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Metanews is going to be on hiatus for a while.

One of our two link finders, [personal profile] the_rck, has been diagnosed with breast cancer and will have a lumpectomy on Friday. She will definitely have radiation treatment and may have to have chemo (they won't know that until after the surgery). It's not clear when she will be able to link find again. This week, she's too stressed and too busy (the surgeon's office told her on Monday that she'd have to wait three weeks for surgery then called Tuesday morning to say that her surgery would be Friday). She has appointments every day this week.

[personal profile] the_rck is in the US but has good insurance, both private insurance and Medicare. She is also less than ten minutes drive from an excellent cancer center that is providing all the necessary care. She will be fine, eventually.

[personal profile] the_rck normally handles Feedly which takes 10-20 hours a week, depending, and is the source of roughly 85% of our links. Our remaining link finder can't take on Feedly at this point. That left us with the choice between going on hiatus and publishing a much abbreviated newsletter or the foreseeable future.

Additionally, the surgery happened on Friday and I've heard from [personal profile] the_rck's husband that it went successfully.

We're not sure at this stage how long the hiatus will be for, but when we know more, we'll post and let you all know.
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Metanews is once more (and always) in need of volunteers. We're looking for two types of volunteers. First, people who would be willing to take on link finding and maintenance for one our set reading lists (LJ, DW, Tumblr, Feedly, Pinboard, and submitted links). Right now there are only two of us, and we simply can't cover everything. It's not sustainable. The only reason we're getting by right now is that one of us is unemployed, but it would be better if that one had time to do other things, too, in addition to Metanews, and didn't end up burning out.

Second, we're also looking for volunteers who would be willing to cover one or two specific fandoms of their choice. This would involve looking for meta in general, particularly in places we don't know about or can't adequately cover (especially Tumblr), and evaluating for quality any links other link finders discover for the fandom(s). We're especially interested in help with fandoms or types of fandoms that we haven't covered much or where the quality of the meta we've been finding isn't great because that generally means that we don't know where to look to find meta for that fandom.

We use Google docs for all of our working documents, so any volunteers will have to be willing to deal with that.

We've been told that we're not doing a particularly good job at posting on Tumblr, and we don't really have many readers there. Neither of us actually use Tumblr beyond following links there that we've found elsewhere and making the weekly Metanews post (which we do by rote). We would love to have someone to take over the Tumblr posting and do it in a way that's more friendly to Tumblr readers, whatever that may look like.

The fastest way to reach us is to comment on this post on LJ or DW or to PM metanewsmods in either place. We don't check Tumblr very often, so things sent to us there may languish for a while. We can also be reached as on Gmail as We don't always check the Gmail every day, so please be patient if it takes us a little time to get back to you.

While we do check the email every day due to it being forwarded, and will attempt to get back to any replies within 24 hours of receiving them, we may be longer due to consulting with each other.
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We're down to three people compiling links per week and honestly, guys, we need more. Even if it's a case where you could do one week a month? We need you.

Our most urgent need is for people to take part of our very large blog list. It's a case of reading through our feed - we will give you all details necessary - and adding the links to the document. One person would be great. Two or three would be utterly amazing. This would be about 2-5 hours per week for one person, and time would decrease the more people working on the list.

There are other areas we need help with as well, but the blog list is the most urgent right now. If you don't think you can do the blog list, but might be willing to do something else, please let us know.

If anyone can help, please, please comment to this post, or email us on


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