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General Fandom
Fanservice vs. Objectification: Why Shirtless Thor Wins and Slave Leia Loses: Nanci (blog) - "This is not another column all about why Slave Leia is or isn't bad. This is a column about objectification vs. fanservice, and why one is bad and the other is harmless fun. It's about why I can swoon like a schoolgirl when Thor takes his shirt off, yet make the biggest side-eye when Carol Marcus strips down to her underwear in Star Trek Into Darkness. It's about the differences between men and women in science fiction and fantasy, entertainment in general, and how we still have a long, long way to go."
topic:objectification, topic:fanservice

Translation Theory for Anime Fans: Why You Should Care: Frog-kun (blog) - "I've talked about translation quite a few times already on this blog (see here, here and here), but I thought it would be a good idea to talk specifically about the theory behind translation – and why you in particular, as an anime fan, should give a crap."
fandom:anime, topic:language, topic:translation, topic:adaptations

Aniwords - Let's Play an Anime Game!: Isaac Akers (blog) - "Last week, we took at look at what happens when a game becomes reality. But what if reality becomes a game?"
fandom:anime, topic:tropes

Do Characters Belong to Fans or Creators?: Adam Sternbergh (blog) - ""Fandom is about joy, and canon is one of the elements of the pleasure fans derive from our favorite stories," Heather Urbanski, an academic and self-described "overall SF geek," told me. But, she says, there are those who believe that their fandom "endows them with authority to pass judgment over what is 'allowed' in canon and what is not.""
topic:canon, topic:fandom

The Burden of Carrying On: The Currency of Women in Dystopian Films: BJ Colangelo (blog) - "I can't keep count of the number of times the fact that women menstruate has been used as a reason to render us incapable of doing something. However, the fact women can have children (while cis-men cannot) is arguably our greatest power in a time of crisis."
topic:dystopia, topic:movies, topic:femalecharacter

In Defense of Liking What You Like: Stop Trying to Make "Hate-Watch" Happen: Sundi Rose-Holt (blog) - "You shouldn't have to claim to "hate-watch" a show because extrinsic forces tell you it's bad and you should be ashamed of yourself for enjoying it."

Diary of a Fangirl: Emma Gannon (blog) - "But all boiled down, what does this really mean? a female human who is often really madly into something (usually cultural or artistic) and isn't afraid to show it."
topic:fandom, topic:feedback

Creator of Man of Steel's Kryptonian Language Preaches About Fandom in New TEDx Talk: Christine Schreyer (video) - "Schreyer's TEDxTalk is a definite treat for anyone who is interested in learning about new languages, whether real or fictional, as she provides a ton of shocking facts about the disintegration of language due to lack of use over time. And those who might not identify as a "language fan" will enjoy her insights from her Na'vi research, plus her positive outlook on the development of new fandoms and the effect they can have on the preservation and creation of language, as well as learning."

Communities: Weight of History: Renay (blog) - "Instead, by focusing on older work, what I've rediscovered is the subtle pressure to read books by men that I keep having to crawl out from under."
topic:sciencefiction, topic:fandom

Story Excerpt Sunday: From Ink Dance by Deborah J. Ross: Deborah J. Ross (blog) - Not what the title says. "Needless to say, when I talk about sexuality or eroticism or sensuality or gender issues in fantasy, I do not mean pornography. It seems that for far too many people, sexuality is such an emotionally difficult subject that instead of facing it honestly, discussing it openly, they shroud it in prurience and embarrassment, or else turn it into something salacious or forbidden."
topic:sexuality, topic:fantasy

The Writer/Reader Contract: Sherwood Smith (blog) - "That appears to be the case when readers will buy, unseen, the next book in a series, or by a given author, whereas they will circle around a new book by an unknown, reluctant to pay down money, even a small amount that they would think nothing of spending on a cappuccino."
topic:writing, topic:reading

Fanspeak: The Brief Origins Of Fanfiction: J.E. Reich (blog) - "But where exactly did the tradition of fanfic start? How long has it been around? And most importantly, what makes something fanfiction in the first place?"

