) - "I love Elena to the ends of the Earth and I can’t stand to even tangentially compare her to Bella ‘I have no purpose in life without my boyfriend’ Swan. But in terms of it being a very unhealthy relationship with the power balance drastically out of alignment, Stelena and Bedward have a good deal more in common than Stelena and Bangel."

fandom: vampire diaries, fandom: btvs, fandom: twilight, topic: shipping


How I Fan Differently in SPN vs. Buffy: snickfic (LJ) - "I think this gen vs. ships thing is partly motivated by canon. We're told that we write fic to fill in the gaps, to get the stories that canon doesn't give us. Well, we got plenty of romance in Buffy canon - and appropriately so, given the ages of the characters - and what little we get in SPN is, well, pretty underdeveloped."

fandom: btvs, fandom: supernatural

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Character I Love That Everyone Else Hates - Dawn: alittlemorejuju (blog) - "Okay, okay, okay. I get that people hated Dawn...I was just as shocked as the next person, when at the end of "Buffy vs. Dracula" (UGH HATE YOU), spunky Michelle Trachtenberg popped up and called Joyce "Mom," but I was intrigued."

fandom: btvs

Meta on Season Six: gillo (LJ) - "I’ve loved S6 for a long time, even more so because I went through an extended and serious depression. I see the whole season as a metaphor for severe clinical depression. As such it is very strongly linked to the second half of S5; the season which seems so complete in itself, ending with Buffy’s death, is to me simply the first half of the arc which deals with her depression and recovery."

fandom: btvs, topic: depression

Buffy Rewatch: Hush: foz meadows (blog) - "Two things really bothered me in this episode – jarringly so, because I’d never noticed them before, and because they were both unequivocally sexist."
fandom: btvs, character: female, topic: feminism

Star Wars

Opinion: Why Vader's "NOOOOOO" Makes the Ending of Return of the Jedi Better: Dominic Jones (blog) - "Ask anyone about the Star Wars Blu-ray set and the first thing that will come up will, inevitably, be the addition of Darth Vader screaming “NOOOOOOO” to the climactic scene in Return of the Jedi. Understandably so. This is after all a change made to the climax of one the most beloved film sagas of all time, combined with the fact that it mirrors the often mocked Vader “NOOOOOOOO” scene from the end of Revenge of the Sith. "

fandom: star wars

Opinion: Rebels: All Grown Up?: David Gremillion (blog) - "Star Wars Rebels is the hottest topic in the Star Wars Universe since the Death Star got mouse ears. Episode VII seems so far away, so vague, and shrouded in mystery. Who’s in? Who’s not? Who’s just messing with us? Will Reed Richards really get in a dogfight with Luke in his X-Wing?"

fandom: star wars


Visualizing Smaug: the Kite Theory: RingerSpy Bruta (blog) - "Just like everyone else I’ve been wondering what Peter Jackson’s version of Smaug will look like. There have been a couple of interesting articles by TORn about the appearance and size of the dragon. In TORn’s article ‘Analysis: just how big is Jackson’s Smaug?‘, Demosthenes calculated the size of the drake and Smaug appears to be immense."

fandom: tolkien: smaug

Beyond the “Edge of the Wild” – Where Is It Exactly?: Tedoras (blog) - "One of the most interesting aspects of the Map of Wilderland included in The Hobbit is that very odd, rather portentous demarcation denoting the “Edge of the Wild.” Perhaps many of us, as kids, did not really note the significance of this line: it remained, to us, an added piece of mystery and awe. "

fandom: tolkien


Why Elementary is far more than a Sherlock Holmes pastiche: The Guardian (blog) - "There may be a modern-day version of the great detective already, but this US take has its own clear identity – and a great cast of women."

