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General Fandom

How to Survive and Succeed at Your First Anime Convention: Paul Jensen (blog) - "You've decided to go to your first anime convention, and that's awesome. It's also probably a little overwhelming, if not a bit terrifying. There are admission and travel arrangements to take care of ahead of time, budget concerns looming at every turn, and part of you is wondering if it might not be a better idea to just hide under a desk. Fear not. With a little preparation and some insider knowledge, it's easy to survive and thrive as a first-time convention-goer."

Frozen, Legend of Korra, Avatar: the Last Airbender, and the Narrative Right to Trauma: attackfish (LJ) - "Trauma in modern American media is a tricky thing. On one hand, the backstories of nearly everyone, heroes and villains alike are full of it. On the other, trauma is heavily shamed, and leaves characters open to accusations of weakness, or of being whiny. This means that while we want characters who go through traumatic experiences, we are extremely uncomfortable with expressions of trauma. Also, we are much more comfortable with some expressions of trauma than with others."
fandom:frozen, fandom:atla, topic:ptsd, topic:abuse

Could A Zombie Apocalypse Actually Happen: (blog) - "Usually this is something that people only have to worry about in horror movies, but could a zombie apocalypse physically happen in the real world? Admittedly it is not something that should keep you awake at night, but we wondered whether it is scientifically possible for our world to become infected with a zombie virus."

Gender Subversion, Tokyo Ghouls and Space Dandies—The 2014 Summer Anime Season In Review: Dee Hogan (blog) - "I listed three shows as potential "gold nuggets" at the beginning of the series, and if you'd told me that I was going to go one-in-three and that "one" would be Nozaki-kun, I would've had to put on my skepticals."

Character Depth: Jennifer Cruise (blog) - "How do you make your characters so REAL?"

How Should Tom & Jerry's Ethnic Humor Be Packaged Today?: Christopher Lehman (blog) - "The disclaimer is a new approach in that it does not censor or gloss over but instead informs. It allows an opportunity for education about the films, while the detractors get to enjoy the uncensored original episodes."

Nickelodeon historian slams network for its diversity: Beth Elderkin (blog) - "But according to Klickstein, who's also hosting a Nickelodeon Nostalgia Night in New York this week, one thing killed those glory days: forced diversity."
topic:television, topic:diversity

Sexualized Saturdays: Does Anyone Care About Coming Out Anymore?: polyglotpisces (blog) - "I thought I would mark this special day by writing a post taking a look at the current state of coming out in pop culture media."

Oh, My Pop Culture Religion: Christianity and Wicca/Paganism in Pop Culture: Lady Geek Girl (blog) - "I have written about this poor portrayal before, but today I want to address how Christianity approaches modern Wicca and Paganism, and how that is reflected in pop culture."

There Are No Universals (except for that statement maybe) In Fandom: havocthecat (DW) - "Just because portions of every genre are truly sucktastic, it does not mean the entire genre is truly sucktastic."
topic:femslash, topic:genre, topic:sturgeonslaw, topic:fandom

Specific Fandom

Avatar: The Last Airbender/The Legend of Korra
The Mary Sue Exclusive Interview With the Creators of Avatar and Legend of Korra: Susana Polo (blog) - "This past Thursday at New York Comic Con we got the rare opportunity to sit down with Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko and pepper them with questions about Korra and Aang, the upcoming themes of The Legend of Korra: Book Four, and writing their characters as young adults rather than older teens."
fandom:atla, fandom:legendofkorra

The Brave Little Toaster
How 'The Brave Little Toaster' predicted our robot future: Ben Branstetter (blog) - "If you were born in the 1980s, there's a good chance you had your childhood scarred by The Brave Little Toaster. The 1987 animated feature, about a group of sentient appliances in search of their long lost owner, is at turns saccharine and terrifying."

