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General Fandom

Aniwords: What’s Up with "Trapped in an MMO" Anime?: Isaac Akers (blog) - "Whatever the business reasons may be for the proliferation of "trapped in an MMO anime", what is it about these shows that resonates with viewers?"
fandom:anime, topic:tropes

Should we cut Ted Cruz some slack about Rorschach?: Stokes (blog) - "So yeah, Rorschach doesn’t belong on that list next to Spider-Man. But it’s not that he has a different personality. It’s that he is fundamentally a different kind of creation."
topic:superheroes, topic:politics

Formality? Equality? Opportunity!:dialecticdreamer (DW) - "Equality is supposed to be an ideal in this country. Operative words: supposed to be, I'll admit. Oddly, I find it jarring almost to the point of world-breaking when that rule is applied outside the modern context, because it is seldom shown within the context of a formalized culture (like the military) or extreme differences in rank."
topic:worldbuilding, topic:etiquette

False Diversity: dialecticdreamer (DW) - "Diversity is far more than skin tone. Gender diversity is far more difficult to encapsulate, which is one reason why so few people are happy with any stereotype of any gender."

Deconstruction Tropes: Aesop Amnesia: dialecticdreamer (DW) - "In a nutshell, there's a neat little lesson in the plot based on an intrinsic personality trait in one of the characters (like Kirk's flirting)… and bang, that lesson is ignored in the very next epsiode."

Untitled: beccaelizabeth (DW) - "The worldbuilding is inventive, deft, epic, really a lot of fun... and utterly let down by their gender relations"
topic:gender, topic:diversity, topic:profic

Untitled: beccaelizabeth (DW) - "I want to read a book about a healer who finds Tortured Warrior Guy and trains him as her assistant and can't be having with him until he stops all the grabbing and so forth. You know, one that values the healing arts, instead of just using them as background indicator of She Really Cares and then keeps going to the shooty stuff."
topic:profic, topic:tropes

Untitled: beccaelizabeth (DW) - "I think reading fanfic, where gender and sexuality and romance tropes are often enough done a bit different, has left me really annoyed at most published stuff."
topic:profic, topic:tropes

Specific Fandom

Ballin’ on Ballers: Beach Buddies: Rafael Gaitan and Mark Stack (blog) - "This time out, the Dolphin-obsessed duo play some beach bingo while tearing up over Ricky Jerret’s father issues and Charles Greene’s secret love of Her."
fandom:ballers, warning:spoilers

Critical Combat: Chipman vs. Sims, or There Is No "Problem" With Batman: Tom Speelman (blog) - "Tom Speelman makes his Loser City debut with the premier of the column, pitting Bob "Moviebob" Chipman of ScrewAttack‘s "In Bob We Trust" series against Comics Alliance’s Chris Sims in order to determine who is right in the debate over whether Batman’s war on crime would function a bit better if he was more philanthropic than violent."
fandom:dccomics, fandom:dccu


Buffy Season 4:beccaelizabeth (DW) - "I pretty much am enjoying watching. Season 4 is not best. Has good points, but is not best."

Chasing Amy
Society’s Bisexual Hangups: How Chasing Amy Is Still Ahead of Its Time: Vrai Kaiser (blog) - "No doubt those familiar with the canon of queer film are raising some significant eyebrows at me right now, because advertising at time of release pretty well pigeonholed this flick as "that one movie where Ben Affleck "turns" a lesbian." Not so, my friends! In fact, it’s one of the most sensitive exploration of the grey areas of romantic and sexual desire I can think of."
fandom:chasingamy, topic:lgbt

Chronicles of Narnia
Narnia: Jill Plied Her Crop On The Girls: Ana Mardoll (blog) - Deconstruction of the last part of The Silver Chair.
fandom:chroniclesofnarnia, topic:deconstruction

Game of Thrones
Tower of the Hand: Tower of the Hand (blog) - Five recent meta posts about A Song of Ice and Fire, one recent meta post about Game of Thrones, and two recent posts about casting news for Game of Thrones.
fandom:asoiaf, fandom:gameofthrones

Harry Potter
Wizard politics: Naomi Hinchen (blog) - "Potterverse wizards have a very strange relationship to the British government."