fandom: elementary

Watson, I Need You: Thoughts on Elementary's First Season: Abigail Nussbaum (blog) - "It's almost a physical relief, then, to come to Elementary and find a Holmes who is much more down to Earth, a Holmes who is, in some ways, much closer to Conan Doyle's original, and in other ways, a much-needed contravention of Conan Doyle's assumptions. "

fandom: elementary

Watsons, Hudsons, and Invisible Labour: thingswithwings (DW) - "I have been thinking about Elementary some more lately! Because I love it. And it's made me think about how crucial a project it is to expand on the roles of Watsons and Hudsons in Holmes canons."
fandom: elementary, fandom: sherlock holmes

Dr Seuss

Dr. Seuss, Providing Lifelong Lessons and Inspiration: alee_grrl (DW) - " Dr. Seuss has provided us with so many inspirations and life lessons that there are many more to choose from [...]How has the work of Dr. Seuss inspired you throughout your life? "
fandom: dr seuss

How the Grinch Stole My Heart: Dr. Seuss and Tradition: bookblather (DW) - "Every Christmas, as far back as I can remember, my entire family would gather around the TV set to watch How the Grinch Stole Christmas. At first, this was just me and my parents; then my brother came along. Aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents cycled in and out. Sometimes my brother and I would have friends over for the day. "
fandom: dr seuss

Game of Thrones

Meta Monday: Death Customs: justadram (tumblr) - "It’s the day after the Red Wedding and we’ve got people to bury. Or cremate. Or set afloat on a flaming barge. Anyway, we have a whole heap of dead bodies to deal with, so today’s topic is customs associated with death. Westerosi death customs vary a great deal, reflective of religious and regional differences. For a short period, medieval Europe was similarly diverse."
fandom: game of thrones

The Soapbox: Where Are The Pubes On “Game Of Thrones”?: Lesley Kinzel (blog) - "I’m just saying, I’d like to see a proper bush now and then. A big, shrubby, robust ladygarden in some tasteful lighting, because that’s how these women would have actually looked, in history. Is that so wrong?"
fandom: game of thrones

Teen Wolf

WOLFSBANE; THE QUEEN OF POISONS: perseused (tumblr) - "Wolfsbane (aconitum napellus, aconite, monkshood,) is a toxic flowering plant that has popped up numerous times in Teen Wolf, each time resulting in a different use and effect. "
fandom: teen wolf

Alpha’s and stuff: awolfmoon (tumblr) - "We’re never really told what makes an Alpha aside from killing another. Are Alphas born, is it a genetic trait? Is it inherited within the pack if an Alpha dies and no one has taken their life? Can a Beta just become an Alpha, or can an Omega?"
fandom: teen wolf

Teen Wolf: Musings from a Professional Dog Trainer: lacrossitute (tumblr) - "I’ve been a professional Dog Trainer for about a decade now, and I often wonder if I view the happenings on Teen Wolf differently than other people. From my point of view the sheer number of built in dog jokes and behavioral issues is beyond hilarious and it catches my attention in a different way."
fandom: teen wolf

The Borgias

Top 10 Most Ridiculous Things to Ever Happen on the Borgias...: Isabel (blog) - "What the fuck is even happening on The Borgias right now."
fandom: the borgias


What do you think are the ten most important tropes of thor and the ten most important of loki?: ilvalentinos (tumblr) - "okay i’m going to do this in bunch otherwise it’s going to end up a ‘why thor and loki are the most heartbreaking douchesticks on this side of the nine realms’ manifesto"
fandom: thor

Superman/Man of Steel

S stands for...: selenak (DW) - "So, next month, there will be a new Superman movie...[It] still seems to go for a lot of Wagnerian pathos, not that surprising given we're talking about Zack Snyder as director and Christopher Nolan as producer. Which, um. Is not exactly how I like my Superman story told, with one particular exception. "
fandom: superman

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Hi! Thanks for compiling this, as always.

You seem to have some duplicates: "Just what is gen fic and romance?" shows up twice, and the two Buffy posts about Dawn seem to be the same. Also the lj version of the Dawn post gave me an error.
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Thank you for compiling this and including my post. You seem to have done so twice, though, the second time with a Dawn tag - it's much more about Willow, Buffy and the Trio. Many, many thanks for linking to me, however.

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