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Apologies for missing last week's posting. There were some RL issues with members of the mod team, but we are back with a good load of meta links for you.

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General Fandom

untitled: mazarinedrake (tumblr) - "Do [centaurs] also have double sets of lungs and two hearts and other duplicate organs, you think?"

untitled: star-anise (tumblr) - "Fandom is notorious for wanting storylines that resonate with female experiences but dismissing female characters, such that even when we have two women whose storylines match that they’re ignored in favor of the dude."
topic:femalecharacters, fandom:mcu, fandom:guardiansofthegalaxy

The Book of Life and the Importance of Death in Chilren’s Movies: Petra Halbur (blog) - "Why do so many shows and movies for children deal with death… and why is it important that they do so?"

FiveThirtyEight Turns the Lidless Eye of Data Crunching in Superhero Comics Characters: Susana Polo (blog) - "For the real nerds reading this, in order to cut down on duplicates due to different versions of characters, Hickey’s data only includes characters from the longest running continuities at DC and Marvel, DC’s New Earth universe and Marvel’s Earth-616 universe. The data also begins in 1961, the year that Marvel Comics began publishing under their current name."
fandom:marvelcomics, fandom:dccomics, topic:femalecharacters, topic:representation, topic:statistics

Dark Hurt/Comfort: Inconclusive Thoughts, And Questions: chordatesrock (DW) - "How do you tell a story about trauma, when a story should have constant forward momentum and trauma involves frequent backsliding? How do you tell a story about real issues, when a good Aristotelian story wraps things up with a neat little bow and real life is full of mess and nothing is ever nice and neat? How do you bring a story to an ending if the story is about trauma but real life has no finish line after which your past ceases to affect you?"
topic:hurt/comfort, topic:ptsd, topic:representation

A gay superhero is the comic book movie we need: Chris Osterndorf (blog) - ”America’s media landscape is at an interesting point in terms of LGBT representation. Over the last decade, we’ve seen queer gangsters, cowboys, and even a queer president appear in pop culture. So isn’t it time for a queer superhero?"
topic:queer, topic:superheroes

Diverse characters: Corinne Duyvis on the decline of “issue” books: Corinne Duyvis (blog) - "While I’m glad that people realise the need for diversity beyond issue books, the solution is not to only write or applaud books that gloss over people’s differences and different experiences entirely."
topic:diversity, topic:representation

Questionable: Discovery: Jennifer Cruise (blog) - "Since I’ve been immersed in the discovery process for the past month, it’s a good time to talk about that. But I will say first that trying to resurrect a moribund book is a lot harder than starting a new one."

A man’s manga collection got him convicted on child porn charges: Aja Romano (blog) - "A U.K. judge has issued a nine-month suspended sentence for a manga fan who admitted to 10 counts of possession of illustrated pictures of fictional characters who looked underage. It's the first such sentence in the country and is being viewed as a test case for prohibited images that fall outside of the traditional definition of child pornography."
fandom:manga, topic:law, topic:porn

Where Are All the Female Werewolves?: stinekey (blog) - ”The most common answer I find is that werewolves speak to the changes a teenager experiences during puberty. Pisces already explored how this dynamic works in Teen Wolf. But if that’s the case, then where are all the female werewolves?"

Magical Mondays: Acts of True Love and Saving Yourself: MadameAce (blog) - "Acts of true love are everywhere in our fiction. In many of these narratives, performing an act of true love—such as a kiss—has the magical ability to save someone from certain death brought about by a curse."

GamerGate: On Vengeance and Escalation: David Zhou (blog) - ”But, beyond harassment, I think there's something interesting to think about as it relates to GamerGate as a thing, and why they always seem to be so angry: the GamerGate approach to formulating responses that value vengeance, perceived justice, and escalation.”
topic:gaming, topic:harassment

Linguistic Colonialism and Imperialism in Any Forms: wistfuljane (DW) - "To say that the topic of language and linguistic colonialism and imperialism is one of my hot button issues would be an understatement, but it's a legacy of growing up with my language having been colonized and constantly being anglicized (even if I have never been able to grasp or articulate all of the implications)."
topic:ao3, topic:language