Calvin and Hobbes
Scholar Publishes In-Depth Research On The Cost Of Raising Calvin From Calvin and Hobbes: Carolyn Cox (blog) - "Matt J. Michel, editor of the satirical scholarly journal Proceedings of the Natural Institute of Science (PNIS), has published some hilariously footnoted research into the financial cost of raising one of the world's most destructive six-year-olds ever: Calvin of Bill Watterson's beloved Calvin and Hobbes."

The Flash
The Flash Zooms Into My Heart: Lady Saika (blog) - "I've been eagerly looking forward to The Flash TV show since Barry Allen's backdoor pilot episodes in Arrow's Season 2, and this week's pilot delivered both a solid narrative and some unexpected gems."

Gilmore Girls
7 ways 'Gilmore Girls' got women right: Aja Romano (blog) - "But if you examine the tropes upon which the stories of Lorelai, Rory, and Emily Gilmore were built, Gilmore Girls seems far more progressive for its era in many ways than even its watershed counterparts like Ally McBeal and Grey's Anatomy."

A Goblin Emperor
And Count Every Beautiful Thing We See: egelantier (LJ) - "apparently clair vs. noir distinction belongs to addison - truepenny herself, as pertaining to goblin emperor writing process, but as it's something i always wanted to formulate and couldn't, i'm stealing it with all due respect"
fandom:agoblinemperor, topic:genre, topic:noir

Gone With The Wind and H.P. Lovecraft
The Shadow Done Gone: Noah Berlatsky (blog) - "Alice Randall's "The Wind Done Gone" is superior to the Margaret Mitchell novel it is based on in many respects. [...] Ruthanna Emrys' novella "The Litany of Earth is version of "The Wind Done Gone" for evil fish-creatures."
fandom:hplovecraft, fandom:literature

Gotham Gab: Share Your Toughts On "Arkham": Carolyn Cox (blog) - "Sound off in the comments below, but beware of spoilers if you're behind on watching!"
fandom:gotham, topic:television

Gravity Falls
Why you should be watching 'Gravity Falls': Michelle Jaworski (blog) - "It's another strange day in Gravity Falls, and Neil deGrasse Tyson is a ham. Just about literally."

The Honourable Woman
The Dishonourable Woman: Ng Suat Tong (blog) - "Let me attempt to describe the experience of watching the BBC's widely acclaimed 8 part mini-series, The Honourable Woman. Imagine walking into a five star restaurant and being ushered to your seat by a beaming maitre d' with a cultivated English accent. The immaculate dinner service is laid out on a pristine white tablet cloth and the wine is served to you in fine crystal goblets. The initial tasting seems quite promising. Then you take a full mouthful of the fine red wine and it leaves you with the distinct impression of pure unadulterated piss."

The Ice Dragon
Microreview [(micro!) book]: The Ice Dragon, by George R.R. Martin: Zhaoyun (blog) - "First, the good news: this packs a surprising wallop, emotionally speaking."

Are Some Legends Better Left Forgotten?: A Legend Review: Tsunderin (blog) - "Perhaps it comes as no surprise, then, that I also have a sort of sweet nostalgia for Ridley Scott's Legend."

Lilo & Stitch
In Brightest Day: Lilo & Stitch and Childhood Abandonment Issues: Madame Ace (blog) - "After rewatching Lilo & Stitch recently, I came to the not-so-remarkable conclusion that this movie is one of the saddest animated films I've ever seen."

So Here's Everything That Went Down in the MCU Fandom in the Last 12 Hours: Lady Geek Girl (blog) - "...The entire interet freaked the fudge out."

Web Crush Wednesdays: MisSpelled: Lady Geek Girl (blog) - "Today I bring you a fun, mysterious, exciting, and spooky web series that is definitely worth your time. MisSpelled is about five young women who all discover one day that they have magical powers and are witches."

All Your Life Charlie Brown. All Your Life: Eric Schulmiller (other) - "Everyone has their favorite telltale signs of the approaching autumn: Mother Nature maxing out the hue and saturation sliders on her favorite arboreal subjects."