Watch Katie Couric's Full Feature "Rise of the Female Superhero" Here: Katie Couric (video) - "We've still got a long way to go in terms of diversity and representation (it's telling to see that the stars represented here from television or movie comic properties are still all white), but it's interesting to see a mainstream news outlet's take on our little niche in geek culture."
topic:superheroes, topic:femalecharacter

Do Movie Trailers give away too much now days?: JaredMithrandir-Olorin (blog) - "A perception that many movie trailers give away way to much, effectively the entire movie, is a common thing for internet complainers to complain about. I think it's a complaint that's not as accurate as they make it seem."

Strengths And Weaknesses: dialecticdreamer (DW) - "If your super-hero character can leap tall buildings in a single bound, why waste your energy telling the story of her picking up a team of bank robbers and promptly stranding them on the flagpole mounted on the fiftieth floor?"
topic:superheroes, topic:characterization

Next Generation?:dialecticdreamer (DW) - "After the two-decade run of kids in nearly every show or movie, today there aren't enough families with children in science fiction series for me to name one other than the mixed-species infant on "Defiance," whose name I don't even know"
topic:canon, topic:family

Science Speculation: The Bottom Line:dialecticdreamer (DW) - "I've been keeping an eye on scientific developments, intending to use them as springboards for discussions about how they could appear in fiction, or be taken a single step further, (in part to keep with my science fiction and fantasy focus, in part because I so enjoy speculating what will come next in technological and scientific breakthroughs)."
topic:science, topic:discovery

Missing Ingredients: Comedy: dialecticdreamer (DW) - "Comedy doesn't happen in a vacuum. All of the standup jokes Data used were extremely old, save for the word play, "Take my Worf, please!""
topic:comedy, topic:characterization

Global Government:dialecticdreamer (DW) - "One of the standard features of the Star Trek universe (among others) is a united global government. More than the United Nations, a global government unifies every sub-culture and every geographic area under one set of laws."
topic:politics, topic:worldbuilding

Specific Fandoms

The 100
Hell Is a Future We Make for Ourselves: The Many Dystopias of 'The 100': Deborah Pless (blog) - "The dramas and frivolities of the first few episodes fade away as the show goes on, being replaced instead by a compelling and gripping drama about political power, the ethics of war, medical experimentation, torture, the values of indigenous cultures, imperialism, and, occasionally, hope for the future."

wanheda: hedaswarrior (tumblr) - "There hasn't been any official confirmation of what "Wanheda" means. I have a feeling that we weren't suppose to know this until the official release of the first episode synopsis."

Babylon 5
B5rewatch: Survivors: jedi_of_urth (LJ) - "Until the BOP started putting names to the trope, I hadn't given much thought to how often, especially early on, random old connections of the crew how up. I do suppose it's a consequence of the station setting, especially for the time; you can't have a planet of the week so you have to bring something drama-causing to the station (not that sci-fi with ships doesn't have old connections show up out of the blue too)."

Ballin' on Ballers: Breakfast Spreads and Other Delights: Rafael Gaitan and Mark Stack (blog) - "We asked resident Entourage apologists Rafael Gaitan and Mark Stack to team up and discuss each week of the spiritual Entourage sequel Ballers. This week they debate Ricky's culpability in perpetuating a cycle of abandonment, the show's baffling Oedipal predilections, and fantasize about hopeful casting coups."
fandom:ballers, warning:spoilers

The Psychology of Inspirational Women: Batgirl: Dr Janina Scarlet (blog) - "In the New 52, writer Gail Simone established that Barbara Gordon is struggling with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)."
fandom:dccomics, topic:psychology, topic:femalecharacter

Ep. 61: "The Demon's Quest, Part 2": The Arkham Sessions (podcast) - "In this week's episode, we look at the similarities between Batman and Ra's al Ghul and their missions, as well as their differences."

Ep. 62: "His Silicon Soul": The Arkham Files (podcast) - "In this episode of The Arkham Sessions, we briefly revisit the original "Heart of Steel" story to explore the nature of grief and loss, understanding why the duplicant Batman might represent a failed attempt of recreating humanity."

