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General Fandom

Why Fanfiction is Taking Over the World: Suzette Chan (blog) - "The year 2013 might be remembered as the year the mainstream engaged with fanfiction -- with mixed results."

Questionable: Bodies in Motion After Concrete Goals: Jennifer Crusie (blog) - "So get those suckers some concrete goals. That is, they don’t want inner peace, they want the ark of the covenant."
topic:plot, topic:characterization

Hail Hydra is the most refreshing thing to happen to memes in years: Keidra Chaney - The Learned Fangirl (blog) - "Memes aren’t what they used to be. What was once shared and participatory, now seems to be increasingly top down and audience driven."

Questionable: Character Arcs: Jennifer Crusie (blog) - "All arcs move from stability to stability; that is, just before the story begins, everything is stable (not necessarily happy, but stable). Then the conflict begins and grows and escalates until everything blows up at the climax, at which point everything settles down into a new stability and the arc ends."
topic:plot, topic:characterization

Magical Mondays: Magic as a Coping Method: MadameAce - Lady Geek Girl & Friends (blog) - "We have stories like Harry Potter, Final Fantasy, the entirety of the Marvel and DC Universes, among many others, where magic is an actual force of nature that the characters react with and use. But we also have plenty of stories where magic results from a child’s imagination. "

Oh, My Pop Culture Religion: The Power of Belief: stinekey - Lady Geek Girl & Friends (blog) - "It doesn’t really take any effort on our part to agree that something is true when a scientist or other expert has done all the work for us. The more interesting kind of belief requires some component of faith."

Sexualized Saturdays: Fear of the “Unfeminine”: porluciernagas - Lady Geek Girl & Friends (blog) - " All the princesses are thin, yes; all of them also come armed with varying virtues like determination, kindness, intelligence, and integrity. They even all have long hair. Disney has defined feminine in such a way that if a girl doesn’t squeeze herself within these narrow confines, she’s practically labeled “not a girl”

Specific Fandoms

A Song of Ice and Fire
“What will you do when he crosses?” : corseque(tumblr) - "When he says “Die, maybe” my heart convulses."
fandom:asoiaf, topic:character

Q: im so tired of people being like “you’re not supposed to root for arya!”
: donewithwoodenteeth (tumblr) - "What’s really frustrating about this is this idea that it’s specifically Arya.”

fandom:asoiaf, topic:character

Q: will you do a write up on what you think the death of Lady means for Sansa?: donewithwoodenteeth(tumblr) - "Well, the whole connection between Stark and direwolf is interesting and very symbolic."
fandom:asoiaf, topic:character

Q: No one can deny that Sansa is an object of victimization; her arc is filled with both emotional and physical abuse.
: elrewin(tumblr) - "I feel like people (and I mean people that think like you) often forget how precarious Sansa’s situation is."
fandom:asoiaf, topic:character, topic:gender

Why Sansa Stark is the Best Character on Game of Thrones:Julianne Ross (tumblr) - "The elder Stark daughter is often cited as one of the most reviled characgters"

Parallels between Brienne of Tarth and Jorah Mormont : khaleesa(tumblr) - "At the surface level, Brienne and Jorah share the physical traits of being described as tall, broad, and unattractive (and eventually, with horribly disfigured faces"
fandom:asoiaf, topic: character

The reason I’m so sensitive to hate against Sansa Stark and Cersei Lannister in particular is that the attacks aren’t solely about Sansa’s femininity and naiveté or Cersei’s sexuality.: cordeliacassandra(tumblr) - "Whenever I talk to show watchers or casual book readers, they often ask “why Sansa couldn’t have just fought back or run away or done something?”"
fandom:asoiaf, topic:gender,

Stark Sisters mentor parallels: queen-of-thorns(tumblr) - "Arya and Sansa have both been learning from mentors who also happen to be two of the most dangerous men we’ve come across in the series."
fandom:asoiaf, topic:character

Captain America 2: The Winter Soldier
Every review of Black Widow in 'Captain America' is wrong: Gavia Baker-Whitelaw (blog) - "Regardless of what ScarJo says, does, or wears while playing this character, countless well-respected film critics continue to mistake her for a vacuous 1960s Bond Girl."

Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Part 1 -- Trust No One.: Gavia Baker-Whitelaw (blog) - "CATWS is about as "realistic" as you're going to get in the superhero genre,"

Untitled: roboclaws (tumblr) - "let’s talk about posthumanism and body horror and the kind of thorough desensitisation that’s almost orwellian in its completeness. "

Untitled: caughtinanocean (tumblr) - "I’m going to have to talk about Natasha first, because apparently all of my meta is about being Russian."