Person Of Interest
Regarding Harold Finch: amidstthetrees (tumblr) - "I'm gonna talk about Harold Finch from Person of Interest.
Fair warning: much nerdery is about to ensue."

fandom:personofinterest, topic:characterization

Response To Responses to the Person Of Interest posts: amidstthetrees (tumblr) - "Reese defied the role Harold had assigned to him, and that is what enabled the development of their friendship."
fandom:personofinterest, topic:characterization

Nautilus Analysis and Review: Centauri Anthropology (tumblr) - " I had wondered how they would handle the major shift in power in that opening sequence, and thought they might need to rewrite the whole thing, but that pretty much summed it up."
fandom:personofinterest, topic:canon, topic:review, warning:spoilers

Wingman Analysis and Review: Centauri Anthropology (tumblr) - "After two weeks of tour-de-force episodes getting our team back in the game, it's time for something a lot more stand-alone and a lot less grand."
fandom:personofinterest, topic:canon, topic:review, warning:spoilers

Shadow of Mordor (LOTR)
Kings of Pain: On Gender and Power in Shadow of Mordor: A Game of Me (blog) - "It honestly never occurred to me when I started playing that it might be, in its treatment of women, the most exasperatingly cliche, troubling video game narrative I've encountered in some time."
fandom:jrrtolkien, topic:femalecharacters

A Song of Ice and Fire
A Laboratory of Politics Part IV: Steven Attwell (blog) - "In this essay, I'll be exploring Pentos, Myr, Tyrosh, Lys, Norvos, and Qohor, the Free Cities we know the least about, looking at their historical counterparts, how they interact as a unit politically, and how those interactions shape Westerosi-Essos relations. But a word of warning: even more so than normal, I'm dealing with the smallest scraps of evidence to work from, so my conclusions are even more tentative than usual."

Untitled: ladysmallwood (tumblr) - "I think it would make a lot of sense for Bran to skinchange a dragon."

On Secret Targaryens: stannisisthefury (tumblr) - "There is a theory, much lauded in certain corners of this fandom, that Tyrion Lannister is really Tyrion Targaryen. Or, to be accurate, Tyrion Hill. It should be noted, I detest this theory."

Untitled: donewithwoodenteeth (tumblr) - "I honestly can't see Jaime ever truly hating Cersei because a part of him, in my eyes, will always love her."

Gods and their intervention in the realm: donewithwoodenteeth (tumblr) - "I thought it might be interesting to take a look at the types of deities that are shown in GRRM's A Song of Ice and Fire, Mainly, I have searched for information on the Seven, the old gods, the Drowned God and R'hollr, as these are the main divinities."

Untitled: morethanprinceofcats (tumblr) - " I think people romanticize the affect of Joanna on Tywin - or, rather, they hold onto it in such a way that they shut their eyes to the less idealistic things about it. It took me a really long time to get that Tywin was himself clearly frequenting sex workers, because I took a lot of Tywin's reputation and things he says about himself at face value."

A Jungian Reading of Arya and Sansa Stark: morethanprinceofcats (tumblr) - " Below is a section of my Senior Thesis paper I did while I studied English at Drexel University! For my project, I did a Proppian and Jungian analysis on the journeys of Arya and Sansa Stark throughout George R. R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire series. I compared their heroic journeys through Proppian analysis, and then examined the figures they interact with through Jungian analysis to compare what that might mean for their roles as heroes in ASOIaF."

Star Trek
Untitled: wintersoldierfell (tumblr) - "This is really just a long-ass meta about how much Star Trek: Into Darkness annoys me now that I'm actually watching some original Trek, so, uh, skip this if that ain't your bag."