Ep. 63: "Fire from Olympus": The Arkham Sessions (podcast) - "Finally, we consider what the real differences are between Batman and Maxie Zeus–could they actually be more alike based on their fixed values, impervious beliefs, and the "creation" of an identity?"

We Need Harley Quinn: Jackson Adler (blog) - "She is also a survivor of domestic psychological, emotional, and physical abuse from her on-again-off-again boyfriend, The Joker. Though often tied to The Joker, she is a villain/anti-heroine in her own right, and has succeeded even in outwitting Batman at times."
fandom:dcanimated, fandom:dccu, fandom:dccomics, topic:femalecharacter, warning:abuse

Ask Chris #252: How Do You Solve A Problem Like Jason Todd?: Chris Sims (blog) - "For me, Jason has always been one of those characters who's way more interesting dead than he was when he was alive, although I think a lot of that has to do with being a kid who was getting into Batman right before Death in the Family."

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 5 Up to Shadow: beccaelizabeth (DW) - "entropy and mortality and all that stuff, it is hard. And that's the theme in season 5, even in played-funny small things like Anya freaking out and sulking cause she realises she's mortal now. Buffy vs death, powerless and losing."

Buffy: Ugh Riley:beccaelizabeth (DW) - "Not good that the guy felt that messed up in the first place. He got messed with biochemically, got depressed (see moping, drinking alone, sitting in the dark, and being convinced nobody loves him and he's useless now), went looking for extreme experiences to feel something through the grey, especially adrenalin rush stuff, and ended up really screwed up."

Untitled: beccaelizabeth (DW) - "The whole thing with Buffy being pestered by the Watchers was, she realised, because she has power and they want to use her. The whole thing with Dawn being chased is the same thing. Her power. Hers. "

Untitled: beccaelizabeth (DW) - "Willow stealing ingredients as soon as Giles is away from the magic shop should be more of a thing than just Anya objecting to it"

Untitled: beccaelizabeth (DW) - "But it's safe to say that season 5 is powerful, emotional, effective TV... especially after Riley left. Bit sad for him. Good for watching."

Captain America
What kills me about this is…: onethingconstant and verysharpteeth (Tumblr) - "What kills me about this is Bucky doesn't WANT to die. That look isn't rage or defiance or even resignation, that's legitimate fear. The man who was broken and turned into death itself doesn't want to die."

Words of Radiance Reread: Chapter 48: Alice Arneson (blog) - Summary, discussion and analysis of the chapter in question.

Words of Radiance Reread: Chapter 49: Alice Arneson (blog) - Summary, discussion and analysis of the chapter in question.

Dam Busters
The Dam Busters: hits its targets - and doesn't dumb down: Alex Von Tunzelmann (blog) - "The Dam Busters is very much a piece of its time, but it remains a splendidly made war movie and – if you don't mind a few touches of embellishment – a respectably accurate retelling of Operation Chastise."
fandom:dambusters, topic:history

Doctor Who
NuWho Rewatch: A Good Man Goes to War: purplecat (DW) - Discussion of the sixth series half season finale.

Dragon Star
Reading Melanie Rawn: Stronghold, Chapters 11-15: Judith Tarr (blog) - Summary, discussion and analysis of the chapters in question.

Reading Melanie Rawn: Stronghold, Chapters 16-20: Judith Tarr (blog) - Summary, discussion and analysis of the chapters in question.

The Dragonlance Chronicles Reread: Dragons of Autumn Twilight Part 2: Chapters 9 and 10: Mahvesh Murad and Jared Shurin (blog) - Summary, discussion and analysis of the chapters in question.

The Dragonlance Chronicles Reread: Dragons of Autumn Twilight Part 2, Chapters 11 and 12: Mahvesh Murad and Jared Shurin (blog) - Summary, discussion and analysis of the chapters in question.

Empire Trilogy
Rereading the Empire Trilogy: Mistress of the Empire, Part 21: Tansy Rayner Roberts (blog) - Summary, discussion and analysis of the section in question.

Rereading the Empire Trilogy: Mistress of the Empire, Part 22: Tansy Rayner Roberts (blog) - Summary, discussion and analysis of the section in question.