James Bond
Bond Girl: Re-Watching and Re-Evaluating License to Kill: Zina Hutton (blog) - "Licence To Kill is one of the darkest of the Bond films. Previously in the franchise, the darkness was kind of in sections and tempered by lighter moments."

King Arthur
King Arthur: The Sarmatian Theory: aelarsen (blog) - "This opening signals that the film is drawing off the so-called Sarmatian Theory about King Arthur. This theory has two parts, one focused on Lucius Artorius Castus and the other involving an ancient people called the Sarmatians."
fandom:kingarthur, fandom:arthuriana, topic:history

King Arthur: Is He Historical?: aelarsen (blog) - "Filmmakers telling stories about King Arthur have a basic choice to make; do they set their film in the period between 1200 and 1500, which is when the literature about King Arthur was flourishing (knights in shiny armor, tables without corners, Grail-shaped beacons, etc), or do they set their film at the end of Roman Britain, which is the historical context for the legends of King Arthur?"
fandom:kingarthur, fandom:arthuriana, topic:history

Mad Max
Who Killed the World? or, Immortan Joe Crossing the Alps: Sam Keeper (blog) - "I was surprised though that I hadn’t seen a lot of commentary on one particular aspect of the film: its relationship to the 19th century concept of the sublime in landscape painting."
fandom:madmax, topic:art

meta: redshoesnblueskies (tumblr) - "Collection of links relating to Mad Max: Fury Road."

avoiding objectification, ‘My Name Is Max’: bonehandledknife (tumblr) - "I’ve talked about composition before, at length, how it can objectify a body, how it doesn’t matter if the body is in motion, how Mad Max mostly avoids the objectification by use of center frame, how Golden Rule framing isn’t necessarily objectifying.
And I want to talk about that in the "My name is Max" scene, but also about props, blocking, and lighting."


Marvel Cinematic Universe

Untitled: the-irish-mayhem (tumblr) - "In general, when questions are posed like this, you view it through a very masculine lens. It’s understandable in this context: Thor is the star of his own franchise, and is thusly the focus of these debates. However, I try to view it through a more feminine lens and ask "Will Jane end up with Thor?" or "Will Sif end up with Thor?"
fandom:mcu, topic:romance, topic:shipping, topic:sexism

Untitled: shine-like-thunder (tumblr) - "Going by my fairly limited experience with comics, there is precedent for the "un-dateable human disaster" option; MCU doesn’t have to follow it, but it wouldn’t be out of the blue. And let’s face it, MCU Steve could use some better-developed flaws."
fandom:mcu, topic:characterization

Untitled: mcumeta (tumblr) - "While I was originally intending to (finally) get around to doing meta on Alexander Pierce and the way they use lighting and framing, I was taking screenshots, and noticed something about this scene that I had never noticed before."
fandom:mcu, topic:antagonist

Rembrandt: art’s riches-to-rags story is brought to life by Charles Laughton: Alex Von Tunzelmann (blog) - "This riches-to-rags story softens some of Rembrandt’s rough edges, but it’s redeemed by a terrific central performance – and by Georges Périnal’s cinematography, which pays elegant tribute to the real Rembrandt’s chiaroscuro technique."
fandom:rembrandt, topic:history

Book Club: Saga, Week 5: Overthinking It (podcast) - "We are Overthinking the comic book series "Saga," and this is Week 4 (sic), covering Chapters 13–15 of the series. Join Ben, Richard, Ryan, and Matt as we discuss the ancillary characters who make Saga great, the ritual of propaganda, the meaning of the geometry of the lighthouse, and the structure of games beside games within games."

"why is it always sun and/or capheus getting headcanoned as aro and/or ace by allo people?": queerhawkeye (blog) - "like i don’t think we can criticize every individual headcanon because i think at heart most of these headcanons are well-intended! but there is a pattern of allo people headcanoning the characters of color (specially east-asian people and dark skinned black people!!!) as aro and/or ace."

Sherlock Holmes
"Bohemia" thoughts: marta_bee (LJ) - "But it doesn't actually need any of that, because like I said it's a very accessible and very enjoyable story on its own, though in some ways it hardly feels like the crime-solving genre we expect of Sherlock Holmes. There are some really strong, interesting characters outside Holmes and Watson, which is what really caught my attention."

A Song of Ice and Fire
The Tragedy of Summerhall: History of Westeros (podcast) - "Summerhall has some really surprising aspects to it, and explains quite a lot more than we could’ve hoped it would, despite so much of it still remaining mysterious."