Disney Princesses Are My (Imperfect) Feminist Role Models: Caroline Siede (blog) - "There’s no doubt that Disney is actively promoting diversity in both the storytelling and marketing of these recent films, but that’s actually nothing new. In a media landscape teeming with male-driven narratives, Disney has spent the past 75 years teaching young girls that their stories deserve to be told too. And that’s enough to make all of the Disney princesses my (imperfect) feminist role models."
fandom:disney, topic:femalecharacters, topic:representation, topic:race, topic:diversity

Specific Fandom

Agents of SHIELD
Untitled: marysuepoots (tumblr) - ”I also want to point out that Skye, character wise, is always quick to jump to extremes. ”

DC Comics
Wonder Woman And The Changing Face Of Comic Book Fashion: Juliet Kahn (blog) - ”Fashion matters. Your experience with superhero comics might have led you to believe otherwise, but I assure you, fashion matters—and should matter particularly to people who read, write, and/or draw comics. Crazy, right? Who would have guessed that such an omnipresent element of our daily lives, used to communicate everything from our politics to our career goals to the circumstances of our laundry cycle should be of consequence to a visual medium!”

Doctor Who
A theory on Twelve (thus far): kass (DW) - ”So the Twelfth Doctor can be a bit abrasive, Y/Y? and I've been thinking about how to work with that. I mean, I realize he's not the first Doctor to be brusque, but Moffat seems to be giving us a Doctor who's actively trying to ignore the social skills he's picked up over two thousand years of living among other beings.”

Kill the Moon - Series 8 - Episode Seven (Meta/Review): Boji (AO3) - "In my opinion Kill the Moon is an eco drama; just not as we know it Doctor. Each year people turn off electric lights as a symbol of their commitment to save the ecosystem, marking Earth Hour. And here people in the developed world turn off their lights, once again, to try and save the earth."

Mummy on the Orient Express - Series 8 - Episode Eight (Meta/Review) : Boji (AO3) - "The Doctor pretends to misunderstand human emotional response, to have a child-like understanding of emotions, while at the end of the episode revealing he understands and can read human emotions and interactions perfectly. He just chooses to act as if he cannot."

Flatline - Series 8 - Episode Nine (Meta/Review) : Boji (AO3) - "Emotionally, the focal point in this episode is the fact that Doctor lies but, somewhat hypocritically, won't accept being lied to. "

Dracula Untold
On Vampires: Why Write Fan Fiction for Dracula Untold (2014): Naraya_Marjana (AO3) - "I couldn’t care less about Dracula, but I do care about Vlad. More importantly, I care about his family. Before he was a vampire, he was a son, a warrior, a ruler, a husband and a father. He was once a boy and then grew to become a man. Before the monster Dracula there was the man Vlad."

The Falcon Throne
Microreview [book]: The Falcon Throne by Karen Miller: Tia (blog) - "Good foundation, poor execution"

Gotham Gab: Share Your Thoughts On “Viper”: Sam Maggs (blog) - "Sound off in the comments below—but just know the comments will be full of spoilers, so beware."

Hannibal’s Cinematography and The Alienation of Will Graham: silkysimpona (tumblr) - "On my intrepid journeying through the Hannibal tags, I’ve come across a few posts from different people who liked Will Graham quite a bit in season 1 of Hannibal, but strongly disliked him in season 2. This got me thinking about the difference in the audience’s relationship with Will between the two seasons, which led to this meta."

Harry Potter
Fanfiction Fridays: Hogwarts School of Prayer and Miracles ) by proudhousewife: MadameAce (blog) - ”So for those of you who haven’t yet seen it in all its glory, there is now a Christian-safe version of Harry Potter that you can enjoy. Our author, proudhousewife, wanted her children to be able to read Harry Potter, without the fear that the story would turn them into Satanic witches.”

Unforgivable: drinkingcocoa (AO3) - "Crucio. Imperio. Avada Kedavra. Unforgivable curses incur a lifetime sentence in Azkaban. Of all Dark Magic, what sets these three curses apart?"