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
Episode 19 of FMA: Brotherhood: liberty-flight (Tumblr) - Some speculation about Riza Hawkeye. Image heavy.

Game of Thrones
Season 5: The Stranger: Stefan (blog) - Analysis of Jaime Lannister's arc in season 5.

H.P. Lovecraft
The Lovecraft Reread: What Happens After They Laugh at You at the Academy: "Herbert West - Reanimator": Ruthanna Emrys and Anne M. Pillsworth (blog) - Summary, discussion and analysis of the story.

The Lovecraft Reread: The Luck of the Irish, and Other Cliches: "The Moon-Bog": Ruthanna Emrys and Anne M. Pillsworth (blog) - Summary, discussion and analysis of the story.

The Hot Darkness of Hannibal Lector's Mind: bonearenaofmyskull (Tumblr) - "The first chapter of the third season operates in a manner in which everything that happens physically also happens metaphysically, and this is key to the resolution of both the events that occur and of Hannibal and Will's relationship."

Harry Potter
The Harry Potter Reread: The Order of the Phoenix, Chapters 29 and 30: Emily Asher-Perrin (blog) - Summary, discussion and analysis of the chapters in question.

The Harry Potter Reread: The Order of the Phoenix, Chapters 31 and 32: Emily Asher-Perrin (blog) - Summary, discussion and analysis of the chapters in question.

Hogwarts: The Chamber of Secrets: wellingtongoose (LJ) - "I would postulate that Slytherin was probably a master architect, given the complexities of the chamber he built. Part of his job was to strengthen and fortify defences of Hogwarts town before the castle itself was built."

James Potter Didn't Change So That Lily Evans Would Marry Him: Emily Asher-Perrin (blog) - "But if we track the little we know about James Potter's development, it seems likely that someone else was at the center of his turnaround. After all, it wasn't Lily Evans who ran away from home and straight to the Potters' one night…."

The Hunger Games
'The Hunger Games': Proving Dystopia Is the Best Young Adult Genre: Rowan Ellis (blog) - "The Hunger Games, for example, is temporally situated in a future version of America, and this relationship between time periods affects the causes of the dystopian societies and the extent to which our own world is responsible for their making. In this way, and especially looking at The Hunger Games as a Young Adult series, we can examine how dystopian landscapes are an overwhelmingly apt vehicle for social awareness in the younger generation by interacting with their world and self-identity."
fandom:thehungergames, topic:dystopia

'Mockingjay - Part One': On YA Dystopias, Trauma, and the Smokescreen of the "Serious Movie": Charlotte Orzel (blog) - "But Mockingjay's dark trappings mask the way the film foregrounds Katniss' desperate romantic plight at the expense of both other aspects of her character and coherent dystopian critique. In doing so, Lawrence spins the illusion of a gritty, realistic criticism of war and propaganda headed by an independent, emotionally complex female character without truly providing the substance of either."

Indiana Jones
'Indiana Jones And The Temple Of Doom': Childhood Is the Pits: Brigit McCone (blog) - "The film embodies the sensibility of a 12-year-old boy, wholeheartedly and without ironic distance. The mighty Indiana Jones himself is regularly "fridged," disempowered by the mind-controlling Black Blood of Kali Ma (Mother Kali) and voodoo dolls, to further Short Round's heroic journey."
fandom:indianajones, topic:satire

It Follows
It Follows, and the Zombification of Rape Culture: Genevieve Valentine (blog) - "And the allegory of It Follows is masterfully constructed: It's an indictment of rape culture that makes its audience complicit rather than voyeurs."

James Bond
Bond Girl: Re-Watching and Re-Evaluating GoldenEye: Zina Hutton (blog) - "GoldenEye takes absolutely nothing from Fleming's works outside of character names, but does take its name and main weapon from Fleming's Jamaican estate."

Jessica Jones
Jessica Jones is My Hero: Tansy Rayner Roberts (blog) - "So, I'm pretty excited about the upcoming Netflix series of Jessica Jones. Everything I hear about it suggests that it's a solid adaptation of the brilliant, highly original Alias comic that allows Jessica to be the angry, flawed character that she is."
fandom:marvelcomics, topic:femalecharacter

Jurassic Park
The Dinosaur Struggle Is Real: Let's Talk About Claire Dearing's Bad Rep and Childhood Nostalgia: Ashley Barry (blog) - "Though Jurassic World was filled with throwbacks, even going so far as to revisit the original park, I preferred the first film because it didn't focus so much on gender politics."

