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General Fandom

Limits, Assumptions & Narratives: Foz Meadows (blog) - "Whenever we watch a film or read a book, regardless of genre, we always approach the narrative with a set of basic assumptions about its content."
topic:accuracy, topic:realism

Nerds Make Music Too, and That’s Cool: brothadom (blog) - "I am of the firm belief that music is one of the most important aspects of any work that contains audio (so, movies, shows, video games, or any other multimedia work)."
topic:music, topic:remix

Jonathan Franzen: Genre Readers Want Moral Simplicity: Sarah Seltzer (blog) - "It’s an interesting stab at kindness and empathy. He’s saying, "Hey, it’s OK to read books to escape reality, my hard-up fellow humans." Yet I think it’s fair to say that this kind of statement ends up having the exact opposite effect. It’s condescending. It sweeps popular fiction under the umbrella "adolescent," and assumes that people read such books purely for escapism rather than engagement with moral gray areas. For the latter, presumably, they turn to Jonathan Franzen novels."

Specific Fandoms

Bruce Wayne Outside of Batman: glitterpancake (tumblr) - "Basically all Bruce does all night and day is give to charity and help people."

DC Comics
Big Barda and Mister Miracle Can Teach Us A Lot About Love: Chris Sims (blog) - "Q: Mister Miracle and Big Barda: great superhero romance or greatest superhero romance?"

The Duchess
The Duchess: What We See: aelarsen (blog) - " The book and the film are quite different from each other in some key ways, so for the next couple of posts I’m going to explore Georgiana’s life as it appears in the film and the book."

Fifty Shades of Grey
Why ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ is actually good for women: EJ Dickson (blog) - "When I saw the movie last week, however, I was surprised to find I adored it."

Forget bondage - here’s what the sexual fantasy of ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ is really about: Miles Klee (blog) - "hey weren’t wrong, but they may have been surprised to learn the true mechanism of the cold-hearted Christian Grey’s domination over his ingénue, Anastasia Steele: for all the floggers, blindfolds, and ropes in the mix, it’s his unimaginable wealth that gives him control."

Why feminists are protesting the ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ premiere: EJ Dickson (blog) - "But what of the feminists and far-right Christian activists who have been criticized the book for years, arguing that it romanticizes coercive sex and domestic violence against women? These protesters have been staying silent—until now."

Oh, My Pop Culture Religion: Between Prudishness & Abuse: Feminists, Christians, & Fifty Shades of Grey: Lady Geek Girl (blog) - "However, it seems sometimes even when these two groups agree with each other, they really don’t. Case in point: the recent and growing popularity of Fifty Shades of Grey, the Twilight fanfic turned popular movie franchise."

Untitled: aiffe and violette-opalescence (tumblr) - "Fiction for women can and should have other purposes besides being "good examples.""

Troubling Sex of Fifty Shades: Emma Green (journal) - "Love it or despise it, American culture's sexual fantasy of the moment is Fifty Shades of Grey."

Jupiter Ascending
Untitled: julstorres and others (tumblr) - "Anonymous asked: I still not sure what Kalique's plan for Jupiter was. It didn't seem like she wanted her dead and even told her how to get registered."

Legend of Zelda
Gossip Stone: Should the Netflix Zelda Series Be Canonical?: Jon Lett (blog) - "Netflix wowed many gamers recently with their announcement of a live-action Legend of Zelda series on their popular streaming provider. "

Madoka Magica
Waiting For Madoka: Absurdism in Madoka Magica: Mary Lee Sauder (blog) - "Absurdism is a school of thought that started in the early 20th century as a counterpart to existentialism and nihilism. Absurdist thinkers and writers believe that life has no inherent meaning, but that people should search for meaning anyway. In other words, life is what you make of it – not what "fate" has decided."

Hydra Infiltrates Marvel, Destroys Superhero Genre: Chris Gavaler (blog) - "Is Marvel Entertainment evil?"
fandom:mcu, fandom:marvelcomics

A Song of Ice and Fire
CHAPTER-BY-CHAPTER ANALYSIS: DAENERYS II, ACOK: racefortheironthrone (blog) - "As I mentioned in Daenerys I, Dany’s story line in ACOK is a bit of an odd departure from the most straightforward rise to power narrative in AGOT and ASOS"

CHAPTER-BY-CHAPTER ANALYSIS: ARYA VI, ACOK: racefortheironthrone (blog) - "If we got glimpses of the impact of the War of Five Kings on the smallfolk of Westeros in Arya’s travelogue with the Night’s Watch, here the audience’s view is directed (almost compelled, a la Clockwork Orange’s Ludovico Technique) to stare at the thing itself,"

Top Characters #37 Robert Baratheon: Slynt (blog) - "he man with the many titles, Robert Baratheon is one of George R. R. Martin's more interesting creations. Robert began as a young warrior hero and ended up a decadent king, so we meet a character who already has been transformed by life, and through the text we can find glimpses of the man he used to be, and glimpses of how he changed."

Top Characters #36 Doran Martell: Ach3ron (blog) - "For a character who has appeared directly in only two chapters of one book, Doran Martell is nevertheless one of the most intriguing players in the Seven Kingdoms."

Poisoned Memories: Grief and Addiction in ASOIAF: Valkyrist101 (blog) - "One of the central themes of A Song of Ice and Fire is how this process of loss and grief can transform a person."

Top Characters #35 Dolorous Edd: geoffmarsh (blog) - "One thing you do know for sure: No matter how awful you feel right now, Dolorous Edd Tollett has somehow had it worse than you, and will tell you in such a pithy witty way that will either make you want to split his skull in frustration, or split your skull laughing."

On Spider-Man and Civil War: Squid, Inc. (blog) - "Spider-Man has been a part of almost every major Marvel crossover storyline, going back years, and much of the anticipation over this deal has been about his inclusion in a film version of the "Civil War" storyline. It’ll be great to see Spidey out there as part of the MCU. While I’m not entirely thrilled about many of the implications, it does give me the opportunity to talk about Captain America: Civil War and Spidey."
fandom:spiderman, fandom:mcu

The Wedding Ringer
The Feasibility of the Wedding Ringer’s Business Plan: Mark Lee (blog) - "I mean, how could anyone, much less a guy who looks and acts like Kevin Hart, manage to pull this off and not get caught? "
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