Untitled: bettydays(tumblr) - "Because the show has separated Dean and Cas, I'll analyze their situations separately"

Get Some:Supernatural Fandom and Sexualizing Assault: Superlology (tumblr) - "The Supernatural fandom has a super-duper hard time avoiding sexualizing the assault in this show, which may tie in to how sexual assault is seen as 'not that bad' fairly often in this show."
fandom:supernatural, topic:canon, warning:sexualassault

Sam Not Trusting Benny Follows Dean's Rules: mimblexwimgle (tumblr) - "In not trusting Benny Sam is following the precise rules Dean has been laying down since the series began — if it's a monster, kill it, no questions asked."
fandom:supernatural, topic:canon, topic:characterization

Teen Wolf
Magical Mondays: Teen Wolf Does Banshees: polyglotpisces (blog) - "Join me on a mad-camp romp through the world of Teen Wolf banshees."

The Walking Dead
5 reasons 'The Walking Dead' is the biggest show on TV: Nico Lang (blog) - "This Sunday's premiere of The Walking Dead delivered a mind-boggling 17.3 million viewers, even before factoring in DVR playback and encore viewings, two factors that boosted last season's numbers to as high as 28 million per episode."

Date: 2014-10-17 03:04 am (UTC)
jelazakazone: black squid on a variegated red background (Default)
From: [personal profile] jelazakazone
[personal profile] altocello Has a meta post about why we love Jamie Fraser from Outlander here. This post references two posts on Tumblr, but her post is a great place to start.

Also, I think this fits into the meta category: a twitlonger essay on over objectification and the female gaze and Sam Heughan/Jamie Fraser in Outlander.

Date: 2014-10-17 03:33 am (UTC)
princessofgeeks: (Default)
From: [personal profile] princessofgeeks
Thank you for doing this.

and the mcu post was ROCKING.

Date: 2014-10-17 09:41 pm (UTC)
snickfic: (Default)
From: [personal profile] snickfic
I thought you guys might be interested in this long discussion of fandom's treatment of mpreg, here on Tumblr.

Date: 2014-10-18 05:58 pm (UTC)
blitzwing: ([magi] ali baba)
From: [personal profile] blitzwing
A discussion would be interesting, yes. What I saw was just yet another rant about what one person hates in mpreg fic. The "biology doesn't work that way!!!" rants were old in 2005.

Date: 2014-10-18 06:09 pm (UTC)
snickfic: (Buffy close)
From: [personal profile] snickfic
Not sure where you're getting this? The person says they like mpreg, have obviously read a lot of it, and even links to an example.

Also not sure why you feel the need to come police other people's links suggestions. If there's a lot of that going on in the comments to this comm, it's no wonder they have trouble getting people to send them links.

Date: 2014-10-18 06:38 pm (UTC)
blitzwing: ([magi] aladdin)
From: [personal profile] blitzwing
Offering commentary on the links is now "policing link suggestions"? If you can't handle someone on the internet commenting on your links, you can always PM your link suggestions to the mods of the community.

In the future, I would suggest describing your content more accurately. If I write a post "10 Things I Hate About Elsa" I'm not going to describe that as "a discussion on Frozen" or "A discussion of Elsa's personality". Even "A discussion of Elsa's unlikeable personality traits" would let people have a better idea of the content. If you are going to take a negative or bashing stance, it's a good idea to let people know. Look at the Tyrion meta description:

On Secret Targaryens: stannisisthefury (tumblr) - "There is a theory, much lauded in certain corners of this fandom, that Tyrion Lannister is really Tyrion Targaryen. Or, to be accurate, Tyrion Hill. It should be noted, I detest this theory."

It lets you know that if are a fan of that theory you may not want to read it--or, if you're tired of hearing about the theory entirely, you can avoid it.

Edited Date: 2014-10-18 06:57 pm (UTC)

Date: 2014-10-21 12:55 am (UTC)
annotated_em: a branch of a Japanese maple, with bright red leaves (Default)
From: [personal profile] annotated_em
Here's a discussion of the kdrama Heartless City, by [ profile] sapphylicious. It may or may not interest you:
Edited (it helps to include the actual link) Date: 2014-10-21 12:56 am (UTC)


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