King Arthur
King Arthur: Who the Heck is Germanus?: aelarsen (blog) - "The first time I watched King Arthur (2004, dir. Antoine Fuqua, screenplay by David Franzoni), one of the more hopeful elements was the decision to include Germanus of Auxerre in it. Germanus was a real person, and his appearance early in the film led me to think that perhaps the film was going to do something fresh and interesting by tying the Arthurian legends into a genuine historical event that most people haven never heard of."
fandom:kingarthur, fandom:arthuriana, topic:history

Legend of Zelda
Hyrule's Apocalypse?: M. Productions and Dr. Wily (video) - "The Wii title had many little hints pointing toward the existence of a civilization predating Skyloft and Demise. What happened to them, and what is their connection to the world we have seen in the main series?"

The Women of Legend: Romani: Jon Lett (blog) - "But there is one little girl, living at the ranch south-west of Clock Town, that goes through truly unspeakable trauma, unless you can help her, and her story is certainly a powerful one."
fandom:legendofzelda, topic:femalecharacter

History of the Sheikah: Commonwealth Realm (video) - "YouTube channel Commonwealth Realm uploaded a fan documentary discussing the history of the Sheikah tribe, including voice-over, interesting facts, and game footage."

Mad Max
"Max's Violation: A Substitute for The Prisoners' Pain": thoughtfulfangirling (blog) - "We experienced the violence and degradation of the Revolutionaries through Max."

Can a Dystopian Society Be Redeemed? Lessons from 'Mad Max: Fury Road': Gabrielle Amato (blog) - "Mad Max: Fury Road is less about illustrating for us what consequences await if we don't change our ways and more about what we must do once those consequences befall us. It's about whether or not society can, as Furiosa hopes, be redeemed."

Neon Genesis Evangelion
Evangelion and Shintosim(sic): JaredMithrandir-Olorin (blog) - "Neon Genesis Evangelion, or as I like to affectionately call it "The Anime that has the Staypuff Marshmallowman nailed to a Giant Cross", is an Anime known for it's use of Judeo-Christian imagery, not in a strictly Biblical sense but in a sense filtered by Kabbalah, Gnosticism, Jungian psychology, and Anime weirdness."
fandom:evangelion, fandom:anime, topic:religion

The Margins of Dystopia: Darren Aronofsky's 'Noah': Rebecca Willoughby (blog) - "But I was fascinated by Noah as a representation of dystopia, and, by its conclusion, of a supposed utopia"
fandom:noah, topic:dystopia

Puella Magi Madoka Magica
Why Kyubey is Evil: JaredMithrandir-Olorin (blog) - "I want to give my perspective on the debate of if Kyubey truly qualifies as Evil."
fandom:madokamagica, fandom:anime

Book Club: Saga, Week 6: Overthinking It (podcast) - "We are Overthinking the comic book series "Saga," and this is Week 6, covering Chapters 16–18 of the series. Join Ben, Richard, Ryan, and Matt as we discuss the opposite of war and the role of creative work in the Sagaverse, and wrap up the book club with some thoughts on what it all means and who the good guys actually are."

Sense8: Episodes 1 and 2: Skip 1, Watch 2: Jennifer Crusie (blog) - "That's theme, not story, a statement about the human condition, not protagonist vs antagonist. And that's where Sense8 trips, over and over again–theme-mongering, characters discussing Ideas, and Jonas as the Exposition Fairy–trying to fulfill a contract that steps on story."
fandom:sense8, warning:spoilers

Sense8: Episodes Three and Four: Stability Lost, Joy Regained: Jennifer Crusie (blog) - "Episodes 3 and 4 then rip those stable lives out from under the characters and start them on their stories. So let's look at Three and Four, at stable lives disrupted, at each of the eight's increasingly impossible struggle to get back to the solid ground they once knew, and then at the incredible joy that takes them unaware as they finally all connect without realizing it."
fandom:sense8, warning:spoilers