RFIT Weekly Tumblr Roundup: Steven Attewell (blog) - Collection of five links to Tumblr posts about A Song of Ice and Fire.

Chapter-by-Chapter Analysis: Daenerys III, ACOK: Steven Attewell (blog) - "As I mentioned last time, a running theme in Dany’s storyline in ASOIAF is the idea of cultural literacy as power. In this chapter, we see Dany using the same assimilation trick that worked for her before with the Pureborn…"

Tower of the Hand: Tower of the Hand (blog) - Five recent meta posts about A Song of Ice and Fire, one recent meta post about Game of Thrones, and two recent posts about casting news for Game of Thrones.
fandom:asoiaf, fandom:gameofthrones

A Read of Ice and Fire: A Dance With Dragons, Part 31: Leigh Butler (blog) - Summary, discussion and analysis of the section in question.

Star Trek
The Survivors: Mission Log (podcast) - "Welcome to Rana IV – population 11,000. Scratch that – population 2. Scratch that? Hmmm. A devastating attack destroys everything on the planet except for one house and its two inhabitants. Investigating, the Enterprise ends up in a deadly game of cat and mouse. But against whom are they playing? Find out when we put The Survivors in the Mission Log."

Who Watches The Watcher: Mission Log (podcast) - "Think of the worst game of hide-and-seek you have ever had. Now quintuple it. Yours may have ended with name calling and hurt feelings. This one is derailing the development of a civilization and reigniting a belief in magic and superstition. What does Captain Picard say when asked if he is a god? Find out when Mission Log watches Who Watches the Watchers."

Star Wars
#140: New Ways To Motivate Them: The Wampa’s Lair (podcast) - "Karl and Jason dive into the darkside in this episode and discuss the motivations behind the villainous Sith and their plots! From Darth Maul to Darth Vader, they hit on all four major Sith players in the Star Wars films!"
fandom:starwars, topic:villains

Untitled: nicolecieux(tumblr) - "Going into the miniseries, I expected a happy ending – and we got it. It wasn’t until this final issue that I realized the gravity of what it meant for Leia’s characterization in the OT."
fandom:starwars, topic:characterization

Five Most Important Deleted Padme Scenes: nzvalkey (tumblr) - "To put it technically, Padme got totally screwed during the editing process of both Attatck of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith. She was easily the most deleted character in both films, with entire subplots excised that drastically undermined her personal motivations and importance to the overall saga."

Untitled: absynthe--minded (tumblr) - "Heyo, read your rant about the Prequels. I'm genuinely interested in seeing maybe a list of some sort with things you like better about the prequels compared to the OT. You don't have to, of course. But I'm interested in better understanding your opinion."

Untitled: absynthe-minded (tumblr) - "I’m going to preface this by saying that I don’t think every criticism the RLM reviews make is unfounded, because no film is perfect and at times yes, the PT is pretty ‘bad’ by traditional filmmaking standards (but so is the OT - there are a lot of awkward moments like "I’m nice men"/the infamous power converters line, and some of the effects aren’t that great even by the standards of the time, and I could go on - my point is that neither trilogy is, like, Oscar-quality all the time the way a lot of OT fanboys insist)."
fandom:starwars, topic:reviewing

Star Wars: Rebels
#17: The Siege of Lothal (or Idiot’s Array Becomes Relevant!): Rebel’s Roundtable (podcast) - "The Star Wars Report’s Rebels Roundtable returns from a short break to check out the Season 2 hour-long premiere (or pre-premiere?) The Siege of Lothal."

Teen Wolf

Teen Wolf 5:07 Strange Frequencies: spikedluv (DW) - "The next strongest convergence of telluric currents (after Eichen House) is beneath the High School. Of course it is, given all the shit that’s gone down there."

The Flash

Untitled: (tumblr) thoughts-from-alex - "There’s a really interesting irony at the heart of this, which is summed up by that line - Wells has to be the one to create his worst enemy. Every interaction they have, even though Barry doesn’t know it, carries with it a history - and a future - of so much conflict and hatred for one another."
fandom:theflash, topic:timetravel

The Prisoner

Build It Better:The Prisoner: dialecticdreamer (DW) - "There is no clear answer WHICH interpretation was intended, even in the final episode."

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