The shield: spuzz (tumblr) - "Discussion of shield use in the movie"

Ghosts in the Machine*: okayophelia (tumblr) - "Rambling meta on Steve, SHIELD/HYDRA and the Winter Soldier. (with some bonus natasha and sam)."

Untitled: weinersoldier (tumblr) - "no but let’s make a concerted effort to speak coherently about badass street-fighting Kid From Brooklyn Steve Rogers kicking total and complete ass:"

the winter soldier: character review: ilvalentinos (tumblr) - "THIS IS JUST A REVIEW OF THE CHARACTERS, THOUGHTS ON DEVELOPMENT, ETC"

Captain America: The Winter Soldier: princessofgeeks (DW) - "Chris Evans' understated Cap is growing on me more and more"
fandom:mcu, topic:shipping, topic:characterization, topic:race

More Winter Soldier Thoughts: beccaelizabeth (DW) - "how can likeable people choose the sides they do"
fandom:mcu, topic:hero, topic:morality

Sometimes a Watermelon is Just a Watermelon: R. Fiore - The Comics Journal (blog) - "The analysis of racist content is to our chagrin a necessary component of writing about old comics. In interrogating this particular text Andrae has adopted the maximalist standard that can condemn a work that materially advanced the abolition of slavery as racist."
fandom:comics, topic:race

Fear of Wertham. And Possibly of a Black Planet.: Noah Berlatsky - Hooded Utitlitarian (blog) - "Earlier this week R. Fiore wrote a post at The Comics Journal defending the honor of Walt Kelly from the suggestion...that maybe, possibly, you could see something slightly racist in the fact that he used blackface caricatures."
fandom:comics, topic:race

Is She-Hulk a Superhero Comic?: (blog) - Roy T. Cook - Hooded Utitlitarian "In short, the comic is about a superheroine. But it doesn’t seem to be about the fact that she is a superheroine."

Femslash Friday: Rizzo From Grease Is A Butch For The Ages: Mallory Ortberg (blog) - "It took me a long time before I was able to love Grease. It’s so confusingly gay"

Leverage Sunday: “The Three Strikes Job” and “The Maltese Falcon Job”: Jennifer Crusie (blog) - "One of the problems with an ace team is that they’re hard to defeat and that makes it tough to write story tension."
topic:plot, fandom:leverage

Teen Wolf

Asexuality And Derek Hale: cupidsbow (DW) - "While I often do read Derek as on the asexuality spectrum, I don’t think it’s that black and white. There are several other equally valid ways to interpret canon, and I can see those readings too."
fandom:teenwolf, topic:asexuality

Arcs Paying Off In 3B: cupidsbow (DW) - "One episode from the end of 3b, and there are a few of the show's character arcs and themes which are actually paying off."
fandom:teenwolf, topic:storytelling

Derek Hale: Love, PTSD And Maladaptive Daydreaming: cupidsbow (DW) - "I've seen quite a few posts on my Tumblr dash talking about the scene at the end of The Divine Move, the finale for season 3b of Teen Wolf. "
fandom:teenwolf, topic:ptsd

”I Am Your Father”: Agent McCall’s Secret and its Relevance to Scott: cupidsbow (DW) - "Anyone who has been following my Teen Wolf meta knows I've been struggling with Scott's place in the narrative since I first started watching. Well, with 3B I now think I understand where it's going, and I feel really excited about it."
fandom:teenwolf, topic:abuse, topic:hero

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ETA: nevermind
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DW claimed there was an irreparable error of some sort, but then it was fixed by the time I posted the comment. I assumed you noticed and fixed it quickly, and was actually considering asking whether it was something I should have caught-- so I could be more careful next time-- or whether it was just an error introduced in posting. But maybe it was just an inexplicable glitch, if you didn't notice.

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From: [personal profile] beccaelizabeth
thanks for linking More Winter Soldier Thoughts, but that text doesn't characterise the post at all. It's not about international differences. More like

how can likeable people choose the sides they do

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A suggestion: Do you think you could do sub cut tags for each fandom, so that those of us we can expand only the ones we're interested in?

Thanks for all your hard work!

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Oh, I think I wasn't clear. I didn't mean change the tags. I meant, instead of two separate cut tags in the post: one for announcements and one for links, the links cut tag would have a further nested series of cut tags, for each fandom. So that we don't have to scroll past the endless Avengers meta for the solitary Leverage post. :)

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In the interim, ctrl+F, "leverage" + enter + enter gets you there in 14 keystrokes.

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Ah, ok, gotcha. Cool, thanks for the explanation, and for all your hard work :)

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General post about non-con fic:


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