Sense8: Bright Shapes, No Container: Jennifer Crusie (blog) - "So if you want to do an anthology of stories about eight people who are slowly drawn together into a larger narrative, that's great, as long as you have eight stories. Just giving information about eight people is not telling story, it's set-up. And by Hour Six in a twelve-hour series, we should be way past set-up and into story."
fandom:sense8, warning:spoilers

Sense8: Episodes Five and Six: Jennifer Crusie (blog) - "I'm pretty sure they still have a five-year plan, I'm just hoping they also have a second season plan because they kinda didn't have one for the first season."
fandom:sense8, warning:spoilers

Sense8: Episodes Seven and Eight: Amazing Stuff: Jennifer Crusie (blog) - "But in Sense8, once you reach Episode Seven, there's more shape to the narrative, and even though it's self-indulgent at times, great story happens. Those last six hours are must-see TV."
fandom:sense8, warning:spoilers

Sherlock Holmes
Untitled: marta_bee (LJ) - "See, I'm rereading "Dancing Men," and there's such a sense of deja vu reading about Elsie Cubitt."
fandom:acdsherlock, fandom:bbcsherlock

My Wife is Three Persons: Mary Morstan as Moran, Bob Carruthers, and Elsie Cubitt: marta_bee (LJ) - "I've been rereading some of the Doyle stories, and I've been struck by how thoroughly Mary ties in with at least three Doyle characters, in rather specific ways."
fandom:acdsherlock, fandom:bbcsherlock

Canon Discussion: The Empty House: sherlock60 (LJ) - Discussion of the story, mostly in the comments.

Canon Discussion: The Hound of the Baskervilles, Chaps. 8-15: sherlock60 (LJ) - Discussion of the second half of the book, mostly in the comments.

A Song of Ice and Fire
Chapter-by-Chapter Analysis: Tyrion IX, ACOK: Steven Attewell (blog) - "Tyrion IX holds a special place in my heart, as it is the moment in the main ASOIAF series where the smallfolk of Westeros make themselves known as a political force."

RFIT Weekly Roundup: Steven Attewell (blog) - Collection of links to Tumblr posts relating to A Song of Ice and Fire.

Top Characters #1 Tyrion Lannister: Alex Smith (blog) - "Deep down, all most of us really want is to be loved. We may be tall or short, beautiful or ugly, stupid or wickedly smart, but we are all connected by our search for, well, connection."

A Read of Ice and Fire: A Dance with Dragons, Part 32: Leigh Butler (blog) - Summary, discussion and analysis of the section in question.

Star Trek
148 - The Bonding: Mission Log (podcast) - Discussion of the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode.

Star Wars
Attack of the Clones Live Commentary: Tosche Station Radio (podcast) - "Our second installment in Tosche Station Radio's live commentary track series brings us to Attack of the Clones! Joining the panel this week are Alli and Sho."

Show # 41: The Current State of Star Wars Canon, featuring Full of Sith: Coffee With Kenobi (podcast) - "In today's show, Full of Sith joins us for part 2 of our epic annual summer crossover event. We hope you caught part one of our conversation with Tha Mike Pilot, Bryan Young, and Bobby Roberts on Episode 126 of Full of Sith. Our friends join us for a cup of coffee as we discuss our topic for Show # 41, the current state of Star Wars canon."

Tsar Wars: A New Naboo: Jay and Bria (blog) - " Part I covered how monarchy works and now we're ready for a deep dive into the intricacies of Naboo."

Episode CXXVII: The (First) Clone Wars: Full of Sith (podcast) - "After touching ever-so-briefly on newsy (ish) subjects like blu-ray releases and midichlorian counts, Amy Ratcliffe decides that today will be the day Bryan Young and Bobby Roberts join her in a discussion one one of the most important pieces of Star Wars you've probably already forgotten about: Genndy Tartakovsky's Clone Wars. Join us for a look back at the microseries that changed the way people looked at Star Wars, including the people making it today."