His Dark Materials
Sexualized Saturdays: Innocence and Sexual Maturity in His Dark Materials, Part 1: Kathryn Hemmann (blog) - ”It was a pleasure to re-read The Golden Compass, but the sudden shift to a male protagonist in The Subtle Knife was accompanied by a number of unsavory implications that are exacerbated in the last book of the series, The Amber Spyglass.”
fandom:hisdarkmaterials, topic:femalecharacter, topic:misogyny

It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia
Dennis Reynolds: Power, Masochism, and the Nature of the Cumslut : biohazardgirl (AO3) - "While enjoying semen is generally viewed as degrading, there are a number of people of all genders who choose to reclaim the word and/or wholeheartedly embrace enjoying the act. Dennis Reynolds from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia is undoubtedly one of these people."
fandom:itsalwayssunnyinphiladelphia, topic:sexuality

The Hunger Games and Dr. Franklin’s Island
The Best Music You’ve Never Heard: Noah Berlatsky (blog) - "The pleasure of The Hunger Games seems like it is in large part, and is meant to be in large part, the pleasure of participating in a pop culture phenomena; it’s about watching with everyone, and being part of the everyone through watching. Dr. Franklin’s Island instead enjoys being somewhere, and something, unseen."
fandom:hungergames, fandom:literature

Leaving Megalopolis
Review: Gail Simone’s Leaving Megalopolis and (the Blessed Lack of) Sexual Violence: Katie Schenkel (blog) - "Leaving Megalopolis manages to be a story of heroes gone bad with bloody ultra-violence… without doing the things that make me crazy and drive me away from those kinds of stories."
fandom:comics, topic:femalecharacters

The Leftovers
Untitled: criesbckorra (tumblr) - ”but in all honesty, platonic or romantic, korra’s relationship w/ asami is one of the healthiest she has on the show.”

The Legend of Korra
Oh My Pop Culture Religion: Job, The Leftovers, and a God Who Does Not Answer: Mikely Whiplash (blog) - ”HBO’s The Leftovers does not feel like other shows. It inherited Game of Thrones’s Sunday night timeslot, but where its predecessor insisted that everything can be explained by the manipulations of the powerful or power-hungry, The Leftovers explores the disquieting possibility that the most agonizing mysteries may not be explained at all.”

The Lone Gunmen
Requiem For...I Don't Even Know What: X-Files, "Jump The Shark," and the End of the Lone Gunmen: PlaidAdder
(AO3) - "It’s in keeping with the tone of the whole episode, and probably the entire show, that the writers appear to have staged this ending as much for the chance to do a reference to Spock’s death in ST II: The Wrath of Khan (see above) as for any other reason."
fandom:thelonegunmen, fandom:x-files

The Body of Bucky Barnes: A Massage Therapist’s Analysis: stele3 (tumblr) - "It’s been tossed around in fandom that Bucky’s muscles have to be pretty f-ed up from having a cybernetic, metal arm grafted onto one side of his body. From the perspective of a massage therapist, that’s 100% accurate—but the issues don’t stop there."

The Sundry Times, Civil War: copperbadge (tumblr) - "I feel like all the foofarah about the potential MCU Civil War arc (which is somewhat completely unsupported by any actual sources) misses out on one unimportant thing and one fairly important thing."

Breaking gender and racial barriers in Netrunner: Eric Caoili (blog) - "Netrunner is a lovely and beloved experience for all those reasons, but the game is worth championing for other ideas that go beyond its smart design too. It’s also worth celebrating because Netrunner is one of the most progressive games in terms of gender and minority representation today."
topic:gaming, topic:diversity, topic:representation

Pulp Fiction
Why we’ll still be talking about ‘Pulp Fiction’ 20 years from now: Chris Osterndorf (blog) - ”There are very few movies which can unite critics, fan boys, and general movie-lovers alike. Now, on the week of its 20th anniversary, we can only wonder once again how Pulp Fiction managed to do this and more.”

The Secret of Moonacre
The Secret of Moonacre: A “Legend” Worth Remembering: Tsunderin (blog) - ”In looking through Tim Curry’s filmography, I was somewhat startled to stumble upon a film that bore more than a slight resemblance to Legend in terms of plot.”