Stargate: SG-1
SG-1: Sha're (or Sha'uri. Your choice.): princessofgeeks (DW) - "Sha're's plotline could have been so cool."

Law and the Multiverse Retcon #10: James Daily (blog) - "This Retcon addresses some of my shortcomings on a recent episode of the Geek's Guide to the Galaxy podcast, specifically my discussion of Man of Steel and Superman's possible civil and criminal liability for the destruction of Metropolis."
fandom:dccu, topic:law

Teen Wolf
Teen Wolf 5.08 Ouroboros: (DW) - "What the hell is going on with the Sheriff? No, seriously! I get that finding out about the supernatural is a real mind twister, and that there is a conflict between dealing with the supernatural and doing his job"

Tar-Meneldur: Oshun (newsletter) - Biography of the character Tar-Meneldur from The Silmarillion.

What the Valar Reveal about Gender Roles in Tolkien's Legendarium: Heretic Loremaster (blog) - "A couple of weeks ago, I was having a conversation with a fellow SWG member about sexism in Tolkien's legendarium. The LotRProject statistic that only 18% of the characters in the legendarium are women is well-known, but he pointed out that the Valar are split 50-50 in terms of sex. This is an interesting point and one I hadn't considered before in light of what it shows about gender roles and sexism in the legendarium."

Beor: Oshun (newsletter) - Biography of Beor from The Silmarillion.

Untitled: allalpha (Tumblr) - "But I am also distressed by the implications of Niënor's storyline when considering the narrative framing of the story."

Tolkien/Final Fantasy
Tolkien and Final Fantasy: JaredMithrandir-Olorin (blog) - "With Final Fantasy, what is surprising is that the Final Fantasy game that seems the most like a story I think Tolkien would appreciate, is not one of the classic games with a Medieval High Fantasy setting, but rather Final Fantasy VII, the first futuristic FF game."
fandom:jrrtolkien, fandom:finalfantasy, fandom:gaming

In Trainwreck, The Women are Men, and The Men are Right: Molly Brenner (blog) - "Trainwreck derives much of its humor, emotion and conflict from a reversal of gender roles. Amy is a commitment-phobe, and the men are romance-hungry."
fandom:trainwreck, topic:gender

True Detective
Reflecting on True Detective's First Season: Lisa Shininger (blog) - "But, at the end of the day—at the end of a lot of days—I'm tired of watching these shows and seeing women as props and symbols used to push the hero along his way. I'm tired of watching these shows and seeing the massive chasms between what they present, what they claim to represent, and what their fans insist they represent."

Rorschach for President: Noah Berlatsky (blog) - "Rorschach is one of my favorite superheroes in comics. I don't know why Cruz likes him, but I think Polo is wrong in seeing the character as unsympathetic, and Heer is wrong in seeing him as affirming superheroism."

Wheel of Time
Why Did Seanchan Invade Randland From the Wrong Direction?: Chris Lough (blog) - "But that Rand-centric view obscures another avenue of exploration: what exists between Shara and the continent of Seanchan? And why did it prevent the Seanchan from invading east of Randland?"

How Far Into the Future Did Aviendha See?: Chris Lough (blog) - "Shortly after the publication of Towers of Midnight there was some question as to whether Aviendha had actually seen the future past The Last Battle and, if so, if that future was fluid. A Memory of Light answered both of these questions, but it left a smaller one behind. Namely: Exactly how far in time did Aviendha see?"

The Wheel of Time Reread Redux: The Great Hunt, Part 11: Leigh Butler (blog) - Summary, discussion and analysis of the section in question.

The Wheel of Time Reread Redux: The Great Hunt, Part 12: Leigh Butler (blog) - Summary, discussion and analysis of the section in question.

Sequential Sartorial: Fetishists, Unlike Emma Frost, Understand Occasions: Claire Napier (blog) - "Emma Frost is remarkable because nobody—fan nor creator nor Marvel management—will ever say, "No, you are wrong for thinking that this character has been designed to imply eroticism." She's not a perfect construct, but she's something of a relief. At least, at last, we can talk about it."
fandom:x-men, fandom:marvelcomics, topic:costumes, topic:sexism


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