Sex and the City
The real reason everyone hates Carrie Bradshaw: EJ Dickson (blog) - ”Since the show went off the air nearly 10 years ago, fans have been hating on Carrie Bradshaw to the point where, in a 2013 essay for the New Yorker, writer Emily Nussbaum referred to her as “the first female anti-hero on television,” on the same level as Tony Soprano or Al Swearengen or Walter White.”

Why it doesn’t matter what Benedict Cumberbatch thinks of Sherlock fan fiction: Elizabeth Minkel (blog) - ”Fan fiction gives women and other marginalised groups the chance to subvert the mainstream perspective, to fracture a story and recast it in their own way. It’s not for the benefit of middle-aged men with a vast audience and little understanding of the form.”
fandom:bbcsherlock, topic:fanfic

Sherlock Holmes
The Johnlock Conspiracy - Sir ACD Canon (So are Holmes and Watson a couple?): Sherloki1854 (AO3) - ”But why did Sir Arthur Conan Doyle create a character who would have been imprisoned if he had been a real person and had the authorities known about his illegal preferences? An important question, and more than one point has to be considered to answer this. ”
fandom:acdsherlock, topic:queer

Sleepy Hollow
Talking (Sleepy)Heads: “The Weeping Lady”: Rebecca Pahle (blog) - "OK Sleepyheads, let’s talk about last night’s Sleepy Hollow."

A Song of Ice and Fire
Chapter-by-Chapter Analysis: Tyrion IV, ACOK: Steven Attewell (blog) - in-depth analysis of ASOIAF

The friendship of Robert Jordan and George R.R. Martin: joannalannister (tumblr) - Robert Jordan (James Oliver Rigney, Jr.) was the author of The Wheel of Time, which was published by Tor Books. In March 1997, he wrote a letter to GRRM’s editor, requesting a signed copy of A Game of Thrones:

Untitled: joannalannister (tumblr) - People are seeing things that aren’t there. Daenerys Stormborn is the daughter of Rhaella and Aerys Targaryen.

Daenerys and the peace with Yunkai : patrickstormborn (tumblr) - Most importantly, as has already been mentioned, the “peace” was most likely not entirely real. I do believe that some of the Yunkai’i wanted to stick with the peace… but the real question is, could they?

Untitled: blackbetha (tumblr) - The story of Jaime, Cersei and Brienne mirrors that of Rhaegar, Elia and Lyanna.

Stargate: SG-1
Throwback Thursdays: Stargate SG-1: cloudnoodle (blog) - ”Welcome to another edition of Throwback Thursdays! I want to talk about the sci-fi show of my childhood—Stargate SG-1.”

Star Trek
Interference by Default: The Hegemony and Hipocrisy of the Prime Directive: Jon Tyktor (blog) - "Too bad that, the way it’s portrayed, the Prime Directive is even worse than interfering in the first place, and it’s even a little space elitist."

THIS HAD BEEN DRIVING ME NUTS FOR FOREVER.: elodieunderglass (tumblr) - "There are a lot of other scientific and cultural reasons why we might walk away with the perception that dwarf females are rare. (and generally, as soon as you try to pin Biology down with a set-in-stone rule, like “sex ratios are determined by chromosomes!” or “but X behavior is UNNATURAL!” she goes “LOL NOPE. I CONTAIN MULTITUDES, MOTHERFUCKERS.”)"
topic:science, fandom:jrrtolkien

Tortall (Tamora Pierce)
On the Subject of "Mary Sue": magnaparva (AO3) - "In July 2012, someone... sent me a message regarding a particular group of characters from Tamora Pierce's Tortall-verse books. These characters are Shang warriors, trained from early childhood; and her question was asking if they weren't all Mary Sues."
fandom:tortall, topic:marysue, topic:characterization

You Can't Handle the Truth: X-Files Series Finale, "The Truth": PlaidAdder (AO3) - "Basically, what made The X-Files great was that underneath all the craziness, there was Chris Carter’s perception of an important and (pace Al Gore) very inconvenient truth about the society that he was part of. And what made it go out—from a mythology point of view—with such a pitiful whimper is the fact that Chris Carter just could not handle that truth."
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